Empire State Building Lit Green to End ‘Month of Jihad’, Again

What has now become annual dhimmitude to the Islamic invaders. Source: Empire State Building Tower Lights Calendar | Empire State Building

On Monday, June 26, 2017, the Empire State Building will be lit Green in honor of Eid al-Fitr.

In previous years, the building was lit longer for Muslims than it was for Americans on Independence Day.

And as Creeping Sharia noted in 2016, Terror-State Qatar Buys a Piece of Empire State Building.

Qatar wasted no time applying their Islamic dawah in the U.S. In 2017, the Empire State Building lit up Islamic green for an extra day to end the month of jihad to recognize Qatar. WTF?

  • Jun 27, 2017 –  In honor of Qatar Airways and its 10th Anniversary Flying to the U.S.

To reiterate, via the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point:

The color green in Islamic tradition is always linked to the Prophet Muhammad, and is therefore synonymous with Islam itself.  It is used ubiquitously throughout the Islamic world, as well as in jihadi imagery, to indicate the Prophet specifically and Islam in general.

While the act of “coloring” a state (or a flag, an individual, or a symbol) green, may seem simple and of little consequence, it should be remembered that the color green is deeply significant to all sectors of the Islamic world, and the act of “coloring” specific symbols green is an overtly political and explicitly Islamic statement.

According to Muslims, Ramadan is:

Remember that when you see the Empire State Building lit green. Here’s the 2017 ramadan scorecard:

13 thoughts on “Empire State Building Lit Green to End ‘Month of Jihad’, Again

  1. Our American forefathers are writhing in agony in their graves watching how their progenies have desecrated the Liberty and Freedoms that they fought and died for!!!!!

    • ONCE, AMERICANS would not have been weak enough to be ruled for 8 yrs. by a Muslim Creature, ONCE, Americans would have not allowed our Christian Nation to be turned into an ISLAMIC SANCTUARY for TERRORISTS, ONCE, Americans Criminalized SLAVERY & POLYGAMY, but Alas, AMERICANS FORGOT ALL, in order to join the GLOBALIZED COMMUNITY!
      NOW, One Half of America is going to fight back & MAGA! May God Be With us.

    • Lori, I would guess this would be the decision of the N.Y. Mayor DeBlasio! He is a Communist and would approve this just because we, the People, are outraged by his actions!

  2. Only uniformed Idiots are ignorant to Islam and the horrors it brings in its spread. You know, the people that voted for barry soetoro in 2012 and the ones who wanted hillary to win in 2016. Anybody who believes the Islam is Peace BS song and dance is beyond help.

  3. Americans obey and living in the laws made by Americans for Americans! No country wants to be ruled by the laws of other lands! How about let the entire Islamic World to live under American Laws and throw away their Sharia Law? Let us send our criminals to theirs lands and demand to be treated as Americans based on AMERICANS Laws! They love their Law that much why are they here!

  4. The Empire State Bldg is just another symbol of America, that has been exploited for the “RELIGION OF PEACE! Yes, QATAR,(Pronounced Gutter) has bought pieces of our Country, that can be “CLEANSED BY BLOODY Islamic sacrifices” to serve the FILTHY CULT OF ISLAM, but we still have a SMALL OPPORTUNITY to Remove Muslims from AMERICAN SOIL! CUT OFF THEIR WELFARE, PUNISH THEIR CRIMES OF PEDOPHILIA, SLAVERY, POLYGAMY & Kick these enemies of Our Country back INTO THEIR HELL HOLES!

    • #Berengaria. Agreed! But how are we supposed to fight off the enemies of FREEDOM when their most loyal supporters are actually OUR ELECTED LEADERS, i.e., Mayor DeBlasio and nearly all of the democrat party! Sadly but surely, it’s true that, “We have met the enemy, and “he” is US!!!”

  5. Sharia is only”law” to an idiot. We do not owe these people anything. This is our country. People who allow little.by little are letting this crap get rooted. F this crap. Pack your stuff and get the hell out of here.

    • I didn’t know that ‘green’ indicates ‘overt political’ and specifically “Islamic” owned! Interesting!! I agree with you completely. We need to get these Sharia followers out of our Country now, before it totally takes root!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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