Minnesota: Knife-wielding Somali Muslim threatens to kill Faribault shoppers

Another well-vetted Muslim refugee no doubt.

Source: COURT REPORT: Knife-wielding man threatens downtown patrons | News | southernminn.com

It took a brave witness to stand up to a Minneapolis man allegedly pointing a knife a people and threatening others in downtown Faribault.

A complaint filed in Rice County Court alleges that Abdinzak Ahmed Farah, 29, was in the Third Street NW area July 12, pointing a knife and threatening to kill anyone who called police. The call followed alleged odd behavior by Farah earlier that day. A witness told officers that Farah was eating raw beef with the same knife and holding the knife to patrons, asking them to play games.

Farah was asked to leave the area, but returned, again holding the knife to people as he spoke with them. He was reportedly told to leave a second time, but later began chasing several people and threw the knife toward them.

When a witness confronted Farah about chasing the individuals, he reportedly threatened to kill that person and threw the knife to the ground. The witness then told Farah police were being notified, to which Farah said “I will kill whoever calls the police.” The witness restrained Farah until police arrived.

Farah was charged with two counts of second-degree assault and threatening violence, all felonies, and fourth-degree damage to property.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota: Knife-wielding Somali Muslim threatens to kill Faribault shoppers

  1. America needs to wake up! Our way of life will be on the chopping block if Sharia Law ever gets a hold here. Read about Islam and the horrific things they do, like female genital mutilation! Need I say more??

  2. It totally escapes me as to why we allow anybody from Somalia into this country! Somalia has some of the lowest bunch of blood-thirsty imbeciles in the whole world! Every time you hear about a muzzturd criminal immigrant from Africa, HE’S FROM SOMALIA!!!!!

  3. It takes a heap of stupid to invite this sort of trash into your state. And I thought the Somalis were low class scum. Imagine what the people in Minnesota must be like if they believe these Somalis are an asset to their state. But then again they elected Al Franken.

    What more needs to be said?

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