Illinois: Peoria high school makes private space for Muslim prayers, teachers don hijabs (video)

Not the first Illinois high school to have the Muslim Brotherhood student group convince non-Muslim girls and teachers at Vernon Hills to wear hijabs.

Richwoods High School students join Muslim Student Association classmates in observing World Hijab Day Wednesday.

More dhimmitude: Scarf-wearing Richwoods students show solidarity on World Hijab Day  h/t @AmyMek

PEORIA — Several teachers and students had already donned the distinctive head covering and hurried to class early Wednesday before Ariej Mohamed arrived for school. But when Mohamed, a senior at Richwoods High School, saw dozens of students in the school foyer, either wearing or waiting to try on scarves, she went into typical teen-girl ecstasy.

Mohamed, who is Muslim and president of the school’s Muslim Student Association

The daughter of Sudanese immigrants…

Students, teachers and administrators have made Richwoods “a safe place,” she said. The school offers an Arabic class and makes private space for Muslim prayers. Both Muslim and non-Muslim students are members of the Muslim Students Association, whose numbers have grown from a “handful” to about 20 since it started last year, according to Mohamed.

Besides World Hijab Day, the student group organizes programs to educate people about Islam, including the many different cultures that practice the religion.

The Muslim group doesn’t just “educate” random people. They proselytize (also read “lie”) about Islam to non-Muslim students in the public high school. The entire article, not posted above, is pure Islamic victimhood and Islamophilia. 

The public school not only allows this Islamic proselytizing (dawah) on campus, but it apparently encourages and supports it allowing a Muslim Brotherhood-founded student organization to operate in the school.

Richmond Hills high school even allocates public, taxpayer-funded space to Muslims so they can pray in private during school hours.

The Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance clearly states:

“Jihad is my spirit, I will die to establish Islam”

Coming to your school next.

For the unaware, please read The growing list of Muslim Student Association (MSA) terrorists.

17 thoughts on “Illinois: Peoria high school makes private space for Muslim prayers, teachers don hijabs (video)

  1. What unstudied fools these teachers and administrators are. They lead students astray with their capitulation to Islam. This is a tragedy in the making.

  2. I hope the ACLU reads this article. Public funds for the establishment of ‘religion’?

    It isn’t a religion, it is a foreign government, but that is a different issue.

    • Seems it is more like freedom from a certain religion is what they believe in.
      Or will there be a Christian prayer room put in?
      Those educators should have to study islam before teaching it, like by immigrating to Iran, Somalia, or Saudi Arabia for a years studies.

  3. NO PLACE in the U.S. should be safe for a MUZZIE!!

    Leftists have fought against accommodating Christians and Jews but they happily stick their Butts in the air for this cult of Satan!

  4. Anyone licensed to teach in a public school classroom that pulls a stunt like this should lose their license and forced to undergo reading comprehension test as well as mental fitness test. Under no circumstances should this be permitted as part of a taxpayer funded education system. What these fools do on their own time and their own dime is their problem. Don’t make it ours.

  5. it’s called spiritual adultery but most of the people in schools or government don’t have any religion. God will call into account all off this one day Who is on the Lords side was asked by Joshua before the Hebrews attacked and destroyed their enemies. Do not take their customs as your own because that was the down fall of the Hebrews then and it will be the down fall of the free world now, AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE- WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.. <


      *PARTY LIKE ITS 1775

  6. It should be banned what do they call Muslim that wants to kill gays and christians in any non-believers . Are they Christianpobes being politically correct . Islam and sharia law are not compatible with the West they don’t want to assimilate.

  7. It’s a law – that there is a separation between church & government: ie; Public Schools funded by US Government! This Public school is going against the US Government in permitting Muslim Prayer Rooms & having a Habib Day! Disgraceful! If people of Christians or Jewish religions were to demand similar requests, the Muslims & the schools would scream bloody murder!

  8. Another thing: it appears to me that the places that this is happening or being encouraged to happen are in Minority/African American areas! Muslims are seeking these Americans because if the destitution and poverty that exists with very little hope for any betterment than to cling to a religion like Islam that gives false hope of more. It’s fun to pretend by wearing a Habib for a day, but, I wonder how these young women would feel if they truly were under Sharia Law and had to wear the Habib everyday, couldn’t walk out of their houses without a family male beside them at all times, couldn’t drive, had to have their genitalia mutilated because Muslim men are insecure and can’t trust a women, even at 7 years old, to be faithful, how would these young women feel to live under Sharia Law Islamic States that all a male Muslim had to do was accuse them of a crime and they could be beheaded, imprisoned or flogged without a trial or lawyer to defend them! Or if they dared to name a Muslim male of raping them, they take the chance of being imprisoned or stoned to death because under Aharia Law they had committed adultry even if it was against their will?! Would they gladly give up the Freedoms that they enjoy in a non Sharia Law Country?

  9. fuck that we can’t say the pledge of allegiance but we can do this, this un American this is all bad .teach Christiananity not this shit I’m glad my kids don’t live there

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