Video: Islam in America as Described by Three “Leading” Muslims

Leading to sharia. Source: IPT Video: Islam in America As Described by Three Leading Voices :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

For daily examples of Islam in America, spend a few hours or days reading through the Creeping Sharia archives (you can search by state).

10 thoughts on “Video: Islam in America as Described by Three “Leading” Muslims

  1. They are just speaking some of the truths from their 7th Century Lifestyle. It is now the 21st Century and most of western world considers most of the ideas from 1400 years ago to be outdated. But the followers of the 7th Century lifestyle still think their way is better and they have the right to force you to convert or die to further Islam. It’s all in their teachings and actions of their devout followers.

  2. Look at Europe; it is a sharia ruled continent; Kaffirs are murdered, raped, beaten and robbed by muslims who go free. This is the plan for America, go armed EVERYWHERE!

  3. Hey there…..

    Muslim killers to the left of us, Muslim killers to the right of us, Muslim killers all around us…….and not a drop of whisky to drink…..

    Why don’t we saddle-up and fly on down to Dearbornistan or that Somali shit-hole Minneapolis and settle the score for a gut-shot woman who now has the filth of Muslim collaborator Mayor Betsy Hodges shitting on her grave…..

    Well, in any case, enjoy the video….maybe one day in America on the nightly news, we’ll be reporting a Muslim body count and roasting weenies on the embers of mosques torched by patriots…….one can only hope.

    Sign me…..

    Willy Fucking Nelson…..
    Fucktown, America

  4. Regardless of which religion you subscribe to, or what name those of your faith choose to call your God, if your religion teaches that God is perfection, and God created man in his own image, and God makes NO mistakes or errors, WHY would you, Gods creation, support altering Gods perfect intended design with circumcision? Do you believe God’s design is faulty and in need of your correction? Just who do you think you are?

    • #Ron. Judging by your set of standards, I’d say you would probably be OK with never separating conjoined twins or never correcting cleft pallet in children or for that matter, why would we want to do any kind of surgeries on infants and young children, EVER??? After all, IT’S THE WAY THEY WERE BORN AND GOD NEVER MAKES MISTAKES, RIGHT????? ……you DOOFUS!!!!!

      • P.S. Male circumcision was COMMANDED by God, Himself in the Jewish Law! There are numerous health benefits both to males and their future spouses! Your argument favoring FGM is totally BOGUS!!!!!

        • P.S.S. #Ron. My assumption is that you are condemning MALE circumcision when you speak of “altering God’s design” and accordingly thereby corrupting that design in boys and men. However, if you are referring to FGM and calling it “female circumcision”, then I beg to differ with you b/c FGM never benefits a girl in any way and is NEVER COMPARABLE to male circumcision in any way! FGM is a repressive violent crime against women of any age and is intended to destroy a woman’s GOD-GIVEN joy of having an orgasm!!! Male circumcision is neither violent nor repressive and greatly benefits men and boys thruout their lifetimes! Remember, God created mankind to be His friend and helper, and to obey His Word. There is no reference whatsoever in holy scriptures that commands FGM–NONE, NADA, ZILCH!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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