South Carolina: Citizens defeat zoning jihad, but city helps Muslims find new property

Not familiar with “zoning jihad“? It’s a term we use to describe how Muslims blatantly flaunt and abuse zoning laws to build mosques, Islamic schools and cemeteries in residential and other areas not zoned for such purposes. They lie to city officials, they lie to their non-Muslim neighbors, they lie and cry to the media, and then they use their Muslim friends in the federal government to wage expensive lawsuits against those who disagree.

Backed by unlimited foreign funding and free legal services from foreign-funded, terror-linked Muslim organizations, they usually win.  In this case, they lost the battle but won the war. And they still blast the cringe-worthy Islamic call to prayer from a mosque in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Source: Muslim cemetery will open in Rock Hill SC | Charlotte Observer

A 2015 thorny zoning problem is not an issue at a new site where the property is zone for a cemetery. Muslims do not have to try to convince their neighbors they are not a threat and just want to bury and honor the dead like any other group.

Muslims from the city’s mosque Masjid Al-Salam – “Mosque of [Disturbing the] Peace” – and Islamic Center of South Carolina bought property on Blackmon Street on the city’s south edge that was already zoned for commercial use, including a cemetery. Mosque members have started clearing the property that is now woods. In the tradition of the South, they have planted crepe myrtle trees.

When the Islamic group wanted to buy property on Bird Street near Anderson Road in 2015, they needed a zoning change for the property to be used for a cemetery. City officials agreed to the change, but neighbors balked in a raucous public meeting and the city’s zoning board nixed any change.

City officials worked with Muslim leaders to find a place already zoned to allow cemeteries. Muslim leaders found the Blackmon Street spot late last year.

The city approved the site plan in November after planning officials reviewed all the documentation needed that includes distance from the road and buffers between other properties, said Katie Quinn, city spokesperson.

The new site has woods on two sides and homes behind trees on two sides. Across the street is a landscape business. Muslim leaders will put up a fence on the sides that have homes adjacent to the cemetery as courtesy to neighbors, Khanani said.

Under Islamic tradition, Muslims can not borrow money for projects so all the money has to be raised and donated.

“This cemetery is a huge achievement for us, just as the mosque was,” Khanani said. “We have been, and always will be, loving members of this city and its people.”

The city’s Muslim population has grown to hundreds in the past decade with students from Winthrop and many former students who put down roots here, as well as dozens of families who work in teaching, business and other vocations. Enough Muslim people live in and near Rock Hill to form a mosque that opened in 2013 after years of construction.

Many Muslim were previously buried in Charlotte or other places. Muslim burials require washing of the body, special prayers and burial in cotton cloth. Muslim burial tradition calls for angling a deceased person’s head toward the right shoulder, face turned toward Mecca – the religion’s holy city in Saudi Arabia.

Mecca – where non-Muslims are not allowed

The Muslim religion does not allow mausoleums or ornate grave markers, or funeral processions. Two Rock Hill funeral homes assist the mosque with funerals.

Islam does not allow funeral processions? Except when celebrating the death of Muslim terrorists.

Images of massive Muslim funeral processions readily found online

For more on how to fight zoning jihad, check out “Mosques in America: A Guide to Accountable Permit Hearings and Continuing Citizen Oversight.”


2 thoughts on “South Carolina: Citizens defeat zoning jihad, but city helps Muslims find new property

  1. Ya’ll need to purge your local government officials. There will be a flashpoint, then everyone will go,”Golly, Gomer what the heck just happened”, that will be tooo late.

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