Arkansas: Muslim in jail for terror threat phones in post office bomb threat

Source: Source: Jihad Ramadan is the suspect in Pocahontas postal threat – NEA Report  h/t Jihad Watch

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – A man who was already in jail on terroristic threatening charges from a July incident is the suspect in this week’s bomb threat called into the Pocahontas post office, several sources revealed anonymously to NEA Report.

Jihad Darnell Ramadan was already in Randolph County Jail to face terroristic threatening charges. His court date was set for September 11. Those charges stemmed from an incident where he allegedly threatened a staffing agency and the Peco chicken processing plant in June.

However, while already in jail, two sources said Ramadan is believed to have made the threatening phone call which sent federal, state and local authorities to the post office in Pocahontas. He was thought to have accessed the phone while inside of the jail where he is currently incarcerated.

Shortly before 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, police cars had the entrance to the post office blocked. Around 30 people were seen standing out back in a large parking lot, as one reader said. Later details would indicate they were personnel who had been evacuated out of precaution.

A release said the FBI, Arkansas State Police, JPD K9 Explosive Unit and the ATF all were involved in the incident.

Unlike the previous alleged targets of Ramadan’s threats, the post office is a federal building. The investigation, however, is still on-going and is expected to continue into next week, one individual close to the case said.

Jihad Ramadan has been arrested at least twice and still no mug shot available.

4 thoughts on “Arkansas: Muslim in jail for terror threat phones in post office bomb threat

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  2. It goes w/o saying that this brain-dead “wonder-boy” is a jail-bird convert to PISSLAM!!! Anybody knows that Jihad Ramadan is NOT his real birth name!!! It’s always the brain-dead converts that are the first to volunteer to kill members of their own family! KEEP THIS IDIOT LOCKED UP–NO JOKE!!!

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