UK: More than 150 jihadists stripped of passports and banned from Britain

When will the U.S. take similar action?

Source: More than 150 jihadists are stripped of UK passports | Daily Mail Online

Ministers have stripped more than 150 jihadists of their citizenship and banned them from Britain, as intelligence chiefs warned they may return from war-torn Syria and unleash a new wave of attacks.

MI5 has previously said around 850 extremists from Britain travelled to the Middle East as ISIS took control of Syria and parts of Iraq.

But with the terror group now being pushed out, jihadists with British passports are fleeing back to the UK.

Many of those returning were trained in the use of explosives and firearms as they took part in ISIS’s bloody rampage.

Time is running out for the government to act before ISIS falls, as it can only strip citizenship of those who will not be left stateless.

In May, security sources said around 350 ISIS fighters had already come back to the UK from Syria and estimate another 300 could yet return.

According to The Sunday Times, more than 40 suspects had their right to a British passport removed this year, with about 30 targeted since March in the wake of the London and Manchester terror attacks.

All of those who have had a so-called ‘deprivation order’ imposed against them hold dual nationality and include ‘jihadi brides’ and fighters.

Between 2011 and 2015, 72 people were stripped of their passports, with another 35 in 2016 and 15 in the first three months of this year.

The government has also introduced temporary exclusion orders to deal with suspects who have already returned to the UK and cannot be stripped of their citizenship, as well as so-called ‘home grown’ terrorists.

2 thoughts on “UK: More than 150 jihadists stripped of passports and banned from Britain

  1. Smart thing to do but ” A Lot Too Little and Way Too Late “. The UK has been doomed since they allowed Sharia Courts and No Go areas to be set up by Muslims following Islam on their conquest to take over the world and force Sharia on everybody. That is just the way it is with the followers of their 7th Century Lifestyle. They have been that way for over 1400 years but ignored by all of the Liberals and people who are too ignorant to look at the facts. Islam could only qualify as a Peaceful Religion for the first 15 years max back in the 7th Century. It has been nothing but fighting, subjugation, and murderous conquest since. Do yourself and everyone a favor. Look up all that the followers of Islam have done. You can start from today and work backwards if that is easier for you. There have been 31,292 Deadly Terror attacks by Muslims just since 9-11. They have killed over 270,000,000 people since the 7th Century. Fact: ” Not all Terrorists are Muslims but over 95% of Terrorists are Muslims “. The Coexist bumper sticker is a pipe dream. You can not coexist with people who are determined to destroy you and your way of life.

  2. I hope the British intelligence sources share this information with the U.S. Maybe the start of a mutual ban protocol to which other nations may participate.

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