California Dem Refuses to Remove Muslim Statue of Liberty Painting from Office

Telling. Source: Statue of Liberty as a Muslim? Painting in Rep. Lou Correa’s office sparks complaints – Orange County Register

A student painting that depicts the Statue of Liberty wearing a Muslim hijab, displayed in congressman Lou Correa’s Santa Ana office, is being attacked as an unpatriotic violation of the separation of church and state by members of We the People Rising, a Claremont-based activist group that advocates stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

The group, including several Orange County participants, has asked without success that Correa remove the painting hanging with other finalists from the Democratic congressman’s student art competition.

Because of the complaint, Correa said he asked the House Office of Legislative Counsel for advice and was told there was no legal issue. That has not appeased the activists, who are tentatively planning a Sept. 11 protest at Correa’s district office.

“It’s a bad example for our congressman,” said Orange resident Mike McGertrick, an activist with We the People Rising. “He shouldn’t have anything religious in his office. … I would like to see our Congress people be right-down-the-line patriotic.”

McGertick went farther in his condemnation during a July 3 meeting with Correa’s district director, Claudio Gallegos, calling the hanging of the painting in the office “reprehensible and disrespectful.”

“In this day and age, we want to see that our elected officials are the utmost of patriotism,” McGertick says in a video the group recorded and posted on YouTube.

Correa sees nothing objectionable in the painting, which comes at a time of controversy over Donald Trump’s efforts to ban the entry to the U.S. of people from Muslim countries and about the treatment of Muslims in this country.

Correa said it was important to not remove the painting because of a few complaints.

“This is an art competition for our high school students,” he said. “I want out students to express themselves through art. To take it down would signal that this is not welcome and that would send the wrong message.”

Nearly all House members hold the competition in their districts, with the winners displayed in a Capitol Building corridor. Correa’s district winner, selected by his staff and local artists, was a photograph of a mural featuring Mexican American veterans from WWII. The Statue of Liberty painting finished fourth.

McGertick and Robin Hvidston, executive director for We the People Rising, both said that their complaint was not anti-Muslim — that they would have had the same concerns if the Statue of Liberty had been depicted with a cross or a Star of David.

Hvidston said the idea to hold a protest on Sept. 11, the day memorializing the Twin Tower terrorist attacks of 2001, came from The Remembrance Project, a group that bills itself as “A Voice for Victims Killed by Illegal Aliens.”

Correa’s office would not release the name or school of the female artist responsible for the painting, citing unspecified threats made to his office that are being investigated by the Capitol Police and a request by the police not to release information that could jeopardize the artist’s safety.

Hvidston condemned the threats and said that her group’s issue was not with the painting itself, but with its placement in a congressional office.

“We have absolutely nothing against this young lady,” Hvidston said. “She’s obviously very talented and we wish her the best.”

If you are in Luis Correa’s district or enter a zip code that is, you can contact him using this email form. Or you can call him out on Twitter @RepLouCorrea and Fakebook. Here’s a picture that better depicts Correa and his ilk:

The Santa Ana area is a hotbed of jihad and sharia.

More: Geller: Rep. Correa’s Hijab Statue of Liberty Painting Is Offensive to Every Immigrant Fleeing Sharia Oppression

“The art implies that we’re all subjugated, and we are not, and that we all accept it, and we are not. It’s offensive to every freedom-loving American and immigrant, by the way, who is yearning to be free, who escaped the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth, the sharia.”


11 thoughts on “California Dem Refuses to Remove Muslim Statue of Liberty Painting from Office

  1. Liberals are too stupid to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists figured out in the 80’s that they could be used to further deteriorate and erode American unity. In the 80’s this country was in great shape socially and we were a very nationalist nation just as America has ALWAYS been throughout it’s 200+ yr history. Until the political left was hijacked by the very Marxist Clinton’s. The brotherhood joined forces ONLY for their OWN political ends and will absolutely annihilate liberals once they’ve reached the necessary population to overtake the political system.
    I almost wish I could see it happen. All those idiot feminist will be wearing burkas and have their clits sliced off ~ without anesthesia. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of women.

  2. The more I learn about this horrific way of life, (especially for women) the more I realize we must expose as much as we can the atrocities that occur with it. It is almost unbelievable!

    • Wellborn are you really calling Statue of Liberty the devil???? If yes, you are no better than the muzzie POS are. Just a left wing dnc ass kissing POS.

      • OH COME ON, Keith, ARE YOU REALLY THAT BRAIN-DEAD IGNORANT????? PA-LEEZE, if you can’t figure out what the hell I am saying then, trust me, it won’t do any good to try and ‘splain’ it to ya! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!! Here’s a little hint, Keith–where, oh where, in this article do you see anything that even remotely resembles the ACTUAL Statue of Liberty??????? Not for nuthin’, Keith, but I’ll bet you think that Pres.Trump colluded with the Russians too, HUH?????

  3. My grandpa always said “the best thing that happen for America was for California to fall into the Pacific ocean” That as true today, as his seeing the future in the early 60’s.

  4. Why is it the Libtards hate America so. his Conressman should return to a nation that all ready has the policies he favors. Deport the little frog to Yemen.

  5. Where are all the feminists screaming women’s rights and equality. The higab puts women in a second class position. Come to Egypt where summer attire for Muslim men is normal short sleeve shirts and board shorts while their women have to cover every party of the body except face, hands and feet. And Salafi women have to cover everything. In conservative Islamic countries a woman stands for everything that is an anathema to religious duty. Her servility is considered a blessing. She is a vessel and made for pleasuring men and having children to expand the Muslim population. Her pleasure is not even considered. Many have to suffer FGM as pleasure is not for women. I am appalled by this representation.

  6. Sadly the Democrats are aiding and abetting people against The United States as well as violating their oath to uphold The constitution Of The United States. They need to be removed from office and held accountable for their actions.

    • Yeah–talk about COLLUSION with the enemy! The Dems got that one–SLAM DUNK (or maybe I should say iSLAM DUNK)! Now if we could just get rid of the filthy disgusting RINO’s in the Senate we might actually have a country again!!!

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