Michigan: Muslim Jihad Preacher Beyond FBI’s Reach (Video)

(Photo: U.S. Probation Office for Eastern District of Michigan)

A former friend of one of the London Bridge attackers claims he was radicalised by the American preacher’s Muslim cleric’s online videos. The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool went to Michigan in search of Ahmad Musa Jabril. (BBC, Jun 23, 2017)

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4 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim Jihad Preacher Beyond FBI’s Reach (Video)

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  2. Every Friday the imams say it in all mosques in the USA to kill all non believers that do not believe in the molester Mohammad that was insane to write a so called Holly book that should be burned in every country

  3. I remember a movie from 20+ yrs ago that was about a elite ex-military squad that silently “took care” of persons like this and were never caught. The detectives weren’t too keen on catching them. Too bad reality isn’t like fiction.

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