France: No Sleep For Paris Residents as Mosque Blares Through The Night

Source: Paris Residents Unable to Sleep Through ‘Intense’ Overnight Mosque Loudspeaker Sessions – Breitbart

The loudspeakers of a Mée-sur-Seine mosque blasting out prayers and songs in the early hours of the morning through Ramadan caused chaos with the sleep patterns of Parisians living in the French capital’s south-eastern suburb, locals have said.

As well as operating year-round on Friday afternoons, the loudspeakers were in action from 11.30 pm each night until past 1 am during the Islamic holy month so as to allow Muslims praying on the streets outside, due to lack of space in the mosque, to hear.

“The loudspeaker is so intense,” a resident told Le Parisien. “We hear prayers, songs and readings delivered in a fashion that is completely disrespectful of people who follow other religions, and atheists.

“Some nights it is impossible to get more than four hours sleep because even after the prayers end, the faithful then engage in discussions which can last for another two hours.”

The French newspaper reports that frustrated locals said neither Mée-sur-Seine’s mayor, Franck Vernin, nor the police responded to their complaints.

18 thoughts on “France: No Sleep For Paris Residents as Mosque Blares Through The Night

  1. We have to get rid of this dominating ideology. It’s like a bad foreign weed that creeps into your pleasant garden and takes it over.

  2. We have the same problem with foreign species of fish that have gotten into the Great Lakes. Brought in by Chinese ships that empty their ballasts into the waterways system, these fish take over once released.

  3. This is probably a direct result of France NOT choosing Marine LePen.
    Soon Paris Christians will join the white flight phenomenon and I’m guessing Paris will fall shortly thereafter. Another Islamic stronghold, This time courtesy of weak French leadership.

    Which will probably suit Merkel’s boy child Macron a treat.

  4. The stupid liberal french. French intelligence is
    an oxymoron. They deserved it especially after
    the election of moron macron, the boy toy a stooge
    for the rothchild and saahi families.

  5. I’d feel sorry for the French except they welcomed the problem with open arms – and continue welcoming it. Take serious action or quit your whining.

  6. This is a LOUD AND CLEAR representation for all the world to see, how MUZZLUMZ treat their captives (and it’s a sure thing that most of Europe is CAPTIVE to izzlam)! “It’s my way or the highway!” ‘Assimilation’ is a word of blasphemy to ALL muzzlumz!!!!

  7. Demography is (or well can be) destiny. As in the reality of larger hence stronger, sufficiently so to–accomplish its end. Therefore all the more reason why we should have prevented from the very start, the warfare by immigration–prevent by means however which nobody but committed realists would have been able to achieve.

  8. Legislate the volume of any prayer loudspeakers to be no louder than the average cellphone, better yet, use cellphones as a technological substitute rather than the loudspeakers alltogether. Enforce heavy fines for noise pollution, five times a day if needed. Failure to comply should result in the demolition of the mosque and the seizure of any financial assets. Anyone who attempts to use or incite violence against the authorities should be immediately imprisoned offshore or resettled in a penal colony somewhere in an islamic region of the world if they refuse to reform their criminal behaviour.

    • I’m sure there are noise ordinances in every civilised country but there are unfortunately very few, if any, places in the world where politicians have the numbers on their side or the guts to perform your strict but logical solution. As for deportation – dream on! We wish! Good luck in France but it seems to me that no-one over there has the balls to actually do anything to save themselves. Is Paris Burning?

      In Australia however smaller political parties are now getting sufficient numbers of conservatives – extremely fed-up conservatives – to force the mainstream parties to modify their take on muslim immigration and its consequences – there is a glimmer of hope. People in Australia such as Andrew Bolt (political commentator), Mark Latham (one time leader of the Australian Labour Party) and Pauline Hanson (leader of One Nation party) are constantly pointing out the stupidity of the actions of various politicians and parties and other government institutions that wish to diminish our culture and freedoms in the pursuit of some insane ideology. In some cases where legislation is presented to our Senate the balance of power can be held by the One Nation Party along with some other right-leaning individuals and this can result in the ruling party having to make concessions which would never be made normally (e.g. reduce muslim intake – increase Christian intake). Our hope in Australia is for more right-wing conservative senators to be elected to block the idiots in our lower house (of both persuasions).

  9. What hope do the French have now . . . Besides they have that smart alec bumfluff leader ?
    No wonder heaps of French are leaving

  10. The French welcomed these muzzie POS with open arms and now listen to them bitch about the noise the muzzies make. You only have yourselves to blame. France will fall to the muzzies and they won’t have to fire a shot to do. The rest of Europe will fall soon after.
    This is the shit ALL of the Democrats, Liberals & RINO’s want in America. How would you like to have a mosque forced into your once peaceful quiet neighborhood……….

  11. After throwing their gates wide open to the Muslim invasion, and then electing a Muslim mayor, these idiots deserve everything they get.

    A solemn warning for other countries: ‘Let Muslims in, and your life will be Hell on Earth!!

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