Washington: Muslim refugee attacks cop with sword, then shot dead

Hussein Hassan

Read this one to the end. Source: New Details Released in Officer Sword Shooting Investigation

A press release from the Kennewick Police department reveals new details including the name of the suspect and the names of the officers involved in Sunday’s killing of a Sword wielding Kennewick man.

The Tri-City Special Investigative Unit (SIU) is continuing the investigation into yesterday’s Officer involved shooting that occurred at 10th and Olympia.  The Kennewick Police Department is not involved in the investigation since it involves KPD officers.

The suspect in this case has been identified as 46 year old Hussein Hassan who resided in Kennewick.

As the investigation continues SIU is asking for anyone who may have witnessed or who may have recorded this incident to contact Sergeant Brockman of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 735-6555.

According to media reports the Officer who was injured need 17 staples to close his wound and will recover.

More via Man named ‘Hussein’ tries to behead police officer with sword

A 46-year-old man identified as Hussein Hassan attacked a police officer in Kennewick, Washington, over the weekend with a large sword, striking at the officer’s head before he was shot and killed.

A spokesman for the police said two officers responded to a 9-1-1 call at 6:38 p.m. Sunday about a man walking down Olympia Street near 10th Avenue armed with a sword.

The two officers arrived on the scene at the same time in separate cars at about 6:40 p.m. One officer got out of his car to confront Hassan and police say the man started swinging the sword, striking the officer at least once in the head with the blade.

Both officers opened fire on the suspect and put him down.

The officer was treated and released from an area hospital after receiving 17 staples to close the head wound.

Almost 24 hours later, on Monday evening, police identified the dead man as Hassan, but gave only scant details – his age and current city of residence.

The Tri-City Special Investigative Unit, or SIU, said it is continuing the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, which occurred near the Aspen Hills Apartment complex.

“The Kennewick Police Department is not involved in the investigation since it involves KPD officers,” read a statement on the Kennewick P.D.’s Facebook page Monday. “The suspect in this case has been identified as 46-year-old Hussein Hassan who resided in Kennewick.”

The area where the incident occurred reportedly has a heavy migrant population, but Hassan’s nationality or immigration status remains a tightly held secret.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office did not return phone calls seeking information on Hassan’s immigration status or whether he had a previous criminal record.

Kennewick, a small city of about 73,000 population, has been a hotbed of refugee resettlement over the years. The U.S. State Department, in cooperation with the United Nations, has distributed more than 475 refugees into Kennewick since 9/11 from Muslim-majority nations, according to the State Department’s online database. That includes 206 from Iraq, 99 from Somalia, 69 from Sudan, 31 from Afghanistan and nine just in the past 10 months from Syria.

What the police couldn’t or wouldn’t reveal, a “student” of Hassan’s did:  Former student of man shot and killed by KPD officers says attacker was a “role model”

Farah Mohamed is one of those students: “I’m heartbroken.”

He adds that Hassan was one of the best people he knew.

According to Mohamed, Hassan was a refugee from Somalia who taught students at the Unity Primary School in the Dagahaley portion of the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya.

Mohamed admits Hassan had some mental health issues and had been sick for the last few years, but he never expected this.

“Even when he had the mental health issues, he never, as far as I know, he never fought with anybody,” says Mohamed.

But police say Hassan continued to attack the officer despite commands to stop and caused a head injury to the officer that required 17 staples to close.

Actually, Hassan was violent with police in the past, via Kennewick father killed by police had attacked before

A Kennewick man’s sword attack on an officer Sunday was not his first assault of a policeman.

Last October, Hussein D. Hassan bit Kennewick Officer James Canada during a car prowling investigation.

Canada and Officer Miguel Ayala were called to Hassan’s home on the 1700 block of West Sixth Avenue. The details are unclear from court documents, but they contacted Hassan and ended up starting to arrest him for obstruction.

In the struggle to arrest him, Hassan bit Canada’s thumb, breaking the skin.

Hassan, 46, was charged with assault, resisting arrest and and obstruction and was released when someone posted a $1,000 bond.

Public records reveal little about the Kennewick father, who had worked in a potato processing plant in recent years.

Hassan claimed he was wrongly fired from ConAgra Lamb Weston after he fell in a freezer and had a back injury in 2013. He filed a small claims suit against his supervisor, claiming discrimination and workplace harassment because he is Muslim. He asked for $5,000.

His case, and a following appeal, were denied.

Court records also show he was living in Kennewick with his wife and had several children, ages 2 to 18.

Several? Local news were able to track down a “student” of Hassan’s and find court records, but no photo?

Update: Someone found out how many kids the Muslim refugee had, but still no pictures.

Kennewick man led troubled life before Sunday’s shooting

In the small community of Somali immigrants in the Tri-Cities, the father of eight was a well known, though a volatile, fixture, said Abdrahman Hassan, who owns a Kennewick grocery store.

Abdrahman Hassan said he didn’t know how long Hassan had been in the U.S. but knew he brought his family to the Tri-Cities about five years ago after the International Rescue Committee Seattle helped move him to Tukwila in 2010.

His wife is trouble too:

Last October, his troubles worsened.

Someone called police because his wife reportedly was damaging a neighbor’s car.

How bout the kids?

9 thoughts on “Washington: Muslim refugee attacks cop with sword, then shot dead

  1. Muslims are a cancer on civilization. But what does this say about the people that support their import into the USA and shield them from the consequences of their acts of terrorism? America is just as sick.

    • Many Americans are so caught up in the “oh, the poor Muslims,” that they can’t see the truth through their politically correct way of thinking. They need to be de-programmed from all the liberal garbage they’ve been fed for the past several decades, and the past 8 horrendous years of BO in particular.

  2. The 17 staples to the officers head was the only detail that kept this story from having a perfect “Happy Ending”. I suspect that after Mr Hassan bit police officer Canada’s thumb he may have feared this act to be in violation of Allah’s pork ban and would preclude him entrance to Paradise, that is why he chose to die in his latest act of Jihad. Hussein my buddy, enjoy those virgins you lucky bastard.

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