UK: Police visit man’s home, warn him for posting Facebook content critical of Islam

Source: Rees-Mogg fan ‘warned by police’ for posting content that is critical of Islam | Your Brexit  h/t Jihad Watch who writes of the police, “are acting like Sharia police.

The owner of a Facebook page praising the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has told their followers that they have been visited by two police officers who provided ‘advice’ that included a warning to stop posting content that is ‘critical of Islam.’

 According to an update on the page called The Church Of Mogg, the page itself was frozen by Facebook for two weeks, and the owner was advised that they could face arrest for ‘hate crimes’ if any further content of that nature is posted in the future.

Perhaps one of the most worrying parts of the Facebook post is that they say they have no idea how the local police obtained his details without some sort of court order or similar legal action.

At the time of writing, this question remains unsolved.

The post states:

As you will all now all be aware, I was visited last week by two local police officers who wished to provide ‘words of advice’ regarding supposed Islamophobic content posted onto this page, which was itself locked and suspended for a fortnight.

The officers themselves were polite and reasonable enough, however their message was somewhat chilling: it was insinuated that if I continued to post material which could be considered critical of Islam or offensive to the practices of Muslims, I could potentially be arrested for ‘hate crimes.’

Equally chilling was that I have no idea how they obtained my personal information and they weren’t willing to disclose this information during their visit.

On the advice of some patrons of this page I have this morning submitted a formal complaint to the IPCC and also made written enquiries to the Police and Crime Commissioner to try and get answers.

I will of course keep you all updated with the progress of these enquiries.

Thank you all for your kind words, messages and patronage. It has been very helpful.

The original post is here:

The imposition of sharia is happening in the U.S. as well. A federal judge recently ordered that New Jersey Residents Can’t Mention ’Islam’ or ’Muslim’ at a Public Hearing on Mosque.

Sources have also informed Creeping Sharia that a high-ranking police officer went to the home of at least one person and demanded that they stop posting “anti-Islam” comments to a city Facebook page.  More details on that story soon.

14 thoughts on “UK: Police visit man’s home, warn him for posting Facebook content critical of Islam

  1. Really!!
    Maybe we should prepare for the same behavior. I’ll be happy to deliver my message in person to the nearest Inman. They really won’t appreciate it.

  2. Protection of the fake god’s evil religion from criticism is becoming more and more common in the West – blindly following Pakistan, Malaisia, Swordi Arabia and the like into total submission and bondage. First they think to change the laws – then they think to change the times – ‘2017’ is just so un-inclusive.

  3. Here’s a thought….. It’s time for all FREEDOM-LOVING citizens of democratic countries to MOBILIZE and REDOUBLE OUR EFFORTS to STOP this pisslamic TYRANNY!!! To “genuflect” in the face of these IDLE THREATS (whether realistic or not) is to put a gun to our own heads!!!!! PISSLAM IS DEMONIC–A BLOOD-THIRSTY VIOLENT CULT OF HATRED, MISERY AND DEATH!!!!! I would rather die FREE than to submit to a FALSE “religion” that worships a FALSE “god” and believes in a DERANGED MISOGYNIST LYING FALSE “prophet” FROM HELL!!!!!

      • There’s no hope for you, Shebel! They’re already tearing down your back door and pouring gasoline on your a$$!!!! But–like you said, Shebel–‘”the end ain’t here [just] yet”!!! You’re absolutely right about that–it takes a MATCH to complete the job–YOU OLD FART!!!!! By the way last I heard–FARTS TEND TO BE VERY COMBUSTIBLE!!!!!

  4. Then we shall no longer refeer to islam or muslums. We shall talk about mals and slums which are both disgusting places that cause blight on the very fabric of society, by creaping into our towns with intent of destruction of our American cultural and lives. Works!

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  7. This is the United Kingdom implementing OIC/UN Resolution 16/18 to criminalize free speech if you’re deemed to have criticized islam. The OIC 10th Annual report presented to the 44th Council of Foreign Ministers on July 10-11, 2017 made it clear; the OIC will continue their efforts to help implement all or portions of UN Res 16/18 to criminalize Speech. It requires Western Nations to elevate islam over all other religions. To dominate! As Hassan al-Banna founder of Muslim Brotherhood stated in 1928: It is in the nature of Islam to DOMINATE, NOT TO BE DOMINATED….. UK has Submitted!

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