New York Mosque Calls Jesus Painting Outside Property a Criminal Offense

Source: Large Jesus Christ painting found hanging from LI mosque deemed as a bias incident

NORTH NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. –– Police are investigating the appearance of a large portrait of Jesus Christ found outside a Long Island mosque as a bias incident, cops said Sunday.

Detectives said an employee from the Hillside Islamic Center in North New Hyde Park discovered the painting of Jesus on a cross around 5:40 p.m. Friday. The picture was found hanging from the property fence, police said.

PIX11 met members of the Islamic Center who said the person or people who did this may not understand what Jesus means to Muslims.

“As a Muslim, I love Jesus. We are told to love Jesus. He actually is a prophet of ours. And a lot of people don’t know this but he’s also our messiah,”​ Islamic Center member Eydid Ali said.

If true, then what is the problem? Sharia law, that’s the problem. via New York Mosque Calls Jesus Painting Placed on Property a Criminal Offense

In Islam, Jesus Christ is recognized as being a prophet of God, but not the Son of God. Further, the Quran denies that Jesus was crucified.

Hillside Islamic Center of New Hyde Park said a painting of a crucified Jesus Christ was left on the property fence early Friday morning. Abdul Aziz Bhuiyan, chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Hillside Islamic Center, told The Christian Post that whoever hung the painting on their property “did not have good intention.”

“He showed disrespect and violated our place of worship,” said Bhuiyan, who noted that this was the first time that something like this had happened at the Islamic Center.

Bhuiyan also told CP that the person should have visited them during regular hours and learned about what they believe about Jesus, as they “firmly believe that the message of love and peace is conveyed through direct engagement with each other.”

A picture of your messiah violated your place of worship? As is usually the case with Islam, something isn’t making much sense. 

13 thoughts on “New York Mosque Calls Jesus Painting Outside Property a Criminal Offense

  1. muslims cant have it both ways….if Jesus is a prophet to them, they shouldn’t be insulted or repulsed by the placement of one of their “prophets” outside the mosque….islam is only insulted by muslims themselves if they don’t extend a hand in brotherhood……or is this really the crux of the problem? muslims no more consider Christians as brothers as they do Jesus, who is BOTH Jew and gentile in Christian doctrine; but Hark! do I hear “pigs & monkeys” echoing thru out islam?

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  3. The koran actually teaches that Christ did NOT die for our sins on the Cross. Muzzlumz believe that an unknown person was crucified in his place. They also believe that Miriam (the sister of Moses in the O.T.) was one and the same as MARY (the mother of Jesus in the NEW TESTAMENT)! PATHETIC!!!!!

  4. P.S. Whatever “jesus” that they worship, it’s clear that he isn’t Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Any muzzlum who says that they “love” Jesus is a LYIN’ WONDER!!!!!

  5. Islam is a criminal offense.

    Islam is a crime against humanity.

    All Muslims following Sharia Law are the enemy of humanity.

    That is based on the teachings of Islam and their actions since it was created.
    Slavery is just one aspect of the enemy of humanity reality.

  6. Lovely painting ….Islam started off as an apostate break away christian cult that believed Jesus wasn’t killed or on a cross,read Robert Spencers ‘did mohamhed exist?’ …he NEVER EVEN EXISTED he was made up like Robin Hood,Mohamhed mean ‘glorious one’ in Arabic its a generic term to describe someone in fact it was used to describe their apostate version of Jesus ,then was transfered to describe their made up ‘Robin Hood’ figure Mohamed’the prophet’ .
    There were lots of leaders of murderous camel looters,that became ‘military commanders’ when Islam expanded out of Arabia…. Mohamed was made up to unify the many parts of the Jihad.spreading from Egypt syria to Iraq. And Then ONLY After 100 yrs after he was supposed to have lived…Mohamed is a fairy story

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