Canada: Muslim stabs pregnant wife’s belly with BBQ fork killing baby

Source: First-degree murder charge for man accused of stabbing pregnant wife’s belly h/t @TarekFatah

A man accused of stabbing his eight-month pregnant wife multiple times with a BBQ fork in the belly resulting in the death of the fetus will face first-degree murder charges.

Sofiane Ghazi, 37, will face seven other counts, including attempted murder on his girlfriend, uttering death threats, armed robbery and three of breaking his conditions. He appeared via video conference Tuesday afternoon.

Ghazi did not enter a plea. He remains behind bars pending his next court date on Aug. 25. In the meantime, he is forbidden from contacting his wife or children, even through a third party.

The suspect’s 33-year-old wife Raja Ghazi was stabbed in the early hours of Monday morning just hours after police had visited the home apartment on Langelier Blvd. near Pascal St. in Montreal North to respond to a call about a domestic dispute.

“When police arrived they discovered the woman in the apartment, covered in blood, bleeding from multiple stab wounds,” said Montreal police officer Manuel Couture.

“The woman was conscious when Urgences Santé arrived, but the urgency was to get her to hospital.”

The pregnant woman was rushed to an operating room and the baby was successfully delivered via C-section, but the infant died later in the morning.

Police confirmed with CTV Montreal that the child, a boy, was alive at the time of delivery. He died shortly after.

Ghazi was not at home when police arrived, but was arrested late Monday morning after police spotted his car in the neighbourhood.

The woman is expected to survive her injuries, police said.

Prosecutor Anne Aube said a person can be charged with a homicide by causing injury to a child before or during its birth, which results in the child’s death after becoming a human being.

In laying a homicide charge, prosecutors were guided by Sec. 223 of the Criminal Code which outlines when a baby is considered a human being.

“There are different criteria to (being considered) a human being, but essentially it’s to be alive,” Aube told reporters.

Aube says the Crown consulted jurisprudence — none exactly similar to the case currently before the courts — before proceeding with the charge.

“I think it’s very rare, it’s not often that this situation happens,” Aube said.

PS: Under sharia, “Who is Subject to Retaliation for Injurious Crimes,” not the Muslim who kills his offspring:

That’s directly from Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. It has an entire section on who can be punished for crimes such as so-called “honor killing”.

“Who is Subject to Retaliation for Injurious Crimes,” section o1.1

“Retaliation is obligatory … against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right…” However, o1.2 clarifies that “The following are not subject to retaliation” and then lists — after the “Muslim for killing a non-Muslim” and “Jewish or Christian subject … for killing an apostate” — “(4) a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring”…” 

Just one of the differences between the religion/culture of Islam and others.

23 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim stabs pregnant wife’s belly with BBQ fork killing baby

    • Why did the heading of this article have to say “Muslim”? Domestic violence causing murder in many cases, perpetrated by men of all religions, and if you take a look at the records, I think you will find many of them are not Muslim who have committed these crimes.

      • Well said, Patricia Crosbie. Injustices and abuse have never been limited to any one religion, colour, ethnicity, or culture. To suggest otherwise signifies an underlying, or overt bigotryby the author.

      • Hey Patty, baby! Guess what, Patty, baby–CUZ the scumbag learned how to MURDER his wife IN COLD BLOOD from the G-DAMND koran that he reads!!!!! THAT’S WHY!!!!! But then, I almost forgot–you probably wish YOU could be his wife, DON’T YOU??? YOU’RE PATHETIC!!!! SAME GOES FOR “Joe Shmo”!!!!! Why don’t you open your own shelter for MUZZPIGS and DIRTBAGS, JOE, seein’ how they’re your BEST BUDS?????!!!

      • Well Patricia Cosbie this kind of assault for murder happens 100s of times every day in muslim countries. Dont you know that women there are properties and men can usually do whatever they want. They come here and want to bring this violent culture. Note the policeman comment: “I think it’s very rare, it’s not often that this situation happens,” Aube said. It s not often in Canada only. That`s the difference and a big difference. So to try to be politically correct here is missing the point entirely. And to try to provide an excuse for such a criminal is aberrant.

  1. There is confusion if a child born a muslim is ‘ a human being”?
    And as is the new custom Ghazi will receive a benefit of $10 million or more for the insult to his religion of peace and of course the welfare girlfriend will now also become a multimillionaire.

    ‘If you will remember anything about the historical significance of Islam (its political effect), then remember this, namely, that over the centuries no faith, no body of ideas, no society of practitioners of beliefs other than those of Islam under Islam’s badge of pride has been killing the Westerners and attacking the symbols of Western life with poignant hate and deliberate intent to destroy the West for being itself.” KAZOUK. Hey, is KAZOUK a new word for you? Google it

  2. Those stupid Canadians don’t understand other cultures are different and should command their respect.
    How barbaric that these non progressive Canadians render a value judgement on this man. After all according to his religion his wife’s body is his to do with as he wishes. So he used it as he saw fit, no different than a Canadian who engages in an abortion. So why the outrage?

  3. a most wonderful news……………if only every muSLIME male would do this to his wife……………it would be a fantastic blessing to the world

    • All Muslims should sacrifice their whole family to Allah. Kill them all, and collect 72 virgins, do not pass go, and go straight to get out of jail free space. So be a good Muzzy and send your clan to Allah for safe keeping.

  4. I know!? Said Larry. ?Ӏ guess he likes angels ass a result of he has therm
    arounnd all the time. Mɑyƅe he and the angels plaay family video games
    like we do ѕometimes. Maybe they play Monopoly.?
    This made Μommy chuckle really hard.

  5. I’m always less than amused how racists and bigots covertly try to pretend they are just reporting news; just like this author and website. So when are you going to start posting all the ‘white’ spousal abuses and murders across Canada. There are many you know. In fact half of all women in Canada have suffered spousal abuse at one time or another. Are you reporting those numbers, or just the abuses by South Asians or people of colour? In case you as ignorant as i suspect you are, as are some of the commenters obviously, i’ll share the following with you. Then you can guess how many of these abusers are white. But Einstein said that we are all ignorant; but we all choose to ignore certain things; and this bigoted, anti-Canadian website obviously ignores much.

    Read and learn:

    Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.[2]

    67% of Canadians say they have personally known at least one woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse.[3]

    Approximately every six days, a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. Out of the 83 police-reported intimate partner homicides in 2014, 67 of the victims—over 80%—were women.[4]

    On any given night in Canada, 3,491 women and their 2,724 children sleep in shelters because it isn’t safe at home.[5]

    On any given night, about 300 women and children are turned away because shelters are already full.[6]

    There were 1,181 cases of missing or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada between 1980 and 2012, according to the RCMP.[7] However, according to grassroots organizations and the Minister of the Status of Women the number is much higher, closer to 4,000.[8]

    Aboriginal women are killed at six times the rate of non-aboriginal women.[9]

    Women are at greater risk of experiencing elder abuse from a family member, accounting for 60% of senior survivors of family violence.[10]

    Rates of violence against women vary widely across Canada. As is the case with violent crime overall, the territories have consistently recorded the highest rates of police-reported violence against women. The rate of violent crime against women in Nunavut in 2011 was nearly 13 times higher than the rate for Canada. Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which have consistently recorded the highest provincial rates of police-reported violent crime, had rates of violence against women in 2011 that were about double the national rate. Ontario and Quebec had the lowest rates of violence against women.[11]

    Cyber violence, which includes online threats, harassment, and stalking, has emerged as an extension of violence against women.[12] Young women (18-24) are most likely to experience online harassment in its most severe forms, including stalking, sexual harassment and physical threats.[13] More information on sexual assault

    • Hey big bad joe….. Find anyone to publish your BOOK yet about all of the “racists” and “bigots” on this website??? Noooo???? Yeah, try waking up and smell the rotten cadavers in your own room, BIG BAD JOE!!!!!

    • Joseph Ravick, there is a big difference. The women in Canada have recourse but the muslim women here or in their birth countries have ZERO RECOURSE. Their families go against them and all their friends, relatives. In Canada, at least your family will be on your side and help you. You cannot even compare the violence against muslim women by their husbands and canadian women who are subjected to violence from their husbands. To speak like you do, you have no idea, just no idea at all.

      • Actually i do have a very clear idea having worked with many abused women. I always hold individuals responsible, not the groups or churches they belong to. Those are just reasons the individuals have accepted. Abusive, violent men make the choice to inflict violence on women. No one makes them do it. The issue of targeting religious leaders or religions which promote such violence is a separate issue and also critical. But i do separate them. We need to stop the individuals, because we can’t stop the organizations. I’ll repeat my belief that to stop the violence against women by men, it’s the specific men we have to stop. And governments who don’t take measures, then become complicit. Even with the options Canadian women and others have available to them, you are right. nevertheless there are still many cases of violence instigated upon women by men, reported and unreported. The issue is a human issue, and religions are merely byproducts of male dominated cultures wherein such violence is acceptable to some. And no one size fits all. Sorry if i’ve rambled but it’s late and i’m tired. Thanks for commenting back to me.

    • First off, the person who wrote this article is Muslim, and can write about his countrymen if he chooses. Secondly, the story behind the story shows the lower value Muslims place on human life. If you have a problem with Tarek Fatah writing about his own countrymen and the abuses that are acceptable under Islam, maybe you should take it up with him. Anyone who follows his writings and speeches understand his reasoning.

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