Kansas: Overland Park selects Muslim for city council position

Creeping in cities across America. Sent from a reader.

It’s not clear if any religious book was used for the swearing in. via New Overland Park council member named:

Farassati was one of seven applicants for the job. The pool was reduced to Farassati and Nicole Novak after interviews by a special committee consisting of Mayor Carl Gerlach, Council President John Thompson and Terry Goodman, chairman of the council’s Finance, Administration and Economic Development committee.

The committee chose Farassati to send to the full council for approval.The council accepted the committee’s recommendation and Farassati was sworn in Monday.

Mayor Gerlack is an Islamophile. He recently cut the ribbon at an Overland Park mega-mosque (post here) that has confirmed its allegiance to the Koran (post here).

Farassati was granted permanent residency, possibly from Iran, because he is a doctor…and apparently there are no capable U.S. born doctors so we have to import them.

Farassati spends a lot of time on Muslim issues:

No mention of the primary fruit of Ramadan, that being jihad.

Farassati also gladly partakes in events with known terror-linked Muslim group ICNA:

His last tweet on his campaign Twitter account continues his coy nature of Islam-related communications.  Muslims seem to be the only audience the new city council member seems to address.

Note the guy who likes many of his tweets.

Other tweets suggest Farassati is anti-Second Amendment and anti-tax cuts.

When city councils select Muslims who spend an inordinate amount of time tweeting about Muslim issues and meeting with other Muslims, citizens should take note.

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