California: Police, Cerritos Mall enforce sharia after Muslims attack Counter Jihad Coalition

Source: California: Muslims Attack Counter Jihad Coalition, Law Enforcement Caves to Muslims

By Steve Amundson

At first I thought that the two Muslims shouting at us would leave, as they have done in the past. I was wrong; it played out differently on Saturday. They were there to stay with their loud, obnoxious voices until they could get us shut down. The crowd started growing due to the commotion. Soon it numbered in the hundreds.

The cause of all of this was that the Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC) was out on a public outreach in the Cerritos Mall in Cerritos, California, educating the public on the truth of Islam. The CJC was formed several years ago to get the truth into the hands of people, since most of the mainstream media paints Islam as the religion of peace.

We have developed over 30 brochures on different aspects of Islam. All are factual and true, not our opinions. They are all based on the doctrines of Islam as set out in the Quran and the Sunnah. On a typical day, we pass out 1,500 or more of these brochures to people, who for the most part are thankful for what we are doing.

We saw an increase in Muslim pushback right after the Islamic State (ISIS) made the news, and then a huge increase in their aggressiveness after President Trump was elected. They will go to great lengths to keep the people from knowing the violence, oppression and brutality that are inherent in what they believe. And now more than ever, they are on the warpath to shut down these truths.

This past Saturday, at this venue where we have been going to for a year, Muslim anger came to a head. I called security when things started to get unruly. Soon officers from mall security, along with several Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, arrived to try and restore calm and sort things out.

To show you how upside down our society is, the mall manager said to me that he was going to have to shut us down early. What? Everything had been going along smoothly until the two Muslims started yelling, shouting at us and creating the hostile environment. They knew if they disturbed and disrupted, that they would win. They shouted at me that they would be there every day looking for us, and would do whatever they had to do to shut us down.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Sharia police on Facebook banned our Counter Jihad Coalition Facebook site, and took it down. To this day, I have not received an explanation from them for their action. Facebook is simply Sharia-compliant. Not only us, but many other counter-jihad groups have recently been shut down on Facebook. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us by the leftists who are in control of the means of communication.

In a similar vein, do you think the Sheriff Deputies escorted the obnoxious, hateful, foul-mouthed Muslims out of the mall? Not a chance! When I asked one of the Deputies if they were going to escort out the unruly Muslims, their response to me was they were waiting to hear from the mall management and what they wanted to do. So much for our law enforcement officials protecting law-abiding citizens. Every time we want to have a public outreach at this mall, we turn in an application and wait until it is approved.

After the Deputies failed to escort out the Muslims who were causing the disruption, the mall manager came over to me and said, “We are going to have to shut you down early today.” When I suggested they usher out the unruly Muslims instead, I was told that they have a right to be there and said they would not leave until we left. Did we not have a right to be there? Our dhimmi law enforcement, mall security and mall management seem to be willing to cater to Muslims anytime they are called upon to do so.

We will see what happens next week, when I turn in a new application to exercise my right of free speech. Americans better wake up fast and start pushing back on this encroachment of Sharia before our freedoms and rights are gone. Then it will be too late.

PS: Several reader’s have asked how they can help or contact the Counter Jihad Coalition. Their webpage is here and unfortunately the only contact information they have is via Googlestan’s gmail service. Their brochures are in downloadable PDF form here.

30 thoughts on “California: Police, Cerritos Mall enforce sharia after Muslims attack Counter Jihad Coalition

  1. Next time you are exhibiting in Orange Co., San Diego, or LA I would love to help and do whatever I possible to help spread the message. Currently live in OC, moving to San Diego in two weeks, Years ago I lived and worked near that mall, have been there many times.

  2. Never thought I’d say this, Steve, BUT, for your sake, I honestly wish I lived in CA, so I could help!!!! What a bunch of SHITTE you are up against!!!!! Our law enforcement officials are totally BRAIN-DEAD when it comes to this EXTREME ROTTEN DEMONIC CULT!!!!! THANK GOD for TRUE AMERICANS LIKE YOU!!!!! PLEASE…DON’T GIVE UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!!

  3. sick. sad. depressing. when will the bread dead kumbaya singing dumb ignorant liberals wake up? Before it is too late I hope?

    Shared to my PUBLIC fb with my added comment (copy of last line of articel):

    “Americans better wake up fast and start pushing back on this encroachment of Sharia before our freedoms and rights are gone. Then it will be too late.”

  4. I cannot believe this can happen in the U.S., even though it is Calif. Where was the ACLU when your free speech was violated??? I would love to follow you, but since Facebook has joined the censorship business, I’m not sure how I can help. Just know that I will be with you in spirit at every protest! Please keep up the great work and let’s stop the Muslim plague!

  5. The AVERAGE American has NO clue as to WHAT the goal of islam is!! Up until almost 3 years ago, I sure didn’t!! I believe Trump is well aware of what the muslims have been doing in Europe, and America for DECADES!! Other than praying God opens more people’s eyes, I really don’t know WHAT we can do!!

  6. I live in the San Fernando Valley. If you are ever up this way, could you let me know, please. I’d like to join or attend/support (morally, physically – can’t afford to donate) your ’cause’. Can’t believe this is getting so close to home. Too many are still in ‘denial mode’.

  7. For those who want to participate in outreach or donate to their cause or received their newsletter or read their articles, Counter Jihad Coalition’s website is linked in the article above (highlighted in blue at the beginning). The web address is and here is the link again:

  8. Sue the mall for millions. Then look into suing the police force. Sadly, hitting these dhimmis in the wallet is the only way things will change.

  9. So we have Jihad Watch, ACT for America, CJC(this article), Anni Cyrus and her counter Jihad group, Glazov Gang, UTT(understanding the threat with John Guandolo) and so many other SEPARATE groups working OUT OF SYNC with each other. What we NEED is to combine forces and work together as ONE entity. The reason Islam can work it’s demonic forces like in this article is because they are all ONE LOUD group.

    WE NEED TO COMBINE AND CREATE ONE National Federation of Counter Jihad Forces. We need to forget our differences i.e. Christian, atheist, or whatever and UNITE!
    I don’t have access to the leaders of these counter Jihad groups, but MAYBE Creeping Sharia does? I know Robert Spencer mentions this blog.


  10. I live out side of Detroit, which has become a swamp of Islam, especially in Dearborn and Hamtramk. The is also a huge population of Chaldean Christians (Iraqis), who have seen first hand how the Muslims really are. Most of them fled here as a result of persecution at the hands of Islamic barbarians! I would love to be a part of a national movement to rid the U.S. of this Islamic plague. Please advise how I can become involved. There are many here who would be interested!!

  11. I’ve been reading and seeing how America is being turned over to the muzzie POS by our own Government and Law Enforcement. It is very clear now that we are all just Americans walking dead. We’ve already lost and died and we just do not know it yet.

  12. President Trump had banned sharia why didn’t the police disband the Muslims.And why did he need to get the mall management approval to do so.Shane on the pathetic incapable Cerritos police dept!

  13. I have been banned 24h for posting this comment on Facebook:

    “I don’t like muslims, not because of extremists, but because of everything, like FGM, burqa, etc., and because they think (90%) that shariah will dominate the world, thus they push for the implementation of that savage system in our democracies. They only mean troubles.”

    Freedom of expression and freedom of thought are at stake here.
    Don’t submit or human society will become hell.

    • Facebook has become a left leaning shill using censorship and algorithms, to promote the leftist democrats agenda. Mark Zuckerburg is a typical politically correct lib. Unfortunately, he has the power to control FB. I am in complete agreement with you regarding Islam. I believe it’s a dangerous cult and ideology of hate. It should be banned in the U.S. (Actually it already has in 1953!) All non citizens should be deported and all mosques and closed along with Islamic schools. Desperate measures for desperate times!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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