Muslim Terrorist To Be Honored at Farewell Event in Chicago Ahead of Deportation

Source: Terrorist Rasmea Odeh To Be Honored at Farewell Event in Chicago Ahead of Deportation

Soon-to-be-deported terrorist Rasmea Odeh will be honored at a farewell event, featuring Angela Davis, and organized by Justice4Rasmea.

Back posts and videos on Odeh here.

And this update: Calif Bakery Paints GIANT Terror Mural Honoring Jihad Murderer

7 thoughts on “Muslim Terrorist To Be Honored at Farewell Event in Chicago Ahead of Deportation

  1. Angela Davis is enough to tell me that this is about anti-America peeps and no good, never-mind the murderer of Israelis, Rasmea Odeh.
    • Odeh will be greeted as a hero in Palestine…where they pay pensions to families of deleted terrorists as a means to recruit replacements.
    • BUT, hopefully, she will have a brief encounter with Mossad after her departure.

  2. The Communists infiltrated the unions, academia and law a long time ago. They are the Democrats of today. Angela Davis is one of them. The Muslims are their new means to undermine America.

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  4. This shows you how Anti-American the Democrats and Liberals are. Here are just some of the things Rasmea Odeh, convicted Terrorist has done although Much is missing and suppressed from the whitewashed, photo-shopped picture the Left is protraying:

    1) Mention of, never mind mourning for, the murdered grocery-shopping students, Leon Kanner, 21 and Edward Joffe, 22.

    2) That Odeh was an active organizer for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), designated by the U.S., Canada, and the EU as a terrorist group. Odeh recruited others, including her co-conspirators in the grocery store attack. The group’s very purpose and primary activity was attacking Israeli civilians. Bombing a grocery store was a “normal” activity for her and for them. Hence, no one was surprised when, after the grocery store attack, extensive bomb-making material was found in Odeh’s bedroom or when the PFLP named new terror cells – including a notorious one that hijacked airliners – in her honor.

    3) A 2004 documentary sympathetic to her cause shows Odeh and an accomplice freely admitting their roles in the supermarket bombing. The accomplice directly names Odeh as the mastermind. The details they each provide match Odeh’s confession, given one day after her arrest. Her co-conspirators also confessed. (And in perverse irony, at some of the fundraisers being held for Odeh’s defense, the featured program is actually the footage of that very testimony declaring, proudly, Odeh’s guilt.)

    4) A 1980 article in the Journal of Palestine Studies quotes Odeh discussing her involvement in a subsequent bombing at the British Consulate in Jerusalem. “Actually we placed two bombs,” she said, “the first was found before it went off so we placed another.”

    5) Even her defense attorneys acknowledge Odeh violated court orders during the trial and that the jury’s verdict indicates they – like the government – conclude she perjured herself during her testimony.

    6) While her defenders predictably depict her conviction in an Israeli courtroom as unjust, a credentialed International Red Cross observer stated that she and her lawyer were afforded every chance of defending her, and that she was given a “fair trial.” Moreover, her and her accomplices’ subsequent admissions outside of that court re-confirm her guilt.
    Anybody attending this event to honor a Terrorist should be charged with Sedition.

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