Australia: Senator calls to deport halal boss & “his extremist poison”

Even Muslim countries don’t want Muslims. Source: Cory Bernardi calls to deport halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy | Daily Mail Online

Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi has declared he doesn’t want halal boss Mohamed Elmouelhy in the country.

The Liberal Party defector is angered at Mr Elmouelhy for telling his Facebook followers Australia’s ‘white race’ would die out ‘ within 40 years, and how Muslim men needed to fertilise Australian women so they would have ‘Muslim babies’.

Senator Bernardi says the Halal Certification Authority boss’ vile remarks show why Australia’s immigration system needs to be reformed.

‘Frankly, I don’t want him, his halal racket or his extremist poison in our country,’ he said.

Elmouelhy moved to Australia in 1975 and reportedly became a citizen in 1981, starting his business in 1993. The businessman from Sydney’s North Shore told his Facebook followers Australian women needed Muslim men to ‘fertilise them’ and ‘keep them surrounded by Muslim babies’.

Mr Elmouelhy made the comment after Hebrew University in Jerusalem published research which showed sperm counts in men from Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe had declined by more than 50 per cent in less than 40 years.

‘Your men are a dying breed, Australian women need us to fertilise them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of,’ he said.

Mr Elmouelhy’s latest post comes just days after he predicted more non-Muslims in Australia would be eating more halal food than ever.

The 2016 Census revealed that Muslims made up 2.6 per cent of the Australian population, up from 2.2 per cent in 2011.

Australia’s Muslim population soared to more than 604,000 people, overtaking Buddhism as the most popular non-Christian religion, and marking a significant jump from 341,000 a decade earlier.

8 thoughts on “Australia: Senator calls to deport halal boss & “his extremist poison”

  1. Race hate/ religious vilification laws introduced handed down from the U.N dictatorship prohibits Australians from speaking out against Muslims and their hate cult, yet the Islamic hatemongers can continue to spew their filth and vile hatred for the west and everything in it and intimidate Australians with violent threats virtually unchallenged and and unpunished while Australians are threatened with prosecution just for bringing attention to it. One law for the Muslims–another one for everyone else.

  2. So Speaking out against evil is now a crime in Australia with stupid discriminatory laws that protect and empower Muslims and their satanic death cult and intimidates the Australian people into silence and submission—Australia is Governed by traitors and cowards.

  3. Mohamed Elmouelhy is a raving lunatic being an inherited Muslim trait. You would think that after 1400 years Muslims would have woken up to the perils of inbreeding which is obviously wreaking havoc on their intelligence, creating psychopaths. The Governments multi-billion dollar HALAL export beef industry has provided it with a financial windfall as has Islamic Sharia banking/financial investment, follow the money trail—- so for obvious reasons the Government will never seek the deportation of this Islamic animal because it would jeopardize the warm fuzzy relationship it has with the Muslim community that it is closely connected to and from which it takes its orders. Massive changes are taking place in Australia to our way of life, culture, customs and laws to appease the Governments Islamic darlings which they work in partnership with to destroy the freedom and rights of the Australian people–that’s democracy for you.

    Our Political dhimwits have mindlessly and monotonously regurgitated the same ” NO SHARIA FOR AUSTRALIA ” ever, propaganda for years ( which has only convinced Australians the opposite is true ) is always immediately followed by the Muslims feigned outrage and condemnation–so predictable. The Government keeps up the absurd pretense of rejecting Sharia law practice and the Muslims go along with this ridiculous charade.

    FACT– Sharia law is rampant in Australia and it has the Sharia compliant Governments stamp of approval. The Australian politicians are heavily involved in the Sharia business and have actively supported, encouraged and promoted its development. –Australian Government officials have traveled extensively to the middle east to promote Australia as Sharia friendly in order to lure Islamic Sharia investors to our shores–like little puppies begging for doggie treats the Political Muslim boot lickers fall all over themselves in their eagerness to please their Muslim Masters–of course it helps when Arab PETro dollars are involved.

    Muslims have been allowed to infiltrate Australian educational and banking institutions and Government departments, Sharia courts have been fully operational for years, Islamic schools and mosques are in abundance, Australian Universities offer Sharia law courses and banks also offer masters degrees in Islamic Sharia finance, there are over 70 Islamic foundations from universities to legal fraternities in Australia and all of these organizations support the legitimacy of the radical extremists organization Hiz but-tahrir.

    We have seen the bastardization of Australian laws to accommodate the Muslim minority in order to comply with Islamic sharia law which include amendments to taxation law and the family law act to accommodate Muslim men and their multiple wives and children with generous tax-payer funded welfare payments included and while Muslims are rewarded for their disgusting cultural practices polygamy remains a criminal offense for everyone else. One law for the mongrel Muslim mob, another one for everyone else and the Government has the audacity to claim that it promotes an inclusive society and doesn’t discriminate while it singles out one group of ‘ people ‘– Muslims for special treatment.

    The following has been sourced from the Australian Government website and is just another demonstration of the vilest contempt that it has for its own people. since Muslims breed like rats the number mentioned in the report has more than doubled now. –Dated 2010, THE CASE FOR OFFICIAL RECOGNITION–” SHARIA LAW IS ALREADY OPERATING IN AUSTRALIA GIVEN THAT MANY OF AUSTRALIA’S 350,000 MUSLIMS ARE ALREADY REGULATING THEIR LIVES ACCORDING TO SHARIA LAW IT IS LOGICAL TO SUPPORT AND RECOGNIZE THIS. —however this in contravention to the Australian constitution, that prohibits the practice of Sharia law, section 116 of the act states that ” Parliament shall not make laws to establish any religion or for imposing any religious observances ” however Muslims masquerade in religious garb to get everything they want and the Government bends over backwards to accommodate them.

    The Australian Government has gone to extraordinary lengths to accommodate the Muslims who have been elevated into a protected privileged class and feted and fawned over to an extreme bizarre degree, granted special rights and concessions, privileges, immunity and an endless tax-payer funded cash flow which include welfare handouts double the Australian pension rate which the Government continues to categorically deny while the organizations that support the hundreds of thousands of homeless Australians, victims of domestic violence and children included have been stripped of vital funding–$55 million dollars plus..The double standards and hypocrisy of this rotten from the top down Government and its over the top supply of servitude to the Muslims is sickening.–The Government has betrayed the Australian people including those who have courageously fought and died defending our freedom.

    The Government hires Muslim ” educators ‘ to brainwash Impressionable young Australian school children with Islamic propaganda, ( indoctrination rather than education ) to facilitate conversion of Australians to Islam, Australians are being groomed to become good obedient New World Order Citizens under Islamic rule, being the evil master plan. The Government wants us all swearing our allegiance to the Muslims and it’s barbaric death cult, speaking the Arabic gibberish, wearing the disgusting Islamic tribal head bags and singing our praises to the Muslims imaginary moon God, Allah.

    The orchestrated invasion of Muslims into Western countries has been well planned. The Australian Government continues to flood the country with fake refugees ( the criminal dregs of failed Islamic nations) with another planned intake of more than 12,000 potential terrorists to create chaos and destroy the Australian identity– shipped to our shores by pretend people smugglers ( U.N contractors ) and dumped into the Australian communities against the objections of the majority. The Government throws out the welcome mat for visiting Islamic hate preachers with known ties to terrorists and grants and fast tracks their visas, continues to reject repeated calls from concerned citizens to ban the radical extremists organization Hiz but-tahrir from operating in Australia while it has been outlawed in most other countries for obvious reasons. Incredibly, the Islamic radicals who train and recruit jihadists that have committed terrorist attacks on Australian soil are protected under our stupid laws and without Government intervention continue to spew their Islamic propaganda, their hatred for the west and everything in it, threaten the Australian people with violent attacks and to overthrow the Government which has continued to allow Islamic extremists to travel to hostile countries to engage in war and return to Australia even more radicalized than ever unchallenged and unpunished and given the freedom to carry out their terrorist activities on Australian soil, while the Government keeps up the absurd pretense of protecting and defending Australia from terrorist attacks.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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