Minnesota: First Somali Muslim Cop Shoots & Kills Woman Who Called for Help

Mohamed Noor

More: cop who killed Justine Damond was already under investigation for ‘assault and battery’ of another woman

Mohamed Noor reached over and shot Justine Damond, 40, multiple times from the passenger seat of his squad car while she spoke to his colleague on the drivers side in a back alley behind her upscale Minneapolis home.

Both officer’s bodycams were off and the squad car camera not recording, but an audio exchange between dispatch and the officers involved captures the chilling moments directly after she was killed at around 11.30pm on Saturday.

One officer can be heard saying he sees a ‘female screaming behind a building’ and ‘one down’ from the same location before saying they are performing CPR after ‘shots fired’.

Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years – including a lawsuit.

Two are from 2017 and one from 2016 is closed and according to Lou Raguse of Kare 11 is marked ‘not to be made public’.

The lawsuit stems from a police call on May 25, 2017, when Noor and two other officers took a woman to hospital and she claimed that they carried out false imprisonment, assault and battery.

According to the ongoing lawsuit, the woman claimed that Noor ‘grabbed her right wrist and upper arm’ when moving her, leaving her ‘immobilised’.

‘Defendant Officer Noor grabbed Plaintiff’s phone from her hand and then grabbed her right wrist and upper arm, thereby immobilizing her,’ the complaint alleged.

She was eventually released from hospital one and a half hours later after a physician ordered that she was discharged, according to the court documents.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) – the state agency investigating the shooting – has so far kept tight-lipped on the circumstances that led to the death of the yoga and meditation teacher.

They have admitted that no weapons were recovered from the scene and  according to the Star Tribune witnesses to the shooting have described Damond approaching the police cruiser in the alley behind her house.

She was holding her cell phone and talking to an officer on the drivers side before she was shot.

The only concrete statement the BCA has made so far is to confirm that ‘At one point an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman’. 

Noor, 31, who is the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct, has in the past been personally praised by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.

Lesbian mayor meets with Muslims

Last year, Mayor Hodges wrote on her Facebook page that she ‘wanted to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Boor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department.

‘Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.’

According to Minneapolis Star Tribune, the website Minnesota PoliceClips has audio of an exchange between dispatch and the officers involved.

One officer says that he sees a ‘female standing behind a building’ and ‘one down’ from the same location before saying they are performing CPR.

Police in Minneapolis are required to wear bodycams at all time, but they are not continually active and are manually switched on when an officer anticipates they will be needed.

It is not know why the squad car camera cannot be used in this case.

The partner of a Minneapolis cop who shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond was ‘stunned’ when the officer opened fire through a squad car door, sources say.

Officer Matthew Harrity, who was in the driving seat, was speaking to Damond after she called 911 to report a sexual assault occurring near her home, when his partner reached across him and fatally shot her in the abdomen.

A police source told KARE11 that Harrity was ‘left stunned’ by Noor’s actions.

The revelation makes the motive for shooting all the more mysterious as it appears that Harrity did not view Damond as posing a threat.

Autopsy results reveal Damond, who was wearing her pyjamas when she was shot by policeman Noor, died as a result of a homicide.

More: Police officer who shot Justine Damond identified | Daily Mail Online

Mohammed Noor is reported to have shot Ms Damond, 40, multiple times outside her home in Minneapolis, KSTP reported.

Mr Noor’s lawyer, Tom Plunkett, confirmed the officer had fired his weapon to CBS.

Mr Noor has been working as a police officer since early 2015, and holds a degree in business administration and economics from Augsburg College.

He is the first Somali-American officer to work in Minneapolis’ 5th precinct, reported KSTP. The officer has been suspended while an investigation into the shooting continues.

Ms Damond was shot dead in an alleyway behind her home about 11.30pm on Saturday night, while wearing her pyjamas, reports say.

She had called 911 to attend a noise and possible assault in the alley, and was reportedly speaking to two officers through the drivers side window when the officer in the front passenger seat shot her through the drivers side door.

Neighbours told The Star Tribune they came out of their home to investigate the flashing lights and saw police trying to revive Ms Damond, who was lying on the ground.

Ms Damond had a well-known stance against guns, and there was no way she would have been armed on Saturday night, her friend Hannah, 21, told the paper.

She also explained Ms Damond, also known as Justine Ruszczyk, often spoke about the benefits of Australia’s tight gun control.

‘Basically my mum’s dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don’t know,’ Zach Damond said.

More silence from the Islam protectorate:

The Somali American Police Association, of which Noor is a member, declined to comment

Why did a Somali Muslim refugee, who wore gloves to shake hands with his colleagues, shoot a white woman who called them to report a possible rape?

Mohamed Noor (with gloves) being inducted into the Somali American Police Association

And of course, the Washington Post Worries About “Islamophobia” After Somali Cop Kills White Woman.

23 thoughts on “Minnesota: First Somali Muslim Cop Shoots & Kills Woman Who Called for Help

  1. Has the establishment press named the cop who did this? We don’t need people who create inferior civilizations coming here.

    • No he’s a cop in America . Where is Blue Live Matter now/ Not one word
      from them lol , Where are all the pro police clan who say he or she should
      listen to the officer and respect his authority . Their silence is deafening.
      What was that lady doing in that alley? I say good for her for exposing the blue life
      crew as a bunch of racist . Blue live matter when they kill blacks that is what they are

      • Hello Angry Anonymous! Looks like you would probably join in with the thugs that are screaming, “What do we want–DEAD COPS”! YOU’RE PATHETIC!!! This trigger-happy thug should never have been allowed to carry a weapon, much less become an officer of the law! I just hope YOU never get a license to carry, CUZ YOU’RE DANGEROUS (and hopelessly prejudiced too)!!!!! P.S. You know your grandmother taught you BETTER!!!!

    • yes this cop needs the death penalty for being 3rd world stupid, and the mayor needs to be hanged down town in front of the entire city,

  2. Wait, what? The police officer uses gloves to shake hands? What is the reason for that? He can’t have physical contact with non-Muslims? That is a troublesome sign right there. Seems like an early warning sign of trouble.

  3. Being a strong supporter of our police, this story is confusing and creepy. How can an officer who’s gone through training and education act like this? So, I will wait for further info about this case. The most troubling is that the cams were OFF. This is a violation in itself. So the officer who was driving was in cohoots. Is he Muslim also? Is he black also?

    • #Linda. You ask, “How can an officer who’s gone through training….act like this?” Well, by the same token, how come the PERVS that are released from Gitmo for “good behavior” end up right back murdering American soldiers??? The answer lies with their upbringing (or lack thereof)! These people are incorrigible! You can’t get blood from a stone, and you can’t “rehabilitate” a g-damnd muzzrat! They are SCHOOLED in murder and jihad as little children from their mother’s womb! They consider it their god-given duty to shed the blood of all “infidels” and nothing, but NOTHING, can change that!!!!!

      • #Anon. Ok, Anon, do you actually SUPPORT that kind of PARANOID BEHAVIOR in an officer of the law, who’s been hired to protect the citizens????? Geez, I just wonder, wonder, wonder, what the hell would he do if he was ever called upon to actually do FIRST AID on a dying person????? God forbid he should be required to do MOUTH-TO-MOUTH or deliver a baby!!!!! HOW UTTERLY DISGUSTING–to think he might catch a GERM from a dying “infidel”!!!! OMG, HOW VILE–TO THINK THAT HE, A MUSLIM TRYING TO EMULATE HIS “PROPHET”, MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE TO TOUCH A DYING PERSON, i.e, an “infidel”!!!!

  4. It would seem the state of Minnesota (and potentially the nation) has a major problem on its hands, which appears to be accelerated by the Daily Mail’s decision to censor & sanitize all Muslim/Islamic related comments. The DM trends both right & left but it’s usually fairly good about refraining from removing comments that lamestream media sites routinely do – except not in this case. I smell rats, no, I smell an outhouse.

  5. “If sharia law continues spreading, you’ll have less and less freedom of speech – so speak while you can!”

    It is time to hold those responsible for bringing in these animals accountable. They must be punished for their blatant disregard for the safety of the American Public. Those responsible for bringing in these muslims must be charged with manslaughter maybe even malice murder.

  6. Noor was a member of the “Somali American Police Association?” WHY is there a Somali American Police Association??? Why doesn’t he belong to just an American Police Association? WHY is there a separate Police Association for anyone based on their race????? How can anything but segregation and division spring from that????

  7. Hello….Hello!!!!

    What gives with the short friggin’ memories!!!!?????

    Did anybody do a quick Google search for this Muslim cop’s city, Minneapolis?

    Did anyone search the Google images for the mayor of Minneapolis?

    Under Google Images and on YouTube search for


    Betsy Hodges!!!!

    Look up the picture of this treasonous bitch in Hijab practically licking the ass of a hijab wearing Muslim whore!!!

    Look up the Youtube video!!!!

    Is it no wonder this filthy Muslim cop has murdered a non-Muslim white woman?

    Is it no wonder that his body-camera was turned off?

    Is it no wonder that this treasonous mayor will give this vermin a pass on an act of murder?

    Look it up for Christ’ sake!!!

    Chrystia Freeland
    Boseman, Montana

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