Spain: Imam was ringleader of Barcelona terror cell that killed 14

Behind every Islamic terrorist there is an Imam…~ the late Oriana Fallaci

Abdelbaki Es Satty

Source: Imam behind Barcelona terror cell had links to Madrid bomber

The imam behind the Barcelona terror cell may have been radicalised in prison by one of the Madrid train bombers, it has emerged.

Abdelbaki Es Satty, who is believed to have been the ringleader in last week’s attacks, was sentenced to two years in 2012 for smuggling hashish between Morocco and Spain.

He was jailed alongside Rachid Aglif, aka The Rabbit, who was serving 18-years for his role in the 2004 bombings, in which 192 people died and more than 2,000 were injured.

Sources in Spain said Es Satty had not been religious prior to going into prison and may have fallen under the malign influence of Aglif and other terrorists while prison.

Josep Lluis Trapero said the terror cell consisted of 12 people all with links to the small town of Ripoll, where Es Satty had been operating as an imam since getting out of prison.

Locals in Ripoll described how Es Satty, who taught Arabic to local children, regularly travelled to Belgium, which has been central to many of the Isil inspired plots.

Hammou Minhaj, 30, secretary of the mosque in Ripoll, said they had not been aware of  his criminal past when he began working there.

He said: “Four months ago the police came and they checked we had the right papers. It was just a routine check and everything was in order.

“The mosque checked his knowledge of the Quran only. We did not check his background, we did not check his CV.”

Police believe Es Satty and fellow plotter Youssef Aallaa died in the explosion in Alcanar, leaving only Younes Abouyaaqoub – who is believed to have been the driver of the van used in the attack – still at large.

Five other members of the terror cell were gunned down in the coastal resort of Cambrils as they tried to launch a late night attack on holidaymakers in the early hours of Friday morning.

It is now thought Es Satty radicalised the Moroccan born group in Ripoll within months, persuading them to carry out a deadly bomb attack, which had it been successful could have claimed hundreds of lives.

Police searching debris at the bomb factory in Alcanar said they had discovered 120 gas canisters and also traces of the explosive TATP, which was used in the Brussels, Paris, Manchester and also the London tube bombings.

Three vans had been hired in preparation for the attack and the police believe they were planning to pack them with explosives and gas canisters in order to carry out coordinated attacks at tourist hotspots.

But the surviving members of the cell were forced to move their plans forward when the bomb factory exploded killing their ringleader.

The mosque checked his knowledge of the Quran. And hired him. The Koran taught him to strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers. And he taught other Muslims. In the mosque.

Who are the other suspects?

  • Killed: Five suspected jihadists shot dead by police in Cambrils. Moussa Oukabir, 17; Said Aallaa, 18; Mohamed Hychami, 24; two unnamed men
  • Arrested: Three in the town of Ripoll: Driss Oukabir, 28, the brother of Moussa. He turned himself in saying his documents had been stolen to rent vehicles used in the Las Ramblas attack. Sahal el-Karib, 34, and Mohammed Aallaa, 27. One unnamed person in Alcanar, following the house explosion there on Wednesday
  • Hunted: Younes Abouyaaqoub, now suspected to be the driver in the Las Ramblas attack

6 thoughts on “Spain: Imam was ringleader of Barcelona terror cell that killed 14

  1. My, my, my, will you just IMAGINE THAT??? AN IMAM–“man of the cloth”, “holy man”, “religious leader”, “mentor to the uninformed”–just IMAGINE THAT–HE’S A RINGLEADER OF THUGS AND BLOOD-THIRSTY MURDERING SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!!! Geez, who knew????? OK, I’ll admit it–I KNEW IT!!!!! Wanna know the real TRUTH behind EVERY, BUT EVERY, FILTHY IMAM ON PLANET EARTH???? THEY’RE ALL THE SAME–ROTTEN TO THE CORE, FILTHY LIARS AND PREVARICATORS OF DEATH AND THE DEVIL’S “RELIGION FROM HELL!!!!! YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!!!!

  2. Muslims and Sharia do not belong in non-Islamic countries.
    • Islam is trying to take over the world, no matter what.
    How many times does it have to prove it?

    • “We are a world at war. The enemy is radicalized Islamic jihadists. The terrorists certainly take advantage of the politically correct madness that consumes the West. They revel, that many in the western world are frightened to speak freely. I’ve never been accused of being politically correct. I call things the way I see them. The meaning of candid speech is frequently mischaracterized or misunderstood. This is about prioritizing national security and protecting American lives. Every measure must be taken to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism and the threat it poses to the free world. My only concern is protecting the people that live in my district, my state, and my country. We must stand strong against radical Islamic terror. The fate of the free world will be determined by the courageous, not by the intimidated.” U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, R-La

  3. And here’s another reason to shout at Congress and the guy I voted for:

    President Donald Trump’s administration has delivered military equipment to the Hezbollah-linked Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), namely Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

    “Everyone knows that the Lebanese government is completely at the mercy of Hezbollah and Iran. Given that Hezbollah is much stronger than the LAF, is comprised of many Shiites, and is subject to the direction and veto power of its Iranian masters, it defies logic to think that they could possibly maintain control over U.S. aid without Hezbollah confiscating it.”

    BUT, this is nothing to what traitor Obama did while we just laid down and did nothing:

  4. But diversity is a sign of a healthy and prosperous society! I wonder why Japan and China are not backward societies riddled with poverty and ignorance being so deprived?

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