Minnesota: Muslim Arrested for Brutal Pipe Attack on 53-year-old Man

Source: Rochester Man Arrested for Brutal Pipe Attack h/t BNI

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Rochester police officers were called to the Meadow Park apartments complex early Sunday to check on a serious injury assault.

They arrived to find a man in a parking lot who had been attacked with a metal pipe. The man suspected of assaulting him was also there. Arrested was 24-year-old Tahlil Mohamed.

A spokesman says the two men got into a dispute and Mohamed grabbed the pipe and hit the 53-year-old victim over the head several times, breaking some teeth and causing other injuries.

The man reportedly went into a seizure at St Marys when an officer came to interview him. No word on his medical condition.

More: Assault sends victim to hospital with serious injuries

Arrested was Tahlil Mohamed, 24, of Rochester, who is facing charges of second-degree assault. The victim was taken to Mayo Clinic Hospital – Saint Marys Campus, for treatment of severe head injuries. While being interviewed by officers, the victim had a seizure and was taken into emergency surgery, Sherwin said.

Mohamed could face additional charges pending the condition of the victim, Sherwin said.

18 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim Arrested for Brutal Pipe Attack on 53-year-old Man

  1. Evil is RISING RAPIDLY!!! We must deport and stop ALLimmigration of Moslems into our USA!!!

    Islsm is a system, clearly . . .of ‘the beast’
    . . .OF SATAN!!!!! I know 3 authors , researchers who can speak, read, write arabic. Four distinct places in their crap book, the Koran. . it states. . .”Kill all Christians and
    Jews:!!!! And there is more and more to add
    to this!!!

    KILL ALL RAGHEADS . . ALL Diaperheads
    . .the is what is stated by all the troops who have served in the mid East. . who l run into and visit with at our VA hospital!

    Stay ” locked and loaded”. . .be ready!!!

      • Muslim is what they want to be called. It shows your inferiority to them and makes them feel good.

        Moslem is reserved for low down, as in rotten, unpious, nasty, mean Moslem.

        Been using “Moslem” for a long time, including in my books, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE, AND MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN.

  2. I will fight to my last breath to keep my country free of this scorge on humanity. Anerican patriots take up arms and take back our country from the left.

    • but it is so easy to get soooooo depressed that the brain dead liberal democrats running out country keep bringing these goat fkrs in…. so easy to say hell with it all and just go be a hermit and let the dumb ass young idiots in this country destroy MY country, heritage, history, and their future. sometimes I get so sad and deoressed that our young are letting this happen to my great country I just want to go curl up under a tree in the woods and die. WTF is wrong with our young???????????????

    • All “WE” can do is be ready to defend our own, as our government is not likely anytime soon to begin extermination of these animals. Too much “PC” still exists. We have not been able to drain the swamp. Lock and load. Have your tools and ammo ready is all you can do at this stage.

      • Boycott their businesses, boycott politicians who support them. (bows, arrows, cloth, fuel oil, matches, mosques). Push back wherever and whenever you can. Wear your own body cam and when you get something, make copies of the video and send it to the cops, the FBI, city and county prosecutors, the police, the sheriff, and others; post on facebook and youtube.

        Get the pro Islam books out of schools and libraries, stop Islamic studies programs at seminaries and universities, etc.

        Be creative

  3. This vicious attack on a perceived Dhimmi by a sharia compliant Mohammed follower is the consequence of letting these barbaric animals into our civilized nation. Islam and Moslems are intolerant of non-Moslems.

  4. no more tolerance for these filthy goat fkers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shared to my public FB with my added comment:


If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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