Michigan: Muslim shot by SWAT lunged at officers with knife, sword

Source: Man shot by SWAT lunged at officers with knife, sword, police testify | MLive.com

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI – A man taunted police officers by waving and rubbing together the edges of knives in a small Ypsilanti apartment before he was shot by a member of Washtenaw Metro SWAT in a January encounter, police testified Thursday, July 20.

Two cases against Rodger Ketchman, 33, of Ypsilanti were bound over to circuit court following preliminary examinations Thursday at Washtenaw County’s 14A-1 District Court.

Ketchman initially faced charges of first-degree home invasion, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and malicious destruction of a building costing $20,000 or more in damage for the incident on Jan. 13, 2017.

By the conclusion of the Thursday examination, however, he faced 14 new charges related to the encounter with police – seven counts of felony assault and seven counts of resisting, obstructing or assaulting a police officer.

The charge of malicious destruction of property was also changed to a misdemeanor. Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney Blake Hatlem told the court the charge was meant to be for damages of $200 or less.

Police and SWAT members described a tense situation in close quarters with an armed Ketchman.

Ketchman listened to the Thursday testimony while occasionally speaking with his attorney and at least once saying “that’s absurd.”

Police were initially called to the Ypsilanti apartment building in the 700 block of Lowell Street when Ketchman began banging on his neighbor’s door with a crowbar, neighbor Emerald Cox, testified.

“He was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you,'” she said.

She also said she saw him attack a neighbor with a crowbar on Jan. 12, an incident for which he is charged in a separate case with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

In that incident, neighbor Daniel Stults testified Thursday that Ketchman ordered him to get on the ground and bow before his god.

Ketchman is scheduled for pretrial hearings in both matters in Washtenaw Country Trial Court on Aug. 30.

He was held on $100,000 bond in the home invasion case.

What the media was too lazy to research and inform readers of is Ketchman’s ideology.

Source: Geller Report

The jihadi’s name is Abdul-Latif Ketchman, a convert, but you will find none of that in news reports. News headlines only refer to his Christian name. A commenter exposed his Facebook page and his actual name. Abdul-Latif came at police with a knife and sword over his head.

4 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim shot by SWAT lunged at officers with knife, sword

  1. Sigh……………when is EVERYONE going to learn, got Muslims you have problems. Learn it or we will eventually be overwhelmed and then we have REAL PROBLEMS. Americans keep your eyes open for this man.

    His name is Abdul El-Sayed.

    After years of being groomed by George Soros. He has been handpicked by the Left to be their next “champion” of Hope and Change.

    He is 32 years old, born in the USA, and an extremely well educated Muslim Doctor in Detroit Michigan (education funded by Soros).

    He is handsome, articulate, charismatic and smart.
    He is sympathetic of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is running for Governor of Michigan. Which is Step 1 in his preparation to run for President of the United States.

    He has the potential to be Obama #2, but far more openly Muslim.
    Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is an American physician, epidemiologist, public health advocate, and politician.
    He has announced his candidacy for Governor of Michigan, running as a Democrat.
    Born: October 31, 1984 (age 32), Michigan
    Awards: Rhodes Scholarship; Paul and Daisy Soros; Fellowships for New Americans
    Education: University of Michigan, Ann; Arbor (BA); Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD);
    Columbia University (MD)
    Political party: Democratic Party.

  2. Won’t it jus’ be “wonderful” when sharia takes over and these damnd perverts can kill anybody they want–all in the name of their ‘god’ from HELL???? TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH–MUZZLUMZ GO HOME, or you can just go straight to HELL, if that’s what you would prefer!!!! Either way, TAKE A HIKE!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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