Terror-linked Mega-Mosque in Rural Virginia Exempt From Zoning Laws

An update on this post, Virginia: Terror-linked mosque adding new location in Prince William County. As has been the case in many towns and cities across the U.S., the Muslims are exempt from zoning regulations that all other residents in the Virginia county are forced to follow.

Source: The Newly Approved Mega-Mosque in Rural Virginia – Fairfax Free Citizen

Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted “yes” to allow a special sewer to be built in the “Rural Crescent “ of Virginia, a small rural community where another mosque will be built on cheap agricultural land, with great possibility of future expansion.

According to Bob and Laura Parks, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) bought a piece of land three years ago in a part of Virginia that is:

zoned agricultural, development is limited to one home per 10 acres and connections to the public sewer line are generally prohibited (and) almost all homes and farms utilize septic systems for waste. Many people have been denied ‘special use’ permits in this area if their requirements failed the zoning rules.

But the proposed mega-mosque wants special treatment to tap into the sewer system, while the surrounding residents were told to abide by the zoning rules.

After a nine-hour hearing that lasted until 3:00 AM, the Board of Supervisors voted “yes” to the sewer exception. Corey Stewart, who ran for governor of Virginia on the Republican ticket on a platform of America first, voted “yes.” Building mosques in rural communities is not exactly America first. How many more worshippers will be added in the future to the 500 proposed ones today for the Nokesville mosque? What will be the impact on the sparsely populated land in the area?

This property is agricultural and, as one lady testified, people must eat first. If we keep taking land out of agricultural use and change zoning regulations in order to accommodate a special religion because we are afraid of expensive lawsuits from a group awash with money, we will find ourselves exactly where the globalists want us to be, dependent on a few huge farms who import our food from abroad because it is no longer produced here.

Accusations of Islamophobia, bigotry, and racism flew from Muslims and their liberal friends who testified in support of their expansion of the ADAMS mosque to Nokesville. Appealing to our Judeo-Christian faith and tolerance, and to “what would Jesus do,” one Muslim speaker said that Jesus would vote “yes” to allow the building of this mosque because Muslims are just like any other religion, they want to get along with their neighbors and live in peace. But it seems that Henrico County people may have a different story to tell:

The hearing and the public present were heavily loaded with mosque supporters and many of the anti-permit locals who showed up to speak did not get a chance to do so. According to Bob and Laura Parks:

The 1,000 or so Muslims and liberal allies who showed up at the hearing could have easily watched it on cable access television. They showed up in person to bully, intimidate, and it worked. At the end of the night (morning), the mosque will be built and allowed a sewage infrastructure no other resident could acquire because it was never about equal treatment; it was about special treatment.

Jim Lafferty, had he been given the chance to speak, would have explained why the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force, which he leads,  was opposed to a special caption permit for the ADAMS mosque.

  1. Contrary to what Muslims have testified, nobody is depriving them from the right to worship. If the application conformed to the Prince William County land-use regulation, no special exception would be needed. As it stands, the ADAMS mosque is a very big building on a lot which typically would be appropriate for a single family dwelling … On that issue alone, this application should be rejected.

  2. You will also hear that the county cannot sustain the cost of a suit by the Department of Justice and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) and a threatened suit by ADAMS and CAIR. The Board has a responsibility to enforce county laws and regulations even if the violator threatens to sue. The Board owes to the law-abiding citizens of Prince William County to enforce the law.

  3. The Obama administration distorted RLUIPA for its own political objectives. RLUIPA was passed by Congress to ensure that religious buildings could not be treated differently than other uses, such as movie theaters. Nowhere in the law does it require local authorities to waive local regulations or laws for applicants who self-identify as a religious institution.

  4. Shariah code is incompatible in a country of free people. In America, we are ‘endowed by our creator’ with certain rights. Each citizen has the same identical set of rights. Under Shariah, rights vary by gender, religion, age, etc. Three minutes are insufficient to describe all the rights which Americans would lose should we become subject to Shariah.

  5. This mega-mosque will dominate the free men, women, and children in this rural community.

Another item should be added to the bullet pointed list: Zoning Jihad.

Read the archives for details on the ADAMs mosque’s terrorist links.

5 thoughts on “Terror-linked Mega-Mosque in Rural Virginia Exempt From Zoning Laws

  1. It absolutely looks as if America is following the same route to Islam that Europe did!! So sad that we have so many idiots in charge, isn’t it??

  2. Here’s a thought…. Even when the devil tells you the “truth” HE’S STILL A G-DAMND LIAR!!!!! It’s time to “consider the source” when muzzlumz use our own laws to intimidate and falsely accuse us!! It really is all about the ulterior motives that these cunningly deceptive ‘mudslimes’ are so good at! It’s HIGH time that we confronted them about their determination to establish their diabolical bloody Sharia laws and their REJECTION of our God-given Constitutional laws! It’s time to tell this satanic CULT of LIARS to “Get thee behind me, Satan!!”

  3. There is no sanity left in state and local governments. There is only appeasement to Islam. Islam is here only to kill and conquer. The coming blood will be on the hands of these spineless idiots.

  4. What would Jesus do? He would say “GET BEHIND ME SATIN” “I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE” “NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME”. I am so sick of so called believers and liberals using this line to support their Mansy Pansy Secular Liberal ideals. They have nothing to do with belief in Jesus.HOW DARE any Muslim use Jesus name to support their Religion. While their so called religion is seeking out and butchering Peaceful Christians all over the Globe!!! If I had been at that meeting I wouldn’t have been able to restrain myself!!! GOD!!!!!!!

    • It is a fact that Obama made quick work of appointing as many liberal islamo-sympathetic judges to the Circuit Court systems as he possibly could! This is the very reason that Pres.Trump is now having to fight tooth and nail for every piece of legislation that he approves! We’re in a hell-of-a-mess! But right now Pres Trump is holding back the flood gates of sharia slavery! We really need to PRAY FOR PRES TRUMP!!!!!

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