Obama holdover tasked with ‘countering violent extremism’ resigns; takes job at ADL

Source: Obama holdover tasked with ‘countering violent extremism’ resigns

George Selim, a prominent Obama administration holdover known for engaging fringe Islamic radicals, has resigned from the Department of Homeland Security. Selim left his post as director of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), a senior administration official who is not authorized to discuss personnel matters confirmed to Conservative Review Sunday.

The former DHS chief submitted his resignation Friday, following his testimony Thursday before the House Oversight Committee.

A DHS source familiar with the situation who is not permitted to discuss the matter publicly explained that Selim often clashed with Trump administration officials, who sought to do away with the past president’s policies. Senior officials effectively quashed Selim’s efforts to maneuver Obama White House policies and strategies into the new administration, leaving a frustrated Selim with resignation as his only option.

Conservative national security experts have almost unanimously condemned the CVE approach as an ineffective program (at its best), and one that empowers Islamist groups and undermines Muslim reformers (at its worst).

The CVE program is seen as dangerous because its inherent political correctness disallows counter-terror analysts from observing whether there is a religious component to radical Islamic terrorism. Under President Obama, countless Muslim Brotherhood-connected groups shuffled in and out of the White House to stake their claims in the debate.

The Atlantic’s Peter Beinhart, interviewed several known U.S. Brotherhood mouthpieces about the change and suggests that Selim’s departure “is exactly what ISIS and al-Qaeda want.” 

Notwithstanding, he notes that Selim was actually a Bush-era holdover who was promoted under Obama.

…in 2004 served as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. Soon after that, he joined the Bush administration.

Selim served under Chertoff as a senior policy adviser in the Department’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

That’s why they call it a swamp. More worrisome considering Trump’s new chief of staff, Selim told The Atlantic:

He [Selim] told me he believes former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly grasped the importance of outreach to Muslim communities. Selim even arranged for Kelly to attend an Iftar dinner in Northern Virginia earlier this year, in which the secretary spoke enthusiastically about the importance of partnering with American Muslims. In a statement issued Monday, Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke said that, Kelly “and I often relied on George’s thoughtful and reasoned approach to challenging issues” and that his “experienced and steady hand was important as he played a key role in advising me and senior DHS leaders.” Kelly’s departure from DHS—on Monday he’ll become Trump’s White House chief of staff—may have contributed to Selim’s resignation.

Could we see Selim on Kelly’s staff in the near future? Let’s hope not. Selim was responsible for de-Islamizing counter-terror training in the U.S.:

Selim’s task force upheld standards for counterterrorism training. During Obama’s first term, Spencer Ackerman, then of Wired, documented the widespread use of blatantly anti-Muslim materials in counterterrorism training at the FBI, the military and the Justice Department. Selim’s task force helped create and enforce new standards, which required that training materials on Islam be peer reviewed.

Peer reviewed by Muslim Brotherhood groups that Selim invited to the White House and met with regularly. Maybe Selim will end up on the Saudi payroll at The Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University – where he already has a bio page.

Selim’s name pops up numerous times in the Creeping Sharia archives, here.

Meanwhile, despite Trump’s efforts to completely defund the failed CVE program, Republicans continue funding Muslim groups under CVE including paying more than $500,000 to one mosque.

Update: Selim now works at the Jewish organization, Anti-Defamation League. via ADL hires Arab-American former Homeland Security official

The Anti-Defamation League has hired George Selim, an Arab-American former official at the Department of Homeland Security who worked on countering violent extremism.

Selim will head the ADL’s programs on law enforcement, education and community security, according to a news release Monday.

Jews in the U.S. must be feeling safer now with a Muslim Brotherhood mole at the ADL.

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