Why Da‘wah Before Jihad? (Da‘wah Qablal-Jihad)

Source: Why Da‘wah Before Jihad? (Da‘wah Qablal-Jihad)

Dawah means Islamization. Where Jihad operates to terrorize and aims to subject, Dawah aims to deceive and paves the way to Islamize. The Dawah strategy of conversion works successfully in poor neighborhoods, among blacks and Hispanics, especially among the angry and the alienated in jail. Another strategy is to Islamize Christian and Jewish women by marriage, and through promoting the Islamic law of marrying four women. A documentary film, ‘New Muslim Call,’ produced by Jenifer Taylor, exposes the phenomenon of pervasive conversion among Hispanic communities in the US.

The call to proselytize has become central in contemporary Islamic politics. Muslim Internet sites play the most important role in the conversion project. Clerics understand that the Internet is a crucial arena in the fight for the souls and minds of the infidels.

Muslim attitudes towards non-Muslims are exemplified by the declaration of Abdallah, King of Saudi Arabia, in August 2008:

“We do not need democracy; we do not need political parties; we do not need Western human rights, and we do not need their freedom of speech. What we need is the Qur’an. It regulates our life perfectly. It is the best legislation in the history of mankind; it is the word of Allah. There is nothing better than Allah’s law. Only Islam must be dominant.”

This attitude also explains why Arab and Muslims are working so strenuously to bring the world under Islamic control: they are the best and the fittest; they are the righteous and the genuine; and they deserve to control and to Islamize. This is clearly evident in an interview with Ayat Allah Kamil, a young Palestinian woman who tried to carry out a homicide bombing against Israelis, in February 2005:

“The whole world must become Islamic, a world in which we will all live in peace, joy, and harmony, all of us, human beings, animals, flowers, plants, and stones. Islam will bring peace to vegetables and animals, the grass and the stones … And you’ll be able to remain Jewish, whatever you want; it doesn’t matter, but only in an Islamic world.”

Dawah means achieving demographic victories. Demographic occupation is the most permanent form of Islam in history. This was exactly the issue of how the Middle East, being largely Christian, has become Islamized and Arabized. It has three facets: high immigration, high birth-rate, and large-scale conversion. Oriana Fallaci has elaborated the issue:

“Western public opinion and leaders are so naïve, thinking there is ‘moderate Islam’ as compared to ‘radical Islam.’ This is totally absolutely mistaken. There is only Islam, period. The real enemy is Islam and the most catastrophic threat is immigration, not terror. It is immigration. They do not want to integrate … all other immigrants wish to integrate, to become citizens, a loyal part in their new society. They work hard, most of them law-abiding citizens. They are not rioting aggressively and they are not tearing down the very fabric of the society.”

Muslim immigrants are considered part of the global Muslim nation and act to legitimize their presence in non-Muslim lands by serving the political interests of Islam world-wide. Unfortunately, our worst enemy is the belief that Muslims will assimilate and become loyal Western citizens. Muslims do not immigrate to assimilate with the purpose of becoming citizens. The ultimate aspiration of Muslims is a global dominion within the Islamic caliphate. They believe that Islam holds the solution to all mankind’s problems, and that mankind is to be subdued under Islamic rule.

In Western Europe, the Muslim population is increasing 10 times faster than the rest, which means that by the middle of this century, Muslims will become the largest religious group. The Islamization of Europe would become an inescapable reality. In August 2009, the Sunday Telegraph published a study by Adrian Michaels, proving that the EU will transform fundamentally through the Islamic demographic time bomb. Millions of Muslims will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and amazingly almost no policy makers are talking about it. Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In less than forty years, one of five citizens in the EU will be Muslim, and Britain, Spain and Holland will be the first.

Dawah means oppressing freedom of expression. Muslim organizations and NGOs use every method to shut down criticism. They lobby politicians and the media, pressure public opinion outlets, and slander anyone who criticizes Islam, from suing them in court to physically persecuting them to death.

Of course, criticizing Islam is not ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobia,’ not only because Islam is not a race but a politically expansionist religion, but because criticism is the soul of democracy. Without criticism there is nothing left in democracy; and without freedom of expression there are no freedoms at all.

But the Islamic onslaught is much more severe, as the U.N. General Assembly committee prepares to vote on the religious ‘defamation’ resolution organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 56 Muslim countries. If it is approved, it means a deadly blow to our basic freedoms.

Sami al-Raba‘, an Egyptian liberal, states:

“If you say that Islam is a violent faith, you are accused of being anti-Islam and an “Islamophobe”. Yet, the main of the Qur’an are passages full of incitement and hatred, Jihad-killing and war-mongering.”

One of the most vicious but unfortunately effective tools of Dawah is the legal tool, through filing malicious lawsuits which skillfully use Western liberal democratic judicial systems to silence freedoms and civil rights. Muslim activists and NGOs are busy suing in court for defamation of Islam, or discrimination against Muslims, whenever they find it possible. This is the ‘legal Jihad,’ which aims to demoralize and to intimidate, but mainly to jeopardize Western freedom of expression. This is the main reason why people are afraid to express their views freely. This is why basic Western freedoms are at risk, and its most precious trait, freedom of speech, is doomed. There is also ‘libel tourism’ which results in harassment of Americans and Israelis, to be arrested by foreign courts in states that have adopted ‘universal jurisdiction.’

There is also the intimidating threat of lawsuits against publishers and the media. For example, Yale University Press decided not to include the drawings concerning Islam in Professor Jytte Klausen’s book, The Cartoons That Shook the World. All other drawings were, of course, not censored. The director, John Donatich, has admitted that the reason was fear: “when it came between that and blood on my hands, there was no question.” Experts are banned of speaking at universities and politicians and diplomats are threatened and intimidated.

Dawah means monitoring the Western media, controlling academia, and participating in public life. The aim is to take advantage of Western ignorance about Islam; Western guilt and remorse of the imperialist-colonialist past; and Western political correctness—all to take advantage, to use deceit, and to drastically change its values. In order to keep the Kuffar (infidels) confused and at odds with one another and at the same time to sow disarray and hostility among them, the Dawah has proven advantageous and highly successful. Muslims are advised to actively engage in dialogues, discussions and debates in academia, the media, and in public generally. They are also encouraged to establish NGOs and other organizations, interest and pressure groups, to promote and advance Islamic interests.

The orders to the Muslim propagators debating with the infidels are to never give up in discussions and debates; to reiterate all the slogans about ‘the true nature of Islam,’ and that ‘Islam is a religion of peace kidnapped by extremists who are in fact not Muslims.’ Moreover, they take advantage of Western social values of avoiding argumentation and reluctance to get involved in polemical debate to win Westerners over and to instill their propagation. These tactics are commonly used without any corroboration and substantiation of facts, by twisting verses from Islamic tenets, and by misleading public opinion about Islamic aims and strategies.

The resultant outrageously offensive policies are executed so sophistically and with such impudence that they are accepted as a relevant part of the belief system: ‘Most Muslims are moderate and peace-loving while the extremists are a small minority;’ ‘Islam is a religion of peace and it is like Judaism and Christianity;’ ‘the terrorists do not represent the true nature of Islam and its teachings;’ ‘Islam denounces and forbids violence and killing, and it represents tolerance and compassion.’ By using such phrases the Muslim Dua’ (propagators) succeed in silencing their opponents’ claims, bringing confusion and disarray among the public, and causing ignorance and misunderstandings.

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6 thoughts on “Why Da‘wah Before Jihad? (Da‘wah Qablal-Jihad)

  1. I just do NOT understand why ALL Americans do not know this?? What is so hard about “Know your enemy”??

  2. #Pathfinder0100. It’s about WILLFUL ignorance! People know that when they acknowledge the sinister evil that goes hand-in-hand with islam, they will be targeted! Some ppl are just ignorant MORONS, who swear up and down that “not all muslims are bad”, but they REFUSE to see that ALL MUSLIMS are following the same obstructionist, sharia tactics! Islam is diametrically opposed IN EVERY WAY to Western Civilization and human rights, but the MORONS in charge of the schools and the courts are still DEFENDING it as a benign “religion of peace”! We ought to be waving flags in the streets and boycotting all attempts to push islam down our throats! Unfortunately, WE’RE EITHER TOO STUPID OR TOO DAMND LAZY TO EVEN CARE!!!!! Our forefathers understood the evil threat of islamic tyranny, but it looks like we’re just going to have to learn it the HARD WAY!!!!! I just hope I’ll be long gone before the whole society comes crashing down to smithereens! IT AIN’T GONNA BE PRETTY!!!!!

  3. Much of this is common sense garnered from careful observation. The difficulty lies in explaining this to people who have become accustomed to one minute commentary. Especially children are suseptible.

  4. All those on the left back & support the muzzie invasion of America. They, democrats, Hollywood, lame stream media, activist Judges etc would love to see America fall and become an Islamic state.

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