Minneapolis: Muslim threatened to ‘shoot wife in the head’ night before he was sworn-in as cop

Source: Newly sworn-in Minneapolis cop charged with threatening his wife – StarTribune.com h/t Jihad Watch

A rookie Minneapolis police officer has been charged with threatening his wife during an argument at their home the night before he was sworn in as a member of the city’s police force.

Dakota County prosecutors say Ahmed Jama, 29, got into an argument with his wife at the couple’s Apple Valley home around 11 p.m. on Aug. 1, according to a criminal complaint. Jama threatened to shoot his wife in the head, authorities said, telling her that he would get away with it.

No physical violence was reported in the complaint, but his wife told police the following day that she feared for her life, adding that Jama had never threatened her in that way before. Jama was sworn in as a Minneapolis police officer Aug. 2.

Acting Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said through a spokesperson that Jama, who is still on probation with the department, has been placed on administrative leave.

Arradondo said that the Office of Police Conduct Review would be investigating.

Jama voluntarily gave a statement to police, characterizing the argument as more of a discussion, the complaint said. He denied making the threat. He was later arrested and charged with making threats of violence with intent to terrorize, a felony.

Classic Islamic supremacist. Threatening to shoot his wife in the head and that he’d get away with it…just casual discussion. Did he think he’d get away with it because fellow Somali Muslim officer Mohamed Noor has, so far, gotten away with killing a woman?

More via: Rookie Cop Breaks the Law Night Before Swearing-In Ceremony – Alpha News

A Minneapolis man has been charged with Threats of Violence (Intent to Terrorize), the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer.

Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, threatened his wife with bodily harm after an argument on August 1. The criminal complaint, filed on August 4, states authorities to a report of past action domestic assault. Jama’s wife told authorities that he threatened to “shoot her in the head” because he would “get away with it.” Jama denied making the threat.

According to his personnel file, Jama first started working with the Minneapolis Police Department as a Police Cadet.

Jama filed paperwork to become a Police Cadet in August of 2016, a similar training program that Officer Mohamed Noor, the Minneapolis Officer who shot Justine Damond in July. 

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, a Police Cadet:

To be hired as a Police Cadet, you must have a two or four year degree in any discipline from a regionally accredited college or university, and must NOT have passed the P.O.S.T. Licensing Exam.”

“The City of Minneapolis then pays for the Cadet to complete Law Enforcement certificate courses through a PPOE program which includes skills training simultaneously as they go through MPD’s in-house academy. This academic training is comparable to the training recruits receive before being hired by the MPD.

“This lasts approximately 8 months. Cadets are promoted to Police Officer upon successful completion of the P.O.S.T. Board academic and skills requirements. From there they enter the Minneapolis Police Department’s Field Training Program (see below). The MPD Cadet Program started back in 1989 and has helped the MPD hire a number of highly qualified and decorated officers, including many of our current Chiefs, Inspectors, and Commanders.” 

As Alpha News reported, MPD looked to clear up any confusion regarding time spent training. Noor spent more than a year after going through the police cadet training for the Minneapolis Police Department, while Jama started out as a Community Service Officer before working his way up to officer.

“At this point, the probationary employee you’ve inquired about, who has never worked in the capacity of a Minneapolis Police Officer, is on administrative leave,” Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said in a statement. “I am aware of the serious charges and will take appropriate action when necessary. The Office of Police Conduct Review has opened up a case into this matter.”

Look no further than Muslim Keith Ellison and the mayor for the current lunacy occurring in Minneapolis.

The mayor in green hijab

8 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Muslim threatened to ‘shoot wife in the head’ night before he was sworn-in as cop

  1. Lady, PLEASE don’t take him back!!! He’ll probably beat her anyway but if she takes him back, that’s a 100 guarantee that her ass is grass. Not like they look at their women any more than a pile of mud to begin with. I’m surprised she reported it but glad she did. Now all she needs to do is survive. The reason he thought he would get away with it is because they get away with everything.

  2. Since it was a Muslim his wife was Peacefully told that she would be shot. All perfectly allowed within Sharia Law. Just another day in the 7th Century lifestyle in the 21st Century.

  3. This is another good reason for not just a temporary ban but a full ban on all Muslims. We are destroying our own country by allowing the refugees into this country. Most of them are looking for handouts I for one do not agree to using our tax dollars to support people coming to the US that hate us. Set up refugee camps close to their own countries that would be cheaper as well as keeping them out of the US because the more of them we let in the more we will begin to look like the EU with no-go-zones as well as Sharia law. Keep in mind that we have a lot of crooked politicians working in DC that love the donations they are sent there are very few that are honest.

  4. NO MOSLEM is EVER qualified to be a cop. They all beat and ABUSE their wives. You women stopped by a Moslem cop should be afraid, VERY afraid.

  5. Demonstrates the state of the police force in sharia compliment Minnesota. Three cheers for diversity and progressivism. Long may it serve as a warning to others.

  6. Keep up the good work Minnesota. Get a Muslim mayor, then you can act must like London, England. Then you’ll bitch about that and wonder what happened to our city.

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