Michigan: Muslim doctors arrested for scamming Medicare (i.e., American taxpayers) for $164M

Source: Metro Detroit doctors charged in historic national health care…

DETROIT – The U.S. Justice Department is calling an opioid prescription drug and health care fraud scheme the largest operation of its kind in United States history, and part of it is centered in Metro Detroit.

Officials have made 412 arrests nationwide, including 56 doctors and targeting 200 clinics. The Justice Department said those arrested are responsible for $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions.

Federal officials said a group of Michigan doctors was responsible for a major chunk of the scheme.

One of the clinics hit in the sting operations is in Farmington. Federal officials said the opioid epidemic is part of it, but the medical office and a number of others were set up specifically as a criminal enterprise to rip off Medicare.

Federal officers raided the Fisher Building Wednesday, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said their work accounted for 10 percent of the scam’s value.

“Six doctors in Michigan prescribed patients with unnecessary opioids, some of which ended up for sale on the streets,” Sessions said.

A physician group called Global Quality used to operate out of a Woodward Avenue office building.

West Bloomfield man named ring leader

Mashiyat Rashid is accused of being the ring leader in scamming Medicare for $164 million. Rashid had no problem displaying his significant wealth on Facebook, where pictures show him standing in front of a Bentley sedan and a corporate jet. He also has pictures of himself and a friend courtside at the NBA Finals.


Rashid is not a doctor, but the doctors named in the case are Joseph Betro, Spilios Pappas, Abdul Haq, Tariz Omar and Mohammad Zahoor.

Federal officials indicted suspects a week ago and they’ve already been arraigned.

More than 400 people across the country were charged Thursday for taking part in health care fraud and opioid scams including six Michigan doctors in connection with a raid Wednesday at the Fisher Building in Detroit.

The six Michigan defendants are:

  • Mashiyat Rashid, of Oakland County – controlled, owned or operated Global Quality, Aqua Therapy, Tri-County Physicians, Tri-State Physicians, New Center Medical, National Laboratories, and Tri-County Wellness;
  • Yasser Mozeb, of Oakland County – allegedly received payments from Global Quality and Tri-County Wellness;
  • Abdul Haq, of Washtenaw County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Aqua Therapy, Tri-County Physicians and Tri-State Physicians;
  • Joseph Betro, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians and New Center Medical;
  • Tariz Omar, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians.
  • Mohammed Zahoor, of Oakland County, physician enrolled as a participating provider with Medicare for Tri-County Physicians.

The defendants are charged with five counts of health care fraud and health care fraud conspiracy. Rashid and Mozeb are charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and pay and receive health care kickbacks. Rashid is charged with money laundering, receipt of kickbacks in connection with a federal health care program and payment of kickbacks in connection with federal health care program.

Authorities say Rashid and his co-conspirators engaged in illegal kickbacks and billing for medically unnecessary joint injections, drug screenings and home health services.

Investigators believe Rashid’s companies’ fraudulently billed Medicare $126 million. Approximately $1.3 billion is believed to have been fraudulently billed in scams across the country.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged three people including two dentists with Medicaid fraud in connection to the massive healthcare fraud takedown.

More, Schuette charges 3 people, including 2 Michigan dentists, with Medicaid fraud

Najah Roumayah, 71, of West Bloomfield, and David Dickey, 67, of Camden, were both charged with Medicaid fraud-false claim. More News Headlines Federal agents raid offices at the Fisher Building on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, in Downtown Detroit.

Marie Denard, 31, of Macomb, was charged with 25 counts of Medicaid fraud-false claim and one count of false pretenses.

Roumayah allegedly billed Medicaid for dental services not performed between 2012 and 2016. Roumayah’s dental practice is located in Berkley, Michigan.

Flashback only two years ago in a separate case: Detroit: Muslim Chemo Doc Called ‘Most Egregious Fraudster’ in U.S. History – Feds Say Metro Detroit Cancer Doctor’s Victims Top 550

20 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim doctors arrested for scamming Medicare (i.e., American taxpayers) for $164M

        • They should be sent back to where they came from. All licences to practice in the United States should be pulled. All property seized. Include their families, this is not right.

  1. Confiscate everything they own, imprison them for the rest of their lives while making them treat fellow prisoners and not being paid one red cent.

    • Some of the scam money was, most likely, sent overseas to fund terror. Raid some of the gas station/party stores also owned by ‘foreigners’. A friend went into one and thought she was entering the bathroom but when she opened the door turban men had loads of cash on a table. Bridge cards are traded for cash..less than the card’s worth so everyone can buy drugs. NO EBT/bridge cards, etc should ever be allowed at a gas station. Only farmer’s markets.

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  4. But, but, but, these are all “professionals” and highly respected leaders in the “community”! They’ve all come here from third world countries to “improve” their lives and to live “peaceful” as American citizens– they just want to “assimilate”…RIGHT???? Ans: Look up the story of “The Snake” as told by Pres. Trump, in his Inaugural Address (if I’m not mistaken)–THAT SAYS IT ALL!!!!!

  5. They know this country well, just set up shop and rob the Government. Other countries have been doing it for years. These crooks should have all their possessions confiscated and sold, then imprisoned for the rest of their lives giving free health care to those in prison and the prison taking any wages they earn working in the prison to pay off their debt. Then if they ever do get out garnish their wages to pay off the rest of their debt.

  6. Fuck sharia law go back where you came from this is the United States of America we don’t want your laws here in our country you come here you except our laws if you don’t like it go back where you came from and leave us alone !

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  9. This liberal fantasy of cultural diversity is the work of the devil. The Bible states in one verse, when describing Satan, “he weakens the nations” — and this is the great deception. The inability to recognise that certain cultures actually consider it sport and moral to game the system. America ‘worked’ when it was majority European culture where more people than not had entegrity and understood the value of operating within the law. Look around at the cultures/tribes of the earth and it is clear which cultures operate within the moral Law and which do not. Satan, the great Deceiver us at work in the minds of liberals and Cultural Diversity is his Avenue of “weakening our great nation”. We MUST turn this around if America is to be saved.

  10. AG session should look very seriously on Calif and ny Medicaid scam. These two states will save taxpayer billion $$$ compare to Michigan busy. Drain the swamp, trump/session

  11. This must be stopped if there are anymore out there. Take away their assets & ship them out of the country. Thank you to those who have brought them down.

  12. Yes, it’s obviously an Islamic scam to defraud America. I mean, look at all these Muslim names-

    Northern District of Alabama

    U.S. v. Bridget McCune – Information

    Eastern District of Arkansas

    U.S. v. Albert Ferguson, et al. – Superseding IndictmentU.S. v. Erik Turner, et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. Michael McClellan, et al.- Indictment

    Central District of California

    U.S. v. James Chen – InformationU.S. v Powers, et al. – Indictment

    Northern District of California

    U.S. v. Owens – Indictment

    Southern District of California

    U.S. v. Grusd, et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. John Workman – Information

    Middle District of Florida

    U.S. v. Michael Rotstein – InformationU.S. V. Richard David Martin – IndictmentU.S. v. Michael Anderson – IndictmentU.S. v. Howard et al. – IndictmentU.S. v Jack Gehring et al. – Complaint

    Southern District of Florida

    US v. Carlos Barroso et al – IndictmentUS v. Christopher Cousineau et al. – IndictmentUS v. Duniesky Cruz et al – IndictmentU.S. v. Enrique Vilarello et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. Ernesto Velasquez – InformationU.S. v. Greesy Misuraca – InformationU.S. v. Juan Rodriguez – IndictmentU.S. v. Reynaldo Ocana – ComplaintU.S. v. Suley Cao – IndictmentU.S. v. Yailyn Marimon et al – IndictmentU.S. v. Yara Suarez et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. Jorge Gonzalez, et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. Jose de Jesus Rodriguez – IndictmentU.S. v. Leopoldo Becerra – IndictmentU.S. v. Orlando Bustabad, et al. – IndictmentU.S. v. Pedro Manuel Mangano – IndictmentU.S. v. Victor Rocha – IndictmentU.S. v. Vilma Alonso – IndictmentU.S. v. Angel Rivero – InformationU.S. v. Ascanio Serna – InformationU.S. v. Beatriz Carrasco – InformationU.S. v. Luis Alonzo, Jr – InformationU.S. v. Maria Blanco – InformationU.S. v. Michael Shane Matthews – InformationU.S. v. Yisel Torres – InformationU.S. v. Bertha Blanco – ComplaintU.S. v. Alejandro Hernandez Rios – IndictmentU.S. v. Hector Fajardo Ramirez – IndictmentU.S. v. Jesus Escobar Montero – Indictment

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    Southern District of Illinois

    U.S. v. Bryan Miller – IndictmentU.S. v. Corinisha Barnes – IndictmentU.S. v. Adams – IndictmentU.S. v. Barnes – IndictmentU.S. v. Gutowski – IndictmentU.S. v. Beal – Indictment

    Western District of Kentucky

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    Middle District of Louisiana

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    District of Maine

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    Eastern District of Michigan

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    Southern District of Mississippi

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    Eastern District of Missouri

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    Western District of Texas

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    District of Utah

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    Eastern District of Virginia

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    • Bachir – you probably are defending the Muslim cop who shot an unarmed, innocent woman in Minnesota too.

      Thanks for highlighting that there were Muslims in other states involved in this nationwide scam against US taxpayers (or more aptly their infidel government).

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