California State Univ-LA Muslim professor says genocide sometimes “morally required”, uses Southern whites as example

Source: “Morally Required Genocide” – Taki’s Magazine  h/t @

by David Cole

Professor Mohammed Abed is a man with a message: Genocide has gotten a bum rap. Sure, genocide can be bad, but in a pinch, genocide might just be your best friend…especially if you’re a “person of color.” Indeed, Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide, and he hasn’t been shy about advancing that argument in a series of lectures and essays that have somehow managed to stay under the radar of the media (especially the right-leaning media) over the past few years.

Abed, a tenure-track professor of ethics, social & political philosophy, and classical Islamic philosophy, believes that, in large part due to the overbearing historical presence of the Holocaust, the definition of genocide has become unnecessarily narrow. When someone cries “genocide” these days, folks expect to see gas chambers, crematoria, and Nazis stuffing Jewish children into trains. This “Holocaust standard” for genocide, Abed claims, betrays the vision of the fellow who invented the term, Raphael Lemkin. Lemkin, Abed argues, always intended for his gift to the lexicon to have a more open-ended, fluid definition. There are lots of ways to make a people, a culture, or a society disappear, and more often than not, there won’t be gas chambers, ovens, or manically emoting Hitlers.

It’s a fair point, and an appropriate topic for a professor of philosophy. But you know there’s gotta be more, right? Of course there is. Abed also claims that sometimes you just have to commit genocide in order to save the world, or some corner of it, from bad people…like racist whites!

Abed, a Palestinian whose views on Israel are not exactly “chummy,” deserves the right to have his say in his own words, and he’ll get it, very shortly. But first, I want to point out exactly where this guy works: the philosophy department at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). Heard of that fine institution? It’s the public university in L.A. where students and teachers use violence and intimidation in order to keep anyone on the right from speaking on campus. Remember when invited speaker Ben Shapiro had to be escorted off the CSULA campus by police because angry, violent protesters stormed the event? Remember how CSULA forced the organizers of Shapiro’s speech to cough up the dough for extra security, a burden not placed on the school’s many far-left student groups? I have little doubt that had Shapiro been shot in the head during his aborted speech, the university would have charged the cost of the bullet to his family.

Last week, during congressional hearings regarding the sorry state of free speech on college campuses in the U.S., CSULA was frequently cited as an example of just how bad things are. Indeed, no less than the Huffington Post…yes, the Huffington Post…ran a piece about how CSULA is among the “worst of the worst” regarding the suppression of speech. For the record, CSULA also made headlines recently because of its segregated “no whites” safe-space housing for black students.

Abed’s academic paper “The Concept of Genocide Reconsidered” was originally published in 2006. Since then, it’s been approvingly cited in numerous highly regarded publications, including The Oxford Handbook of Genocide Studies and The Concept of Cultural Genocide, and Abed has expanded on his treatise in lectures at various colleges and universities around the country. The version of the essay I’ll cite is from 2015.

Abed lays out his central thesis in the paper’s abstract: “Genocide is not in any sense distinctively heinous. Nor is it necessarily immoral.”

Morally justified genocide? Abed realizes this might be a tough sell:

Many will no doubt be shocked by these claims. Surely a view that has such unsavory implications should be rejected. In fact, it ought to be condemned in no uncertain terms. Reactions of this sort are overblown.

Of course, any such objections by fellow academics were almost certainly silenced once Abed named the skin color of the targets of his “moral genocide”:

Southern whites in particular. Full post at links above.

21 thoughts on “California State Univ-LA Muslim professor says genocide sometimes “morally required”, uses Southern whites as example

    • As much as I detest the thought, well God forgive me I’ve had it too. I’d rather see Muzzies restricted to only a few Middle Eastern and African countries. Better yet a massive deprogramming of them all but neither one will happen. IMO the only way they will be destroyed will be when Jesus comes back and fights the battle to send them all into the lake of fire.

  1. The problem is these inbreds believe this and act out with violence against Christians and Jews always.
    They are our eternal enemies and need to be deported or executed. Once deported to some cesspool country in the Middle east they need to be cloistered away from all humans, Jews, and Christians. Islam has to be completely eliminated. There is no moderate islam, it is a sin and moslims need to convert to Christianity and then atone for all the sins they have made over the last 1400 years. If they can not do this and make REAL amends they need to be executed. Islam is a sin, it is not a religion. An alcoholic will truly believe his alcoholism is his religion, but he can become spiritually whole, quit drinking and make real amend s for his transgressions. Moslims are not smart, there are no moslim libraries or concert halls or any cultural activity besides jihad. Inbreeding and praying to satan who they call moon God or allah is all they do besides fight everyone that is not a filthy moslim.

  2. Why does a public university (tax payer supported) allow this filthy Muslim hate monger to remain on staff???!!! We citizens need to demand the immediate dismissal of this barbarian, and if he’s not a citizen, his deportation. If he is a citizen, he needs to be tried and imprisoned for inciting terror and crimes against the state. Please someone explain to me how we allow this sub human to continue to be paid to spread his hate!

  3. This is a very poorly written article that attempts to lead readers to a nefarious conclusion. I read the entire academic paper and the ideas presented (while I do not agree 100% with the conclusions) are being misconstrued and taken out of context by David Cole. This article is attempting to tarnish the professor in a similar manner to what happened to Mr Damore who was recently fired at Google. Please do not fall for this kind of manipulated hysteria. It is beneath our dignity to falsely accuse someone and malign their professional character. I expect better from Creeping Sharia.

    • P.S. It would be much more accurate to attack him on his stances on Israel and Palestine, which are verifiable and legitimate. I am not saying he is an angel, just use accurate facts and don’t manipulate his words into something he has not said.

    • Are you disputing that Abed wrote in his paper that genocide is sometimes “morally required” and used whites in the South as his prime example?

      • PS: There is a significant part of the US population that couldn’t care less about Israel and Palestine but will find his thoughts on genocide much more troubling. Jew hatred is commonplace on college faculties.

        • Yes and No. He redefines genocide extensively before making statements which clipped and then put together as you do above are being taken out of context. When we read “genocide” we are thinking of genocide in terms we are familiar with (like the Holocaust or Rwanda) – he is not. He is making an intellectual argument which is (lamely in my view) supported by his paper. Going after him on that basis will only result in him claiming martyrdom and shouting he is a victim of ignorant haters. He is very smart in the way he concocted the paper. His example was about white culture in the South during slavery (not white Southerners of today) and he couches it with many, many statements that he is not advocating for genocide in the common sense, but talking about enforced social changes being similar to genocide.

          • I seriously think that such a preoccupation with the concept of genocide is patently unbalanced! A person does not write a treatise to “redefine” genocide in “gentler” terms unless he is woefully bereft of a passion for life, or worse yet, bereft of substantial moral character! Islam is just such a context in which such a delusion thrives! This guy was born and raised (in all likelihood) on the concepts of islamic taqiyya and jihad! That, in itself, renders his thought processes as suspect and biased!!! There’s NO definition of “genocide” that can sanitize and legitimize t!!! I found this guy’s paper to be nothing but a diatribe of rambling nonsense!!!!!

  4. Societies commit suicide. If we import and tolerate such radicals who can deny our culture is getting ready to end it all. Our tolerance of evil, the crazy, the deviant demonstrates that Western culture deserves to die.

    If the West had any honor it would lynch such crazed deviants.

  5. So how this isn’t Hate Speech and Threatening Violence is beyond me. The double standard of Islam knows no bounds. Funny considering Mohammad was a White guy.

  6. This supposedly educated Muslim professor is a total disgrace to the U.S. and our Colleges and universities. He uses his filth to teach all the Muslim bullshit to the students that are either stupid and take his class or believe in the same crap he feeds them. He should be fired and deported back to the shithole so called Palestine where he came from.

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