Maine: Democrats kill bill to criminalize female genital mutilation…to protect refugees

Forget protecting young girls, protect those who mutilate them. Source: Female genital mutilation bill dead after Senate vote | WGME

A bill that would make female genital mutilation a crime in Maine is officially dead.

Earlier Wednesday, a republican lawmaker came up with a change to the bill, and asked for another vote.

House Democrats insisted it was already dead, but a republican senator tried to bring an amendment to the floor.

State Senator Joyce Maker’s amendment removed language that made it a crime for a parent or guardian to consent to FGM.

Instead, the person who actually performed the FGM procedure would be found guilty of a felony crime.

The change to the bill also directed DHHS to start an education and outreach campaign to communities in the state where the procedure might be practiced.

Those against the bill said a new state law could isolate immigrants and cause fear, largely because the cutting practice is most often done on girls in Africa and the Middle East.

The Senate voted against bringing the bill back up for a vote.

The real war on women is being waged by Democrats, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. In fact, the ACLU was a leading opponent of the Maine anti-FGM bill.  Giving sanctuary to Muslim refugees who mutilate their own daughter’s genitals.

47 thoughts on “Maine: Democrats kill bill to criminalize female genital mutilation…to protect refugees

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  2. The Democrats have become the most Anti-American, Anti-Female rights groups out there. This is a real ” War On Women ” Issue and they are voting for it to continue. Disgusting bunch of people is what The Democrats have shown themselves to be, period.

    • Thank you tyedyed…I have been thinking it for years…now I strongly believe that they are out to kill off all sanity and logical thinking. So many other things to turn down…this is not one of them SHAME ON THEM.

  3. Not sure if there’s any real truth in this.. so before we judge, maybe we should research this subject a little more.. agreed?

    • Female Genital Mutilation is a Real Thing. Do Your research before you make a dumb ” Do a little Research ” comment. There are those of us who have traveled to countries where this is done and seen its effects. It is now being performed on girls in The United States. It is done 99% by Muslims and its sole purpose is to try and stop Woman from feeling more pleasure than a Man during sex. In Islam, Women are regarded as more property than anything else are are supposed to be subservient to Men. Look it up.

    • Hey Anon, (or maybe Cc has you pegged better as “assho..”). Are you a “Maine-iac”??? Never mind, it’s ppl like you who just LUV to gum up the works with their paranoid stupidity! You sound just like your heroes on the Left who couldn’t find anything against our President regarding Russia, so they changed directions! “Oh geez, today is a brand new day, let’s just see what else we can INVENT to drag our President’s name thru the MUD!” More “research” INDEED!!!! I will guaran-DAMN-tee ya, there ain’t NO amount of “research” that will ever satisfy you ppl’s BLOOD-LUST to JUSTIFY CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and to CRIMINALIZE INNOCENT PPL!!!!! Your comment makes me NAUSEOUS!!! P.S. May we never forget that it was a “Senator” from Maine who helped to GUM UP the works regarding the repeal of the all but DEFUNCT Obamacare MONSTROSITY!!!!!

    • Yes, like following the links in this story, and the links from that one, where it is clearly stated FGM is already a federal crime.

      So this entire Maine FGM thing is just to get idiots riled up. Mission accomplished apparently.

      There is an entire industry of bullshit spewing blogs and so-called news sites that get people who can’t be bothered to think or do research to fall in line and vote how they are told. Sad.

      • It is true that FGM was made a federal crime in the U.S. in 1996 and the government has tried to do more to prevent these ‘Cutters’ from ‘going around the law’ (taking girls out of Country-back to their Muslin Country to perform FGM) called “Vacation FGM” which is now Illegal also. Despite all attempts by the U.S. in conjunction with the U.N. and other Countries, this practice continues ‘in private’! It is not only a human rights violation but child abuse. FGM needs to remain in the ‘spotlight’ or people will forget the horror of this procedure and then ‘do nothing’!!

        • Good for you, mariatwade!! As we well know, there are certain “Anonymous” bloggers on this site who would rather IGNORE the TRUTH about the vile practices of “pisslam” and anyone who would dare to expose this 7th century SAVAGERY is automatically dubbed an “islamophobe”! Maybe the ‘light’ will finally dawn on them when the “wolf” comes howling at their back door–but then again, I have my doubts!!! As the saying goes–YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!

          • I completely agree! This Muslim scourge must be stopped. I cannot believe that so many people believe all this nonsense about “peaceful” religion. This could not be further from the truth. I live outside of Detroit and this is a major problem, especially in Dearborn and Hamtramk. They have taken over with no sign of assimilation and in complete defiance of local citizens. I think Islam should be banned in the U.S.

      • #Anonymous. So this Blogsite is a right-wing alarmist bunch of FAKE news!?? Here’s one for you, Anon–“There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see.” That might be above your pay grade to figure out, I know, but it certainly describes your IQ!!! Like I said before, Are you a Maine-iac???? Never mind…..

  4. I’m guessing OBOZOcare-supporting despicable RINO Collins also supports muslim genital mutilation–she certainly supports Planned Butcherhood baby killing !!!

  5. #00micahstone00. Yes! I wanted to mention Collins’ name in my comment above but her name eluded me at the time! She’s a RINO, second to none–a total waste of taxpayer dollars and she needs to be sent out to pasture!!! And yes again–it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if she DID support FGM procedures right here in the good ole’ US OF A!!!!!

  6. Should we collect all the daughters of liberals and cut off their clitorices?
    That is what the future holds if they continue this absurdity for a cult that considers female to be sub human.

    • How about Pelosi, Boxer, Collins, Merkowski and Feinstein!!! I’ll bet’cha they’d be PERFECT candidates for FGM!!!!! Never mind “their daughters”–just nip it in the bud!!!!! OMG–and how could I ever forget OLD Lizzy Warren????? Better yet–they really need to do something about giving her a haircut–BELOW THE NECK LINE!!!!!

  7. where are all their feminazis? I guess it is ok to abuse children when moslems do it. Heck, they could give a crap when babies are killed so cutting up girl’s genitalia is a-ok too!

    • staffsgt7 You are so correct! They do not give a damn about “our” babies / children and will not even consider these Muslim children’s suffering ! And, for what? Satisfaction of male Muslims!! Yeah! Where are the feminazis????? They are on the pro-abortion side and sale of ‘baby parts’ ! How disgusting!!

  8. Let’s make Lorraina Bobbit judge over these sharia law pushers and see how they’d like it if the tables were turned. One good thing would b these ill minded men wouldn’t b able to reproduce brain washed children who aren’t even allowed to think for themselves. Ur suppose to choose ur religion not forced n2 one. But wouldn’t u know it, what better way for the evil one to prosper when he knows he’s wrong and rebellious against the Most High God. The True God is Love. There’s nothing lovely n that sect, to the contrary, it’s all evil even to their own women particularly bcus satan is having his go against women within it in which God said He, God, was putting enmity between him, satan, and the woman. Men only think with one side of their brain and can’t figure to GET OUT! Wise up! Take a look back and see the rubble left behind, it’s nothing to be proud of but only for satan. he is proud of yall’s mess. See how blood thirsty he is. And all bcus u allow him and his demons to move thru y’all cus without y’all he can’t do any damage. he & his are spirits they need human hosts. Stop supplying! Are y’all seeing everything as black and white? So y’all think that because there’s porn and lose living all freedom lovers are like that? No! There’s the grey area! Many freedom lovers want freedom from that trash! We don’t want that trash in our face. We’re in the devils triangle, the GOOD; Messianic Jews, Christians and law abiding meek citizens, the BAD; the secular, and the UGLY; sharia law believers. Can’t authoritarians see the cultic nature in sharia law? The sooner it’s called a cult, the sooner it can be eradicated! Do away with it already! No religion is suppose to hurt anyone especially outside it’s doors but certainly not even within. If it does it’s a cult!

  9. Muslims have kept this “silent” for many years because they know many girls die from the “procedure” they go unconscious from pain and shock and bleed to death. Others die form infection. If this is NOT illegal what is? It is unspoken since women have very little value in Muslim culture.

  10. Cmon Maine get rid of your lists in your legislature. How can you guys keep traitors governing you. Speak and vote them out . Maine and America deserve better than these wackos!

  11. Do it in Africa or the Middle East since they think it’s normal, BUT THIS IS AMERICA & WE DON’T APPROVE OF IT, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SHARIA LAWS ARE.

  12. I don’t live in Maine, but in Michigan which is Muslim Cenral in the US. I cannot believe there even has to be a law making this a crime! Cultural differences are not an excuse for This! It’s barbaric, and just as bad as human trafficking or branding women. Who cares if this makes immigrants fearful. Can you imagine the fear felt by the girl about to be mutilated!!! This shouldn’t even be a state matter; there needs to be a federal law forbidding this and both the parents and doctor who perform this should be held accountable. I can’t believe the so called feminists aren’t rioting in the streets over this. Probably because it might alienate the Muslim animals they want to sell as a “peaceful religion”. Find out which imbeciles voted for this and make sure they are NEVER REELECTED!!!!!

    • #James. Well think no further!!! The ACLU has the FULL SUPPORT of CAIR and every other PISSLAMIC slimeball outfit!!! They defend every UN-American criminal DIRTBAG that HATES our Constitutional laws!!!! They are the fartherest thing from anything that remotely represents the true American Way of Life!!! By and large, they are a bunch of hatemongers whose total claim to fame is to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY and the Freedoms that our Founding Fathers bled and died for!!!!!

  13. This well-intended law would have violated the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, since it would not have provided equal protection for male children. A Type Ia FGM procedure (one of the most common) is anatomically equivalent to a typical male circumcision. All children, regardless of gender, culture or parental religion, have a fundamental right to keep all their healthy, functional genitalia. Since an infant is incapable of religious beliefs, imposing an irreversible body alteration on him violates the freedom to choose his own religion as an adult. It differs from education, which can be changed. My body belongs to me!

    • That may be true that your body belongs to you, but to compare FGM to male circumcision is absurd! There is a medical reason for male circumcision, albeit you may not know it. 1. Women with circumcised partners have a statistically lower incidence of both cervical and uterine cancers. 2. The transmission of HIV was found to be statistically lower in African people, which is largely heterosexual, even in adult men undergoing this procedure.
      Female Genital MUTILATION has no medical basis. It is done on girls between the ages of 5 and 16+ to limit sexual pleasure. It is not performed by professional medical personnel in many instances. It is also performed under horrific unsanitary conditions, without the aid of anesthesia. It can cause a lifetime of health issues including infection or even death.
      I am explaining this to you on the outside chance you weren’t aware. However, I think you are probably just a bitter man who’s angry his parents made a decision to circumcised him without his consent (at the age of 1day old to 7 days old).

      • WOW–Teresa!!! Talk about NAILING IT TO THE WALL!!! I’d say you left NO STONES unturned–no pun intended!!! Ahemm!!! I totally agree with you–Greg’s undoubtedly mad at his mommy for trying to help him keep from messing up the facecloths every time he takes a shower!!!!! Ahemm–“FGM IS EQUAL TO MALE CIRCUMCISION”– ahemm–like they say, Teresa–YA CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!

  14. These people are barbarians & should all be arrested. This practice is disgusting & does not belong in any country or culture.

  15. I was not aware this happened in my state. Shameful, evil, sick and sadistic. I will be doing whatever I can to come against these ACLU charlatans.

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