Ohio: No Hate Crime After Man Defends Girlfriend, Child from Mob of Somali Muslims

Source: No Hate Crime Charges In Neighborhood Altercation, Victim Disputes Police Findings | WOSU Radio    h/t @TheCircumvent

The Columbus Division of Police say there’s no evidence that a weekend altercation which left a Somali woman’s face injured is a hate crime.

Rahma Warsame’s face is visibly damaged from the incident that happened Saturday in her apartment complex on Pinellas Court in northeast Columbus. Warsame was treated for injuries at a nearby hospital. Police say conflicting witness stories left them unable to determine who the primary aggressor was in the incident that left Warsame bruised.

“There was no indication that there were any kind of threats made or that this was ethnically or any other way biased,” Columbus Police Sergeant Rich Weiner says. “There’s no indication whatsoever that this was a hate crime.”

But Warsame says that’s not true.

“He keep saying ‘Africans you guys go back to Africa. I’m gonna ship you, I’m gonna kill you.’ He was saying that when he was chasing,” Warsame says. “’I’m gonna kill everybody,’ even when policeman was there, ‘I’m gonna kill everybody.’”

Romin Iqbal, the legal director for Council on American-Islamic Relations in Columbus, says law enforcement did not investigate thoroughly, and demands someone be charged.

“Our client simply showed up there to intervene, to stop an argument and got viciously assaulted for that. And that’s not fair,” Iqbal says.

But police say they have done due diligence.

“We did investigate the incident. Officers arrived on the scene, we spoke to multiple people that were involved in the incident,” Weiner says. “Two women were transported to the hospital in stable condition. Others reported that they were assaulted as well but they were not transported.”

Weiner says the injuries were misdemeanors, so it is up to the victims to file charges at the city prosecutor’s office.

The media failed to do their due diligence and interview the actual victim, but Chuck Ross at Daily Caller did: Linda Sarsour Has Raised $112K For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime That Allegedly Did Not Happen

Samantha Morales says that the Sarsour and CAIR have the story all wrong, including the allegations that racial epithets were hurled at Warsame.

Morales, 31 and of Mexican heritage, says that she was attacked first by a mob of men and women, including Warsame, following a neighborhood argument involving a woman and her son.

“What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,” Morales told TheDC in a phone interview on Monday.

Morales, who works as an insurance claims agent, says that her boyfriend, Ricky Boyce, is the man alleged by Sarsour and CAIR to be the white man who hurled racial insults at Warsame.

But both Morales and Boyce say that he uttered no racial pejoratives in Saturday’s incident, which they say began after Morales intervened while a woman of African heritage who lives in her apartment complex was yelling at and hitting her son with a shoe.

“I didn’t even have time to talk to any of them because they were over there jumping [Morales] at the time,” Boyce told TheDC, denying that he made racial remarks during the incident.

Morales says that Sarsour and CAIR have ignored another major piece of the story: Morales herself was transported to the emergency room by ambulance because of the injuries she sustained in Saturday’s melee.

They’re not even mentioning that I was the victim. They came at me. The woman that’s in the hospital is part of the group that was aggressing me,” Morales said.

Morales said that the saga began after she yelled from her porch at a woman who was screaming at her child and hitting him with a shoe in a common area behind her apartment.

“I went outside. I wasn’t trying to get involved. I just thought the presence of an adult would have stopped her,” Morales says.

But Morales says the woman — who Morales says she does not know — left for a moment and came back angry and threatened to break the windows on her car and apartment. The woman, who Morales says was carrying a stick, then walked near Morales’ car and accused Morales and Boyce of having taken her child.

Morales says she called 911 and explained what had transpired before the threats.

The standoff escalated to violence soon after, Morales says.

“Four or five different men” assaulted Morales before someone used a taser on her, she claims. Then a group of women joined in the assault, both Morales and Boyce said.

It was after the taser was used that Boyce, who was watching from the apartment, says he sprung into action.

Boyce says he’s sure he hit someone in the scuffle but says he can’t be sure that he struck Warsame. He also strongly denies purposely targeting her.

Morales says that police temporarily detained Boyce but soon let him go. He says that officers realized that he was not an aggressor in the incident.

A police report taken of the incident backs up Morales’ and Boyce’s claims. According to the report, a Muna Warsame had a Taser at the scene of the incident.

The report also states that “due to conflicting statements,” the “primary aggressor was not able to be identified.”

Do the Muslims, Sarsour and CAIR feel bad that Morales was injured and sustained a concussion at the hands of Muslims? That a child was beaten by a Muslim?

14 thoughts on “Ohio: No Hate Crime After Man Defends Girlfriend, Child from Mob of Somali Muslims

  1. It seems here that we are seeing an open display of Muslim unity ,there love of truth and a perverted form of justice. Some have said that one should not lump all Muslims together and yet how does one classify this type of hate rage and perverted anger…..

  2. It would be different if Muslims contributed anything to the U.S., but they don’t. All they bring is fear, violence and blood. I don’t think the U.S. would suffer even a tiny bit if there were no Muslims here.

  3. When an American hits a Muslim woman it’s a hate crime when a Muslim hits of Muslim woman it’s cultural misunderstanding

  4. I is common practice in Islamic people to hit someone with their SHOE, as that is an insult AND painful. God, I hate ISLAM and hope we can get it into control before it’s too late(like in the UK and Sweden). And DAMN CAIR to hell.

  5. NO, neither CAIR, Sarsour or Muslims feel any remorse for any of the violence perpetrated by these Muslims, against non-Muslims. This is a typical violent reaction by Muslims against non-Muslims. In an Islamic country the police would have arrested the child being assaulted & anyone who interfered, especially a non-Muslim.

    Muslims are “Supremacist” their Quran tells them “they are the best of all ppl”. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood group & should be declared a terrorist organization. Sarsour has deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood.

  6. The muzzies are very, very good at looking & acting like the victim in everything. They can suicide bomb a child daycare and make it look like the muzzie who did it was the victim.

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  8. Typical fundamentalist thinking, “I have a sanctified God-given right over you, your family your property because I am your moral superior. I can attack and kill you but if you ever raise a hand to defend yourself and hurt or kill me I’ll make you pay.” Which is why Islam make their most devoted followers such irrational people full of hate.

  9. If there’s one thing that you can count on, it’s that ALL muzzlumz are taught to play the ‘victim’ card, no matter how malicious and violent their actions may have been against others! islam is the “religion” of LIES, aside from already being the number one blood-thirsty CULT of murder on Planet Earth!!!

  10. Muslims bring fear to the world by bringing their sharia law in our countries this needs to stop our law is our law go back if they don’t like it.

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