Alabama: Muslim Wanted to Behead People, Had Bomb-making Materials

An update on the Muslim arrested last week from this post Alabama: Muslim arrested in terror plot that included US Army’s Redstone Arsenal

via Prosecutor: [Muslim] Man discussed beheadings, planned police bombing

Alabama prosecutors say a man jailed on terror-related charges pledged allegiance to Islamic State and talked about wanting to behead people.

State authorities outlined evidence against 22-year-old Aziz Sayyed during a hearing Wednesday in Huntsville.

A defense attorney for the North Carolina native is asking a judge to set bail so the man can get out of jail. But prosecutor Jay Town told a judge Sayyed claimed he wanted to behead people, and he practiced using a knife.

Authorities have said the man had bomb-making materials, and Town says he planned to use them at a police office after pledging allegiance to Islamic State.

Andrew Bieszad found some interesting details on Aziz’s employer, via Alabama Muslim Arrested On Terrorism Charges Accidentally Reveals Links  To Palestinian Terrorists

What is more interesting- and in our opinion, relevance- to this incident is his employer.

Tayseer is that he is the franchise owner of not just one, but a chain of IHOP restaurants, and as with all franchises, they are not cheap to start. In the case of IHOP, it costs approximately $50,000 to open one restaurant, let alone multiple restaurants in multiple states:

When he relocated to Colorado, one can see from public records that he purchased a property for one of his IHOP’s for over $2 million.

Another interesting fact about Tayseer is that he is a Palestinian Muslim. As we have documented extensively here and our very own Walid knows from lived experience growing up as a Muslim in the Holy Land, too often times Palestinian Muslims, especially in the USA, have been tied to or associated with groups advocating for the genocide and destruction of Jews and Christians in Israel, as well as with causes tied to Islamic terrorism.

A little bit of digging to Tayseer’s background reveals a character that is all too common. On the surface, he has a story of an idealized Muslim American immigrant- somebody who comes to the USA, goes into business, does very well, has a nice family, and who is an open Muslim but promotes “peace and tolerance” in terms of his religion.

But then after getting past the superficial distractions and we get to learn more about him, we find out that back in 2012, he was interviewed and complained of ‘anti-Muslim discrimination’ because he was on a Federal terrorism watch list that obstructed his ability to fly on an airplane:

Tayseer Zuaiter never expected to be on a list of suspected terrorists.

But the Denver Muslim and restaurant owner was detained at Denver International Airport last month because his name popped up on an FBI database.

After security officials questioned him for several hours, Zuaiter was allowed to fly to Las Vegas for a business conference. As it turns out, the man officials were looking for has no left arm.


Denver’s Muslim leaders have recently started pushing their communities to reach out and educate others about Islam. (source, originally posted at Denver Post)

Now there are a lot of people who were wrongly placed on these lists. Could it be that he was one of those people who was wrongly added?

Maybe. But then, why would he be listed online as a point of contact with MSA in Colorado, which as has been known for years, is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood? Likewise. Tayseer is involved in many different “Palestinian rights” groups. His name is listed in the directory for Palestineremembered, and he signed a petition for the absolute right of return of ‘all property’ (often times used as a way to promote war and ultimately, genocide against Israelis), as well as another petition from protesting Israeli policies concerning Palestinians, which again is often times used as a cover for evil intentions.

However, the biggest piece of evidence comes from his Facebook page:

Note that picture on the lower left corner:

How interesting it is as well that Tayseer is also licensed as a Federal Firearms Dealer out in Colorado (source).

If this is not convincing enough, then what about his children? After all, a man’s children often times reflect the values they were raised with. For example, the little girl in the picture above, Dalal, is now in college, and not only did she “like” the above picture of a Palestinian terrorist, but her Facebook profile speaks for itself:

Notice again, the picture of Dalal herself on the lower right taken from her Facebook pictures feed, which yields even more photos:

But enough about his daughter. What about his son, Hani, who was interviewed for the article? His Facebook page likewise is quite revealing:

It also seems a child (perhaps one of his own, perhaps a family member) aspires to follow in this path:

Another interesting fact revealed from his photos is that Hani is a pilot:

He also likes to take a LOT of photos when flying. Something I noticed, at least from a few of the photos, is that he was flying very close to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, which also borders on Redstone Arsenal, where the US Government makes a large number of their rockets and other explosives for the Military:

As noted in the original Creeping Sharia post on Sayyed’s arrest, RedStone Arsenal was one of his intended targets.

Agents could not go into details of the allegations but said the threat included the Huntsville and Madison County area, including Redstone Arsenal.

Also noted previously at Creeping Sharia, Muslims have used IHOP’s in the U.S. for nefarious purposes in Ohio and Indiana: Muslim who turned IHOPs into money laundering, illegal alien harboring, identity theft dens pleads guilty.

As Bieszad concludes:

Details have yet to come out as to what the circumstances surrounding Aziz Sayyed actually are. However, what merits further investigation are his connections with both Tayseer and Hani Zuaiter, because from their own public associations, they are indicative of a pattern characteristic to Islamic terrorist activity in the West: feign assimilation, deny connections with any kind of “Islamist” movements, publicly promote “peace” and “anti-discrimination,” secretly support terrorist activity, and if caught, deny everything and try to hide the evidence.

Will the FBI or any other agency investigate these men or their operations?

5 thoughts on “Alabama: Muslim Wanted to Behead People, Had Bomb-making Materials

  1. I sure hope the FBI is keeping a close eye on these people. They sure smell like potential jihadis or leaders of same.

  2. I realize you are concerned about creeping sharia in the U.S. but have you been tracking what is happening to the north, in Canada?

    It seems like Canada’s Prime Minister, JustinTrudeau is building his own caliphate. He has taken a page right out of Barack Obama’s play book, is bringing Muslim refugees in at an alarming rate, is treating them like solid gold.

    Just yesterday, July 6th 2017, it was announced that Trudeau had awarded indicted terrorist, Omar Khadr, a murdering jihadi who killed a US marine medic and blinded another when he tossed a grenade into a compound, and former Guantanamo inmate, the sum of $10 million dollars.
    Khadr had originally asked his lawyer to go for $20 million but they settled for ten.

    PM Trudeau is a weak issue, like Obama, a Soros puppet. Trudeau has a Muslim in his cabinet. Maryam Monsef is active in her pursuit of sharia law in Canada and she may have just got her wish with the passing of a bill M-103 (“M” may stand for Muslim Brotherhood?), a bill that prohibits Islamophobia.

    Canadians can no longer even speak the truth about Islam for fear of being arrested and charged.
    I am willing to go the gamut, if someone is willing to supply the lawyers to challenge this bill in the Supreme Court of Canada, if I am arrested.

    • God Bless you. I pray there are attorneys in Canada who would persue your case gratis. If not, there is not an attorney in Canada with a pair. I understand the POS that Trudeau gave ten million of the people’s dollars to also killed 73 Canadien soldiers. Sanity is not in Trudeau’s repertoire.

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