Tell The House: Do NOT Pass Al Qaeda-Affiliated Sharia Resolution!

An update to our post on Rubio’s sharia resolution.

Source: Sharia Law Resolution Destroys America’s First Amendment | Pray for US

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) fought for and won passage of a Senate Resolution that endorses the tenets of Sharia law in America.

If this resolution were ever to become the law of the land, you could be jailed and prosecuted for writing a truthful comment about Islam on your blog or Facebook.

When you learn the facts behind this resolution, you will see why all of us must condemn it and urge the House to reject the identical companion Sharia resolution.

S. Res. 118 was passed earlier this year but we still have time to defeat the House version which H. Res. 257. Read a copy of the Resolution HERE.

Speak Out Today!

The full title of S. Res. 118 and H. Res. 257 is:

“Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.”

Just think about how much leeway the vaguely-written words “any form of racism, religious or ethnic bias” would give to an overzealous, globalist federal prosecutor to come after Christian pastors in America who preach truthfully against Islam.

The text of the resolution encourages federal, state and local law enforcement to investigate you and lock you up if you say anything that hurts a Muslim’s feelings.

This concept is one of the central tenets of Sharia law and it is the reason why Muslims set cars on fire, throw bricks through shop windows and cut people’s heads off when a cartoonist draws a picture of Muhammad.

The Senate mindlessly passed this resolution at the urging for Sen. Rubio. S.Res. 118 was passed by a voice vote so we do not even know which Senators were in favor and which ones opposed it.

The Sharia resolution was written with the help of Emerge USA – a Florida political action committee that was co-founded by an attorney named Khurrum Wahid. Mr. Wahid has been on the federal terror watch list since 2011 due to his ties to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, according to the Miami New Times.1

The House version of this Sharia resolution was sponsored by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and has four additional GOP co-sponsors:  Scott Taylor (VA), Carlos Curbelo (FL), Pete Olson (TX) and John Rutherford (FL).

This Sharia law resolution written by an Al Qaeda and Taliban-affiliated lawyer takes America in the opposite direction by stifling all speech that is critical of Islam.

Sharia law is the very opposite of everything that America represents and that is why we must condemn this resolution in the strongest terms possible!

Speak out today and tell Congress to reject H. Res. 257 because it is an endorsement of Sharia law in America!

After sending your Personal Letters, contact your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121. Tell them you are opposed to House Resolution 257 and that you expect them to vote “No” on it.

Full post at link above where there is also a fax form at the link above if you want to pay to contact all members of the House. There is also a pre-written letter you can copy and print out to fax, mail or email on your own letter.

PS: Some of Rubio’s rabid supporters and Never Trumper’s claimed on Twitter this is fake news. However they clearly did not even read the article nor follow the links to the actual resolutions. Here is the link to Rubio’s resolution:

Others want to claim the resolution covers all forms of hate crimes therefore it can’t possibly be bad or set the state for sharia imposition. If it’s that simple, why did Rubio need a terror-linked Muslim organization to write a resolution to reiterate issues that already have laws at both the federal and state levels?

They also want to claim Rubio’s version had nothing to do with the House version, or because others voted in favor of it that Rubio didn’t introduce it.

Rubio’s version became the House version, linked below:

But don’t believe us, listen to the Muslims who wrote the sharia resolution.

On May 6, EmgageUSA published the following on its Facebook page:

‘Representative Barbara Comstock, second term Republican from Virginia’s 10th District is teaming up with EmergeUSA and MPAC to successfully pass a House Resolution which condemns ethnic, religious and racial hate crimes. The bi-partisan resolution was co-sponsored by Representatives Dingell, Taylor and Curbelo and mirrors its Senate Counterpart, S. Res. 118…

Mirrors. Their words.

12 thoughts on “Tell The House: Do NOT Pass Al Qaeda-Affiliated Sharia Resolution!

  1. HELLO AMERICA…. Here’s the god-awful unadulterated truth!! When Senators like Marco Rubio (allegedly a Republican conservative) are endorsing and sponsoring this kind of deceptive and biased legislation, which empowers NO ONE BUT MUZZSCUMS, I have to say, WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY, AND HE IS US!!!!!

  2. I have supported Rubio in the past–NOW it is time for me to tell him “go back to Cuba” we don’t need that kind of laws passed here, do we??

  3. Your superiors are telling you what’s good for you and you’d better like it. Does this sound like something that Herr Goebbels might have thought up to insure the government could send deplorables to re education camps? Of course if anyone calls someone a hillbilly, redneck, hateful Christian, etc we know how quickly all those florists, bakers, and pastors will be defended by the government.

    Rubio needs to be shown the door and sent to Venezuela where his beliefs are all ready in force.

  4. I am very much against this.. our founding fathers would be appalled and our Constitution does not support this nor do we want it to.. if Muslims want so much to carry out their religions then have them find their own country to do so in… this is the United States of America.. not the United States of sharia law..

  5. What about the majority when the minority commits hate crimes against us? We are all equal under the law. We don’t need this resolution that seems to change that.

    • We are all not equal under the law, look around! We never were and never will be! I’m sick of those 500+ ass hats sitting up there in Washington making up laws, controlling the lives of 300+ million while we have not a word to say about anything directly impacting the way we live!

  6. The real purpose is to allow Sharia to spread under the resolution’s guise…making it a hate crime to condemn and stop Sharia.

    Congress peeps are counting on us to say nothing and do nothing.

    If you are happy with this, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

    If you are not happy…what are you doing?

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  7. Marco Rubio is no better than John McCain. We have so many enemies within our own govt. Thank God for Trump the Swamp Drainer. Bush started with this Hate Speech nonsense. You have Free Speech or you do not. Being offense is not a crime . The slippery slope is that “hate” is subjective who decides.?Mary Hodges the islamOapologist Mayor of MinnAdishu is forming blasphemy ordinances

  8. Speak to whom? Tell the foxes that the chicken coop is unlocked and unguarded? Yes, that cirtainly has been working. The foxes don’t work for us. They work for globalist interests.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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