Florida: Jury quickly finds Muslim’s discrimination claim “totally without merit”

Fake hate in the workplace. How many of these frivolous lawsuits have netted Muslims big cash or cost Americans their jobs? Source: Orange County deputies did not harass Muslim colleague, jury decides – Orlando Sentinel  h/t TROP

A group of Orange County deputies did not harass a fellow deputy because he is Muslim, a federal jury decided Monday.

Waleed Albakri had sued the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked from 2008 to 2014, alleging that co-workers called him a “terrorist,” among other derogatory terms, and started a criminal investigation against him because of his religion.

“The sheriff is pleased with the outcome,” the county’s attorney, Mark Levitt, said Monday evening. “The jury quickly recognized that Mr. Albakri’s claim was totally without merit.”

He was fired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2014 after being arrested on insurance-fraud charges, which prosecutors later dropped.

The jury on Monday sided with the Sheriff’s Office after about an hour and a half of deliberations, finding no harassment because of race, religion or national origin.

Levitt argued Albakri was the one making jokes and said he didn’t complain about feeling uncomfortable until two years later.

“Who’s the one making light of being Arab?” he asked the jury during his closing argument. “You shouldn’t dish it out if you can’t take it.”

But Albakri’s attorney said his client was just making the jokes to fit in. One time, he said, a co-worker checked him “for bombs” when he came to work.

“He didn’t welcome it,” attorney Peter Helwig said. “It made him feel very uncomfortable.”

Albakri filed an internal complaint with the Office of Professional Standards in August 2014, saying the Sheriff’s Office was a hostile workplace. He was working undercover in a drug and prostitution unit.

Two months later, deputies arrested him and accused him of staging a burglary the previous year to collect renter’s insurance, records show. Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges when Albakri went into a pretrial diversion program.

5 thoughts on “Florida: Jury quickly finds Muslim’s discrimination claim “totally without merit”

  1. Typical muzzrat scum! Their only claim to fame is to disrupt and falsely accuse peace-loving Americans!!! It’s high time we started filing some counter lawsuits against these VERMIN MOOCHER PIGS!!!!! #Oh ahh, my apologies to all pigs, hogs and swine–I’ll take your SWEET ham and bacon any day over the MUZZRAT SCUMS!!!!

  2. Just another contestant in The Great American Tort Lottery. Too bad, his ticket wasn’t a winner.

    Scratch harder next time, Achnad.

  3. I would imagine that the vast majority of muslim complaints of whatever, bacon molecules in the air, not stepping aside for a muslim, being fined $12,000 as a landlord who visited his renter’s apartment (this one is true), the vast majority are frivolous claims egged on by CAIR. We ought to take the steps that several other countries have (and read the history of the muslim brotherhood as well) and declare CAIR and all the other numerous MB organizations, and close them down as terrorist organizations and kick the leaders out of the country. Someone ought to kick this “police officer” who doesn’t deserve the respect or integrity of the title, off the police force and deport this piece of crap. Every muzi who brings frivolous lawsuits should be kicked out of the country. Giving them serious ear just keeps ’em coming.

  4. What really gets me is these confounded defense attorneys for the muzzrats!! It’s, thanks to them, that we are constantly having to defend OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS like we’re the ones who were in the wrong!!! Who the HELL does this Peter Helwig think he is???? And why, oh WHY, should I care if it makes the MUZZRAT “feel very uncomfortable” if his fellow officers want to pat him down to check for “BOMBS”????? I’d say that ought to be STANDARD PROTOCOL for every muzzrat who goes to the mosque and reads the koran! We didn’t ask you to come here–REMEMBER?????

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