Pennsylvania: Resolution to Halt 143-acre State Property Sale to Shady Islamic Org (Video)

Sent from a concerned reader in PA.

Pa. State Rep. Aaron Bernstine makes his case about why the Department of General Services should halt the sale of a piece of property in Lawrence County due to a suspicious bidding process.

More details in our previous post Pennsylvania: Lawmakers Ask Gov to Void 143-acre Property Sale to Shady Islamic Org.

Rumor has it that the Governor of Pennsylvania is allowing this shady sale which appears to involve collusion with and within the shady Muslim group.

If anyone has more details, please share in the comments.

Update: A reader sent this info:

Asif Kunwar of the Hira Educational Services of America…concedes the organization does not yet have the money to undertake the project and will need funding from foundations and government, but…

…rather than admit his firm is a scam, he’d rather blame the false concept of Islamophobia.

11 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Resolution to Halt 143-acre State Property Sale to Shady Islamic Org (Video)

  1. NOTE in the article:
    “a former 1,600-bed prison…the facility that includes 40 buildings on a sprawling, forested site at the top of Cresson Mountain”…

    “bidders were: RCVV of Steubenville, Ohio, which offered $555,000; Environmental Process Solutions of McKeesport, $506,000; and Asif Kunwar of Newark, Del., $500,000”

    The guy is in the market for a fortified compound, many beds, in the middle of nowhere. Hmmmmm…

    • VERY good question! The bidder is named Asif Kunwar, from Newark New Jersey or/and Newark, Delaware. Are there any readers on this forum that could check into his source of income or funding? Anyone know law enforcement who would check into him? The Gov. of PA surely won’t do anything!

  2. NO! This cannot be allowed. Every day I am reading about mega mosques that are being built with the help of us the tax payers (ARGHHHH!!) all over the country! When is America going to wake up to the fact that there is a war going on with the muslim world! They are not here to be friends with us! They are setting themselves up to take over America and institute Sharia Law! There will be a genocide of Jews and Christians! This is a fact! WAKE UP PLEASE! DON’T DESTROY AMERICA BY ALLOWING THIS!

    • This is enough land to start up another Muslim country within Pennsylvania. Linda Sarsour says: “Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our Muslim communities. It is not to assimilate and to please any other people in authority…Our top priority, even higher than all those priorities, is to please Allah, and only Allah.” This will allow more pressure on the American people to except Sharia Law. Look around the world, Think twice before you invite the Muslim body into our communities.

  3. In reading comment by s, and knowing that government awards building and supply contracts to the lowest bidder and sells seized properties to the highest bidder, one must wonder about the arrangement Pennsylvania’s Governor has contrived with an enemy of the nation.

  4. It goes w/o saying that every–I mean EVERY–acquisition of properties and/ or real estate that MUZZLUMZ gain is used to wage JIHAD! EVERY mosque (whether new construction or renovated) is a FORTRESS to indoctrinate and incite (primarily young) vulnerable minds to WAGE JIHAD. Of course it (again) goes w/o saying, that the imams place a BIG emphasis on the “eternal” sexual gratification for young boys and men (“72 dark-eyed virgins” mind you, i.e., islamic whores)! Tell any ‘dumb-ass’ brain-dead kid that he can live in some kind of ‘eternal’ orgasmic utopia and you’ve (quite literally) got him by the BALLZ!!!!!

  5. I know the area the video is about. Agreed- PA has enough land to start another country. That area of Western PA is the Rust Belt. Cities have lost most of their population and law enforcement is spotty at best. Most of the area is very hilly and secluded. They guy is trying to buy COMPOUNDS in the middle of nowhere. Another blog called the bidder and his org a “FRONT” and I tend to agree. So what can actually be DONE?? I’ve seen this covered on a few conservative blogs but nothing on the big sites like Drudge or Brieitbart. Even Pam Geller and Jihad Watch haven’t mentioned it. Anybody have any ideas? In PA they are saying to call Gov. Wolf but good luck on that one. Any other suggestions I’d be happy to pitch in.

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