Boston: City Posts Signs on How To Protect Muslims From “Islamophobic” Situations

What signs were posted after the Boston Bombing? After Muslims hijacked planes from a Boston airport on 9/11? Or numerous other terror plots, attacks and crimes by Muslims in Boston

Boston Not-So Strong. Source: City Posts Signs Depicting How To Help Defuse Islamophobic Situations | WBUR News

City workers are putting up PSA posters around Boston Monday in a new initiative to show people how to safely step in and help stop incidents of Islamophobic harassment.

The cartoons depict a public transit scene where a disheartened-looking woman wearing a hijab sits while an irate person towers above her in a threatening manner. Another young woman looks on before deciding to intervene.

The step-by-step instructions, city officials said, encourage bystanders to quickly strike up conversations with Muslims being assailed by strangers, in hopes the actions will help disrupt the abuse, make victims feel safer and less alienated, and help disempower perpetrators.

The posters also stress that both bystanders and victims should ignore the attacker, which city officials said in a statement is an approach called “non-complementary behavior.” The logic is that harassers will stop or go away as others’ reactions deviate from their expectations and as they lose a captive audience.

The posters, which were originally designed in 2015 by a Paris-based artist known as Maeril, are being placed on city-owned furniture in about 50 locations, officials said. Other cities, like San Francisco and New York, have launched similar campaigns.

The initiative follows recent charges against a man for allegedly yelling anti-Muslim slurs at a 61-year-old woman who was wearing a headscarf and riding the Orange Line.

“It’s an awkward place to be in, when you see someone being harassed,” said Faisa Sharif, Boston’s citywide Somali neighborhood service liaison.

Did you know Boston has a growing Somali Muslim diaspora? Is the neighborhood service liaison a taxpayer-funded position? Like the posters, taxation for Islamization.



8 thoughts on “Boston: City Posts Signs on How To Protect Muslims From “Islamophobic” Situations

  1. Clever Cartoonist: here’s your chance to push back against this stupid PSA. Draw a similar scene but at the Boston Marathon. The Muslim would be Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev with a backpack. The innocent bystander goes up and asks him who he’s cheering on in the Boston Marathon. Final panel would be scattered victim bodies, and the comment, “Do you know where I can find a safe space?”
    Go for it!

  2. Here’s HOW to treat ALL muzzlumz who attend a local mosque…..STARE AT THEM UNTIL THEY TAKE A HIKE AND DON’T DON’T DON’T EVER TALK TO THEM…. and whatever you do, DON’T EVER SMILE AT THEM….that’s like saying, ‘SIC ‘EM’ to a rabid dog!!!!! These ppl are taught from childhood to HATE all “infidels”, so why should we show them American courtesies and nicety????? Their NUMBER ONE goal for coming to this country is to infiltrate and dominate –not to mention, to MURDER US IN COLD BLOOD!!! Let’s just be REAL about this!!! They’re not here to be neighborly and friendly, so neither should we be nice and courteous to them!!!!! And YES… that IS who we ARE as Americans!!!!!

  3. This shows how little these people even know about Islam. In their example the woman strikes up a conversation about what movies the Muslim lady likes but going to or viewing western movies is forbidden in many Islamic sects.

  4. I wonder if the people in the city of Boston are going to be this generous, when the marathon season comes around? I don’t go to public venues because of this and many other incidents throughout the world. But yes I should feel sorry that I don’t feel safe anymore. Allah be praised?

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