Video: Five Truths about Sharia

We know we are learning the truth about the Sharia because Muslims are telling us that we don’t understand it.

A Washington Post guest writer put forth a refutation of the myths about the Sharia. Of course he makes deceptive arguments about Islam.

The Sharia is a process of applying the Sunna of Mohammed and the Koran to everyday needs. It is a method of enforcing every human to live a life just like Mohammed, down to the smallest detail.

The WAPO (#FakeNews) op-ed was written by a Muslim who we posted on previously, who wrote a paper at a U.S. university law school on Introduction to Islamic Family Law in US Courts.

5 thoughts on “Video: Five Truths about Sharia

  1. I keep trying to spread the word about how the Muslims are supporting Sharia Law in the United States, but no one seems to be really listening!! Both the Koran and Mohammed are very evil and dangerous and it seems to me that Muslims are getting their way with recruiting and establishing their deadly culture by establishing more and more ignorant American Citizens’ support for their Sharia law and the evil that goes with them vs. our own Constitutional laws! People need to learn all about Muslim’ history since their which started in the 6th Century with many people praising Allah, another false Pagan god, along with Mohammed, his messenger, who wrote the Koran! Everyone needs to wake up and say “no more!!” and fight to get the Muslims out of our Country before we become another Minnesota or Michigan!

    • I am a Veteran, and, I believe that the Liberals of the Western World are being too lenient & accepting of Muslims at their words about the truth of Sharia. They are blind! We should be deporting Muslims who refuse to adhere to our Constitution & assimilate to the Western Culture, back to their own Country of origin, where they can continue to enjoy Sharia Laws! Not here, never here!

      • You are certainly right about people being blind! Just look at what our liberal court systems did to President Trump’s travel ban! The best thing this country could have is a TOTAL travel ban on ALL muslims! They DO NOT come here to assimilate and build strong communities–they come here to COLONIZE and STEAL from us!!!

  2. Dr. Warner is an amazing human being! I learn something new from every new video he makes, and if we are to defeat Islam, we need to LEARN!

    Thanks Creeping, for this video.

  3. It should be a mandatory anti sharia law in the U.S.satan has vomited the occult onto American soil and it should be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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