American Eagle Outfitters selling oppressive Islamic symbol

Ad features Somali Muslim refugee.  Source: FFA – American Eagle Outfitters uses oppressive Islamist symbol in its advertising. The American market place is where Islamist Sharia doctrine is being pushed.

It is predominantly the ignorant, greedy, and/or leftist part of the American market place that is helping Islamist Sharia doctrine to advance in the United States. Whether attempting to appear politically correct to their leftist customers or deliberately targeting Islamist customers, their embracement and glamorization of Islamist tenets advances Sharia law in America.

American Eagle Outfitters used photographs of Halima Aden wearing a hijab in its latest product promotion.  Halima Aden is the Muslim woman who wore a hijab on the cover of allure magazine.

American Eagle Outfitters’ product promotion is pushing the hijab which symbolizes and epitomizes Islamist oppression of women and is rejected by 57% of the Muslim women living in America.

Two Muslim women, Asra Q. Nomani and Hala Arafa, wrote a column titled “Wearing the Hijab in Solidarity Perpetuates Oppression” that was published on January 14, 2016 by The New York Times.  The column states in part:  In the eight times the word hijab, or a derivative, appears in the Koran, it means a “barrier” or “curtain,” with spiritual, not sartorial, meaning. Today, well-intentioned women are wearing headscarves in interfaith “solidarity.” But, to us, they stand on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas that sexually objectifies women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility.   This purity culture covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls around the world.

Pew Research found that only forty three percent (43%) of American Muslim women wear hijabs according to an article published by NPR on April 21, 2011.  The NPR article states in part “The split between women who’ve covered and women who’ve never done so has existed for decades. But now a generation of women is taking off the headscarf, or hijab.”  Therefore, after six years of “a generation of women taking off the hijab” the number of Muslim women now wearing the hijab in America is likely even less than forty three percent.  NPR reports:   Rasmieyh Abdelnabi, 27, grew up attending an Islamic school in Bridgeview, Ill., a tiny Arab enclave on Chicago’s southwest side. It’s a place where most Muslim women wear the hijab.  Abdelnabi explains why she stopped wearing the hijab.  She says that Islam teaches modesty — but wearing the hijab is taking it a step too far.  “I’ve done my research, and I don’t feel its foundation is from Islam,” she says. “I think it comes from Arab culture.”

The majority of Muslim women in America reject the hijab because:

•    The hijab symbolizes Islamist oppression.
•    These Muslim women live in America where the law of the land gives them that right.
•    These Muslim women want to Americanize their appearance and blend in not stand out.

American Eagle Outfitters certainly has the right to use whatever content it chooses in its advertising campaigns.  Likewise, you have the same right to express disappointment and patronize companies that do not promote symbols of Islamist doctrine.  Please urge American Eagle Outfitters to use advertising content that embraces the liberties of the United States Constitution instead of Islamist tenets that oppress women and minorities.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to urge American Eagle Outfitters (DSW) officials to discontinue inclusion of women wearing hijabs, a symbol of Islamist oppression, in its advertising campaigns.

The model reportedly did a Vogue cover too. Recall what happened to another Vogue cover girl who did not wear the hijab: Vogue cover girl murdered for not wearing Islamic clothing.

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  1. Jay Schottenstein
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jay Schottenstein
    Born 1954 (age 62–63)
    Residence Columbus, Ohio
    Nationality United States
    Alma mater Indiana University Bloomington (BS ’76)
    Occupation businessman
    Known for CEO of Schottenstein Stores Corp. CEO of American Eagle Outfitters CEO of American Signature
    Spouse(s) Jeanne Rabe
    Children Joseph Schottenstein
    Johnathan Schottenstein
    Jeffrey Schottenstein
    Parent(s) Geraldine Hoffman Schottenstein
    Jerome Schottenstein
    Family Jon P. Diamond (brother-in-law)
    Jay Schottenstein (born 1954) is an entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio.

    Schottenstein was born to a Jewish family[1] the son of Geraldine (née Hoffman) and Jerome Schottenstein. His father established Schottenstein Stores Corp. and was a prominent supporter of Jewish charities and served as board member of Yeshiva University.

    In 1976, Jay began working in his father’s business and later married Jeanne Rabe, with whom he has three sons: Joseph, Johnathan and Jeffrey. He also has three grandchildren, Jacob, Jonah, and Emma. Since 1980, he has served as chairman of American Eagle Outfitters, Incorporated. In 1993, he replaced his father as head of Schottenstein Stores Corporation, as well as in his father’s charity activities. Since 2005, he has served as chairman of DSW. He is one of the main contributors, along with his family, to the Schottenstein Edition of the Babylonian Talmud.

    The Schottenstein family’s wealth was once estimated at $2 billion,[citation needed] coming mainly from Retail Ventures, Inc. (RVI) and American Eagle Outfitters, in which it currently holds a 26.5% stake. Schottenstein personally owns about 3% of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as Retail Ventures’ stake in the company.[2] In 2015, the Schottenstein family donated $1 million to the presidential candidacy of John Kasich.[3]

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    External links[edit]
    Forbes article (Broken Link)
    Yeshiva University news
    “The Wasteland” on Forbes
    Jay L. Schottenstein – Honorary Director

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