Video: Muslims turn U.S. Capitol into mosque for Friday prayers

Another video of Muslims converting Capitol Hill into a mosque.

It started under Bill Clinton, with Newt Gingrich approving it. The activity is sponsored by Muslim Democrat Keith Ellison. Ellison’s Muslim prayer group has hosted known, U.S. designated Muslim terrorists and terror-linked groups and individuals.

Creeping Sharia has posted on the Capitol Hill mini-mosque several times. And as noted previously:

“We started praying together in each others’ offices,” [Suhail] Khan says. “Then we started praying once a month in the Veterans’ Affairs Committee room.”

As the service grew, then-Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) gave them permission to use the basement room on Fridays.

Capitol Hill becomes mosque for Friday Islamic prayers

Video: Muslims convert U.S. Capitol into mosque

Muslim Brotherhood linked group leads Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill

Terror-cleric al-Awlaki Led Prayer Services for Congressional Muslim Staffers

Congressional Muslim Staffers website disappears after outed hosting terrorists on Capitol Hill

Presumably they are still ongoing otherwise we would have heard Muslims whine about the cancellation.

11 thoughts on “Video: Muslims turn U.S. Capitol into mosque for Friday prayers

  1. These group prayers by islamic followers in a future plan by islam to take over your land and women , land for food and women to produce jihadis . 56 islamic nations in last 1400 yrs a living example when our foolish and uneducated leaders will wake up.Learn for past history time too control this cancer is now .

  2. This is a gross sacrilege! These ppl “pray” for the downfall of all democratic gov’ts (to and including the USA)! What’s more, they LIE THRU THEIR TEETH when asked about it!!! Their “prayers” have NOTHING to do with brotherly love and support. They need to be banned from all gov’t and/ or public bldgs! WHY CAN’T THEY USE THEIR MOSQUES????? it seems to me that they have MORE THAN ENOUGH of them!!!!!

  3. These Muslim fanatics believe that, “allah” will reward them with 72 Virgins & they could Not be more Wrong! Mohammad was a Dyslexic & misread the Quran! It says, “with 27 Virgins will I reward You, BUTT YOU won’t know if they are Male or female, until You get here SUCKERS”!!!

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