Philippines: Duterte offers Muslims an Islamic state…to counter Islamic State

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (C) poses with MILF leaders and government officials as they hold a draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. (AFP Photo/Ted Aljibe)

The MILF is a Muslim terrorist group that has been waging jihad for their own sharia-ruled Islamic state. Duterte is giving it to them.

Source: Philippines’ Duterte offers Muslim self-rule to counter IS in Marawi – Channel NewsAsia (where self-rule = sharia)

MANILA: President Rodrigo Duterte offered self-rule to the Philippines’ Muslim minority on Monday (Jul 17) in an attempt to defeat militants who seized a southern city in the gravest challenge to his year-old rule.

Duterte hopes the promise of autonomy will persuade Filipino Muslims to reject the Islamic State militant group, whose followers still control parts of Marawi after nearly two months of fighting that had left more than 500 people dead.

Duterte vowed to shepherd through Congress a “Bangsamoro Basic Law” bill jointly written and submitted to him Monday by government officials and the country’s largest Muslim guerrilla group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“This moment is a significant step forward in our quest to end centuries of hatred, mistrust and injustice that cost and affected the lives of millions of Filipinos,” he said in a speech to MILF leaders and government officials.

Both sides said that giving the mainly Catholic nation’s large and largely impoverished Islamic minority a better choice was crucial to heading off the lure of violent extremism.

“These misguided people have filled the vacuum created by our failure to enact the basic law, and feed into the frustration of our people,” MILF chairman Murad Ebrahim told the same gathering, referring to the Marawi gunmen.

Muslims since the 1970s had waged a decades-old insurgency that claimed more than 100,000 lives in the Mindanao region that includes Marawi.

The MILF signed a peace treaty with Duterte’s predecessor Benigno Aquino in 2014 but Congress refused to pass the self-rule bill – a key provision of the accord.

Small rebel factions began pledging allegiance to the IS soon afterwards. The Marawi attack on May 23 was their first major action, forcing Duterte to impose martial rule across Mindanao.

The chief government peace negotiator, Irene Santiago, said Manila expects the bill’s passage within a year.

“The next 12 months are full of opportunity but also fraught with so much danger. The dangers are staring us in the face: Violent extremism, the source of the crisis in Marawi,” Santiago added.

An Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao has been in place in parts of the south since after a rival faction, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), signed peace with Manila in 1996.

However it had failed to end violence and rebellion.

Santiago said both the MILF and MNLF helped to draft the new self-rule bill giving all sides optimism about its passage. Duterte is also set to decide within the week whether to extend military rule over Mindanao.

The constitution limits martial rule to 60 days, a safeguard against abuses put in place after the downfall of the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship.

However Congress can authorise an extension.

The military said there were still 60-80 gunmen holed up in about 500 Marawi houses and buildings after weeks of day and night air strikes and artillery pounding. About 300 civilians also remain trapped in the area and some of them have been taken hostage, the military said.

Muslims already had an Islamic city…that has been the center of the latest jihadi terror.

12 thoughts on “Philippines: Duterte offers Muslims an Islamic state…to counter Islamic State

  1. Which is real/true Islam as there are two Islamic traditions before us. One is Old and the other is New.
    Non-Arab Islamic tradition is the Old one (the great ancient Indian (Hindu) tradition. The other new one is what we know as Arab Islam born in 7th cen. AD.
    The real/authentic Islam is the Hindu tradition of Dharma. It is tolerant, non-violent, and fully Democratic. It doesn’t believe in killing the opponent. Its shining face is Gandhi the apostle of Truth and Non-violence.
    The other tradition (Arab Islam) we face everyday everywhere today. Arab Islam is a BRAND of Islam, not its totality or wholeness. It is “for the Arab/by the Arab/of the Arab”. Otherwise it is “almost” IMPERIALISM.
    We need Hindu Islam today which is non-violent and peaceful. It is liberal and believes in the great Democratic principle of “Live and Let Live”.
    Hindu India has faced this problem since the very birth of Arab Islam in the 7th cen. Pakistan was born out of this problem otherwise two provinces of India wouldn’t have become two sovereign nations. Stalin had expressed surprise on this while giving interview to the then Indian Ambassador. He had said “how primitive” reacting on India’s partition.

    • no one knows old you are telling it is..then please tell me anyone following indian islam..n one more thing if you are saying about sufism as indian islam ,a tolerant n more good qualities..then please listen sushil pandit about a sufi who don’t supported a sufi who was a aurangjeb’s brother..but sufi supported brutal n intolerant aurangjeb..when aurangjeb said where i should conversion then sufi(which was from kashmir where a sufism started) sufi said kashmir..then aurangjeb led brutal muders,conversions..islam means..scripyures orders muslims to kill non-muslims..

  2. S R Wakankar <<< I now live much of my time in Davao in Mindanao with my wife's family. Hindu Islam ain't gonna fly in the Phils. Hindus are NOT well liked anyway coz of their attitudes, smelliness among a variety of reasons. I know it sounds silly, but thats the reality.
    Many Muslim females are friends with Catholic Pinays (Female Filipinos) and they get along. BUT, Muslim women cannot be trusted anymore than the men. In fact, even though Muslims may be living next door, few people like them or trust them. Especially since the young men are trying to impregnate every ignorant girl they can seduce.
    NOW that Muslim extremists have been more active, Filipinos have become to hate them.
    Maybe du30's plan will work. I hope so. If it doesn't it won't be long before non-Muslim Filipinos start an ethnic cleansing.

  3. Dutarte should be smarter than that. The Moro People are hardcore Islamists. Lit most Islamists, giving in to them invites them to take more. There is but one way to deal sith Pacman in a turban; death.

  4. Are you kidding? That’s appeasement/dhimmitude. Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile. They will not be satisfied, as their goal is worldwide domination/caliphate!

  5. The Philippines has made numerous deals for Peace with the Muslims on Mindanao over the last 20 years and the Muslims have violated the peace agreements ever single time. Muslims have shown a pattern of not abiding by any Peace deals since the 7th Century. They lie to get what they want and wait until they can conquer to get more when they can to advance Islam. It’s in their teachings. It has been the way they operate for 1400 years.

  6. Islam is a failure. I wonder when the world is going to wake up and respond to MUSLIM BIGOTRY! Isn’t it time that we stopped this pee cee game and start looking at the harsh reality that the problem with Islamic terrorism is Islam itself? Is the mainstream media going to continue hiding its head in the sand until another catastrophe hit? It seems that the world is determined to deceive itself? Why? The truth is simple. Islamic terrorism is motivated by the teachings of the Quran. Read the Quran and you will see it for yourself where the terrorists get their inspiration. Islam is not a religion of peace. You cannot eliminate terrorism unless you eliminate the ideology behind it. It is time that we focus on the cause and not the symptom. It is time for world leaders to stop beating around the bushes, stop calling Islam a religion of peace and start calling a spade a spade. Unfortunately, Muslims are bereft of that much discernment. When Muslims go to non-Islamic countries and once they overcome their economical hardships they start demanding special privileges to practice and promote their religion. They take advantage of the democracy in their host countries and start building mosques calling their hosts Kafir and strive to eradicate that democracy, and impose the brutal laws of Sharia. In the West, they have started converting the whites and inculcated in them the hate of their own culture to the extent that these new converts harbor the desire to destroy their own churches, loathe democracy and capitalism and endeavor to establish the rule of Islam and theocracy of Khalifat world wide.The problem here is not Muslims but Islam. It is Islam that prevents Muslims from mingling with their hosts in amity, and integrate with the culture of the country where they reside. It is Islam that teaches them to separate the world in two-quarters of Dar-al Harb and Dar-al Islam. The solution to this problem cannot come from the non-Muslims but from the Muslims themselves.Muhammad Ali Jinnah aspired a secular Pakistan but that country is now caught in the claws of the fundamentalists digging deeper and deeper in ignorance. Islam cannot survive without power. The separation of the state and religion in Islam does not work. If Islamic countries desire secularism, freedom, and democracy, they have to get rid of Islam altogether. They have to decide between democracy and Islam. Just as you cannot house the sheep and the wolves in the same fold, you cannot have democracy and Islam in the same country.

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