Idaho: Muslim (refugee?) arrested for lewd conduct with 8-year-old child

Source: Pocatello police arrest man accused of lewd conduct with a child | Local |

POCATELLO — Pocatello police arrested a 19-year-old man on Monday night for alleged lewd conduct with an 8-year-old.

Abdulaziz H. Alamri has been charged with lewd conduct with a minor.

The Pocatello Police Department has not released much information regarding the case. However, authorities did say that the 8-year-old’s guardians learned about the contact between Alamri and the child and then contacted the police.

Pocatello police arrested Alamri at his residence on North 6th Avenue on Monday at approximately 10 p.m. He has been booked into the Bannock County jail.

Idaho statute says that a conviction for lewd conduct with a minor child under the age of 16 is classified as a felony and carries a maximum penalty of up to life in prison.

Local News 8 adds: Alamri was not under investigation prior to that report.

Is Alamri a refugee? No reporters in Idaho seem to be asking. The barely noticeable articles are reminiscent of the rape of a 5-year old American girl by Muslim refugees in Twin Falls about 100 miles to the west. Not the first Muslim rapist in Twin Falls

Much more on the Twin Falls rape covered up by local and federal officials here.

7 thoughts on “Idaho: Muslim (refugee?) arrested for lewd conduct with 8-year-old child

  1. Nothing to see here, folks…. Just one more BRAIN-DEAD pisslamic dirtbag scumbag!!!! Oh I almost forgot…. he’s the product of 1400 years of INBREEDING so what else would we expect???!!!!!

  2. How insensitive. This ignores his culture and the fact he couldn’t find a sheep. However he has a bright future in the Carlos Danger Democratic Corps.

  3. I bet this isn’t the first incident only the first time he’s gotten caught. Hope he gets a life sentence and serves every single minute of it.

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