Virginia: School lesson – ‘create poster about 5 Pillars of Islam to be displayed in classroom and around the school’

More detail on the Dept of Education’s Islamic indoctrination program for public schools video we posted earlier this year. It’s not clear which schools in Virginia are assigning this to students, but it has more than 130,000 views already. That’s just one page in Virginia. It’s in your state too.

The lesson detail and requirements are disturbing to say the least.

Source: Access Islam? | We The Vigilant – Barry Secrest

It’s called “Access Islam” and it’s being pushed as an educational religious indoctrination program for millions of children in public schools across America.

Access Islam has been a growing effort, among the progressive left and the US government, to introduce the cult of Islam to millions upon millions of unsuspecting parents and school children, many of whom are not allowed to share their given Christian faith, in any form, while on public school grounds.

The initial phase of the instruction (or indoctrination) involves one of the most basic tenets of Muslimism, that being the five pillars of Islam.

According to the  Access Islam syllabus, “students explore and understand the basic beliefs of Islam as well as the Five Pillars that guide Muslims in their daily life” as follows:

The Five Pillars of Islam


  • Describe the basic beliefs of Islam;
  • Explain the meaning of each of the Five Pillars of Islam;
  • Compare and contrast the Five Pillars of Islam with the duties of other religions with which they are familiar.

Grade Level:


Suggested Time

Three to four 45-minute class sessions

Part I: Introductory Activity

The Basic Beliefs and Practices of Islam

  1. Explain to your students that they will be learning about some of the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, the religion followed by Muslims. Ask students to begin by brainstorming a list of things that they know about Islam. Have students record their thoughts about Islam privately, without discussing the responses as a class. Ask students to hold on to their responses (or you may collect them). Explain to them that throughout the course of the next activity they will learn more about the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, and that after they complete the activity they will have time to review and revise their responses.
  2. Explain to students that in this lesson they are going to learn about the basic beliefs of Islam and focus on learning about the core duties of Muslims, the Five Pillars. Divide the class into pairs and direct students to the Muslims Teachers Guide FRONTLINE PBS website. Provide them with a focus for media interaction, instructing them to read the sections: “Beliefs of Muslims” and “Major Practices/Duties of Muslims” and record, on their Student Response Sheet 1: The Five Pillars of Islam, the six major beliefs and the name of each of the Five Pillars and a description of that pillar. After students have recorded this information, review the major beliefs and the Five Pillars as a whole class, addressing any questions, such as vocabulary and definitions, during the discussion. Record a list of the Five Pillars on the board during the class discussion so students have a clear visual reference to all of the pillars throughout the rest of the lesson.

Part II: Learning Activity #1


  1. Explain to students that you will be looking at each pillar in detail beginning with the first pillar, which is Shahadah or belief. To begin, go to the BBC website Have students read about what it means to proclaim faith or belief as a Muslim. Have students, individually, silently read the Shahadah. Ask the students to think about what the Shahadah means. Why do they think that this statement is a significant part of being a Muslim? Record their thoughts on their Student Response Sheet 2: The Five Pillars of Islam handout, and discuss these questions as a class.
      How is this statement of belief similar to other religions? How is it different? Some examples are the Shema Israel and the Thirteen Articles of Faith in Judaism or the Nicene Creed in Christianity.

Part III: Learning Activity #2


  1. Next, students will look more closely at the second pillar, which is Salat or prayer. Have students watch the Muslim Prayer video as well as read the information from the BBC at and and watch the two streaming video segments about prayer preparation and the set of movements for prayer. Provide them with a focus for media interaction, instructing students to view the segments and record answers to the following questions on their Student Response Sheet 2: The Five Pillars of Islam.
    • Describe the process that Muslims go through to prepare to pray.
    • Describe the process of praying in Islam. How many times each day, and when, do Muslims pray?
    • What do the prayers sound like?
    • What do the movements look like?
    • In which direction do Muslims pray?
    • Why do they face this way?
    • What are some of the things Muslims say during prayer?
    • Why do Muslims pray?
    • How is prayer in Islam similar to prayer in other religions?
    • How is it different?
    • Why is prayer important in Islam

Part IV: Learning Activity #3


  1. Next, students will examine the third pillar, which is Zakaat or almsgiving. Have students watch the Zakaat video and read the information about Zakaat at Provide them with a focus for media interaction, instructing students to view the video segment and record answers to the following questions on their Student Response Sheet 2: The Five Pillars of Islam:
    • What is Zakaat?
    • What is emphasized in Zakaat?
    • Why do Muslims make donations?
    • How much money is a person expected to give to charitable causes?
    • What is the relationship between prayer and money?
    • How is zakaat different from ordinary charity that Muslims might give?
  2. After students have viewed the segment and the website, discuss what they have learned about Zakaat. What other religions ask believers to donate money? How is this similar to other religions? How is this different.

Part V: Learning Activity #4


  1. Next, students will examine the fourth pillar, which is fasting or Sawm. Have students watch the Ramadan is Here video and read the information at Provide them with a focus for media interaction, instructing students to view the video segment and record answers to the following questions on their Student Response Sheet 2: The Five Pillars of Islam:
    • Why is Ramadan described as “expecting a month long guest?”
    • Explain the guidelines for fasting during Ramadan. When is eating allowed? At what age does a Muslim begin fasting? Does fasting only occur during Ramadan? Are there other rules?
    • Describe some of the challenges one might encounter when fasting during Ramadan. Describe some of the benefits.
  2. After students have viewed the segment and read the information on the website, discuss what they have learned about Sawm. How does fasting from eating and other activities affect people’s spiritual state of mind? What other religions include fasting? How is Sawm similar to fasting in other religions? How is it different?

Part VI: Learning Activity #5


  1. Finally, students will examine the fifth pillar, which is pilgrimage or Hajj. Have students view The Hajj: Islamic Sacred Pilgimage video from WGBH. Provide them with a focus for media interaction, instructing students to view the segment and record answers to the following questions on their Student Response Sheet 2: The Five Pillars of Islam:
    • What is the goal or focus of the Hajj?
    • What is the purpose of the special garments that the pilgrims wear?
    • How do these American Muslims react to the Hajj? In what ways is it a meaningful experience for them? What unanticipated responses did they have during their journey to Arabia?

    2. After students have viewed the segments and recorded information, discuss this questions with the class. What do they think it is like to be a pilgrim in Mecca? Why do they think Hajj is one of the Five Pillars? What other religions incorporate the idea of pilgrimage?

Part VII: Culminating Activity

  1. After students have looked more closely at each of the Five Pillars, divide them into pairs. Instruct each pair to create a poster about the Five Pillars to be displayed in the classroom and around the school to help educate their schoolmates about Islam. Drawing on the information they gathered and recorded on their Student Response Sheet as a resource, each poster must include: a listing of the Five Pillars, a description of each of the practices and how people fulfill these obligations, and illustrations or images that relate to each of the pillars. (For the illustrations and images, it may be helpful for students to view the segments and Web sites again, looking specifically for prevalent visual images and symbols, if they do not remember what they have seen previously. They can also look at the sites below for imagery.) Have students share their completed posters with the class, discussing the information and images used on the posters. To visually enhance their poster, students can use PBS LearningMedia to search for images of Islamic Art. Alternatively, students may wish to create a PowerPoint presentation, infographic, or video.
  2. Ask students to take out the list they brainstormed in the introductory activity. Ask them to review and revise the list based on what they’ve learned in this lesson. How have their conceptions of Islam changed?

Community Connections

If possible, have your students meet with Muslims in your community to learn about their religious practices and views. Interview Muslims who have participated in Hajj, and talk to Muslims during the month of Ramadan to learn about fasting and almsgiving. Contact religious leaders or scholars to learn more about prayer and belief. Be sure to clarify the difference between teaching religion and teaching about religion in the classroom for any presenters.

This is not an overview of one religion, this is pure Islamic indoctrination that would be taught to someone that is about to become a Muslim. Paid for with American tax dollars via the Dept. of Education and PBS. The same stealth jihadists whose Lesson Plan Teaches Kids to Sympathize with Muslim Suicide Bombers.

Contact info for the Dept. of Education can be found here. Demand an end to tax-payer funded Islamic indoctrination.

40 thoughts on “Virginia: School lesson – ‘create poster about 5 Pillars of Islam to be displayed in classroom and around the school’

  1. I am a constitutional originalist and I can not how Sharia law is compatible. Even the Bible and Sharia law disagree. I’m a well seasoned citizen, so I’ve been around, seen, studied and lived through a lot. I will defend my constitutional and religious rights, anyway that is necessary.

  2. The first “pillar” of pisslam needs to be taught, first and foremost before EVERY class, that being–ISLAM IS DEMONIC, ROTTEN TO THE CORE AND ORIGINATED IN THE MIND OF SATAN, i.e., mohammed’s koran!!!!! P.S. Islam cannot CANNOT be revised, reformed or corrected in order to make it “better”!!! That would be tantamount to telling the devil to STOP being the DEVIL!!!! If you think otherwise then, in plain English, YOU’RE A FOOL!!!!!

    • Wellborn,
      I sure hope your more intelligent,than calling someone a FOOL. Islam was not the basis for the establishment of our constitution and this democratic republic. The belief of most U.S. citizens is that the government may not establish a state church/religion, as they had in England. You have the right to worship a spider, if you wish, not proselytize to me. You would just waste your time, as I would to you

      • Anon:

        Good observations. However why are these tenets of Islam being taught if those of Catholic, Lutheran, Amish, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists are not? Why would anyone push one faith over another if not for a not so hidden agenda, funded by hostile foreign governments hoping to push an alien belief system that is contrary to everything this country stands for?

        Unless you agree with the slaughter of infidels, the treatment of women as chattel, the end of inquiry lest Allah be offended. Having spent years in the Middle East I stand completely opposed to having any Muslims in this country. Islam is a cancer. Anyone who thinks differently has never been exposed or lived under it.

        • I think an awful lot of powerful people”aka Barry Obama” and his minions have sold this country down the river, so to speak. They still wield a lot of power in Washington,The Swamp, Deep State, etc. No wonder President Trump has struggled. We’ll see about the staffing changes.

      • Allow me to REPEAT myself, “Anon”…. I said “pisslam” is DEMONIC!!!! I never said you or anyone else should NOT have the right to worship DEMONS, if that’s your ball-o-wax! BUT–if you are personally defending the TENETS of mohammed’s INCOHERENT, DELUSIONAL koran on the basis that–“Oh hell, the book is a religious teaching,” then, just like mo-ham-dead–YOU’RE A FOOL! My advice to you is–don’t “waste your time” defending a DEAD “religion” from HELL!!!!! I’d say that’s PLAIN ENGLISH, NO?????

        • Let me set your *as straight, RIGHT NOW!!! Just to leave you with PLAIN ENGLISH. I’m just not as radically anti-Islam, as you, but I am no friend of there’s

          • #Charlie. Hey Chucky baby, did you actually read my comment??? IT WAS NOT ADDRESSED TO YOU!!!!! P.S. “Anon” FYI, is a common abbreviation for “Anonymous”!!! THAT’S WHO MY COMMENT WAS ADDRESSED TO! READ IT AGAIN!!!!!

          • Hey Chucky baby, so my comments “get on your nerves”. Not for nuthin’, Chucky, buy seein’ how you’re “new at this” maybe you should try and READ my comments before you go off in a rant making false accusations and assumptions! Let me REPEAT myself again, “Charlie”…. You took offense at something that was originally intended for, and addressed to, “Anonymous”–NOT TO YOU!!! I can readily see that you need HELP trying to figure all of this out! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!!

          • I think at the time I was “Anon”, on here. Chucky, I don’t care for. Chucky wants to know, “Do you want to Play”???? And yes that is straight up sarcasm!!!

          • I think at the time I was “Anon”, on here. Chucky, I don’t care for. Chucky wants to know, “Do you want to Play”???? And yes that is straight up sarcasm!!!

            I went and re-read everything. There was another Anon on there

          • Hello Charlie! All is forgiven! Sorry about the “Chucky baby” thing! Yeah, that was a little bit of sarcasm on my part! Welcome to the CS blogsite. I’ve been commenting on here for several years. Over the course of time I also have changed my blogname several times. The trick is to never respond to someone using a new identity. I learned that from personal experience too! And yes, there does seem to be two different ones on here using ‘Anonymous’. That’s why it’s always best to choose your own unique blogname. Otherwise the CS software will dub you as “Anonymous” which tends to be very confusing sometimes. Good luck!!!

      • #Anon. Thank you for that, Anon! Like you, I commented before I read everything that you had posted, i.e., namely your second comment, above! But–in all defense of my calling someone a “FOOL”–I think we have far too many ‘well-meaning’ Westerners, including Christians, who defend islam as a viable legitimately peaceful religion! NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!!! To me, it’s the Western islamo-sympathizers and defenders who are TWICE the FOOLS–way more than the hopeless lunatics who grew up under the CURSE of “pisslam”!!!!!

        • Exactly, Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology, a form of government and a set of laws disguised as religion to use our freedom of religion laws to conquer us. You are right, unless we stop this invasion, we are done for

          • #Deb La Vigne. Would to God in Heaven above that we actually could “stop this invasion”! No civilization has ever survived when islamists become the ruling majority!!!!! AND YES–muzzlumz ALWAYS hide their TRUE agenda of subversion, HATRED and colonization under a cloak of “woe is me” FALSE piety and TOTAL DECEPTION!!!!! How often have we heard it said, Oh my, but he seemed like such a nice guy!!??

    • That would anger a lot of so called Christians. Let alone the government, BLM, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.

  3. my kids picture would have show the suicide vests maybe a trucks mowing down pedestrians oh we could have so much fun

  4. The real 5 pillars of islam:
    1. jihad is an obligation in islam… with violent/aggressive jihad against us being what is talked about 97% of the time in Islamic texts to subjugate or kill us.
    2. to leech off of us, to steal from us, to lie to us, to force us to obey sharia laws…. or die
    3. behead us, kidnap/rape our women and children, and kill the men
    4. act like the victims in order to gain useful idiots to help them to overtake us and to get us to help them to kill non-moslems for them just as Clinton had us doing in Bosnia, etc.
    5. to lift their butts and curse us in their daily salat while acting like they are hole-y.

  5. S/Sgt
    Spot on. I don’t give a crap about over there. I’m good for anything under 1,000 yds. don’t have the equipment I used to. Protecting my wife, kids and home country is #1 priority with Gods blessings. Anything thing else is totally in God’s hands.

  6. Christianity was thrown out of the Schools long ago, now we teach Islam and have prayer rooms in public schools? How does this not violate the famous “seperation of church and state” used to ban Christianity and remove crosses from government or public property? I demand that the schools teach no religion, teach history, not religion, and stop telling children Islam is peaceful, when it has a 1400 history of conquering, raping, slavery and murder of non-believers.

  7. Deb,
    Everyone realizes that what you are saying is true, except s majority of lawyers we call our elected representatives and senators.

  8. This kind of indoctrination is extremely dangerous, and unfortunately is pervasive in our society. The deliberate teaching of lies is ungodly.

    I am of course, referring to this blogpost. It’s amazing what kind of frenzy people get whipped up into when they are told a fraction of the truth mixed in with 90% lie.

    Here’s the PBS link to where the Access Islam lessons are curated.

    It’s a part of a larger series on world religions (including Christianity, Bhuddisim, Hinduism, Judaism and others) that are SUITABLE for children grades 5-12. Although I teach a different subject, I believe that SOME teachers MAY use these lesson plans and resources to SUPPLEMENT history instruction. I can also see these lessons being used to teach different cultures – for instance, if during Ramadan 3-4 students go to the library instead of the cafeteria for 28 days, it would be beneficial for others in the class to understand why – likely, if there are several Muslim students in a classroom at a young age, they’re going to grow up with these same classmates.

    Just be careful out there folks. The thing much more dangerous than the occasional lesson plan being taught is being taught that everything you read on a blog or article is true. No matter your political/ideological beliefs, you owe it to yourself to research from as many sources as you can, even if it turns out that they’re from a outlet that’s “condemned” by what you usually read.

  9. Anon,
    You are a union teacher. The lesson plan should be AMERICAN history and how this government came into being. Here are some research topics: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abe Lincolin, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan. If your lesson plans are complete, let me know.

  10. You might like to look into this website, Politifact: They consider this news to be FALSE. To say that it was not introduced by the government is a lie, since it was funded by government money!

    I would like to ask the anonymous–teacher–why aren’t “SOME teachers” also doing this exact kind of “SUPPLEMENT history instruction” in regards to Christianity, especially considering the biggest religious majority in the US are Christians! But since the religion of the Founders of this country–Christianity–has been banned from pubic school, what the heck are they doing introducing children to a other religions, and with such detail as to teach them how to pray?! Are these children also taught Muhammad’s Medina surahs–the violent and vile ones? Or are they being lied to, as happens to most muslims in the world? Are the kids also making posters about the Christian religion “to be displayed in classroom and around the school”? I would only believe if you provided documented evidence!

    • #Mila. As you already know, Mila, it’s practically a punishable crime now to display any remote symbol of Christianity in our schools. There’s NO DOUBT that any teacher who would DARE to wear a tiny Cross around her neck would be dismissed ON THE SPOT–and probably brought up on charges to INSIGHT VIOLENCE against the “horribly offended” MUDSLIMES!!!!!

      • Right on, right on. The Libtards started this deal many, many moons, ago. Now we have the honor of dealing with the aftermath. Believe me it will be an honor to deal with it. On top of that they deny, they are Socialist, Communists, bigots, supremacist, etc.

  11. This indoctrination of our students must Stop Immediately! How dare our government allow these satanic heinous beasts to teach our children their SATANIC HEINOUS so called religion.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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