Dearborn Police Chief: Talking to people about Jesus “appears to be legal” under 1st Amendment

First it was Easter eggs, then covert coffee. Now face-painting! Christian-phobia strikes again in Dearborn.

Source: Christian missionaries from California proselytize in Hemlock Park

DEARBORN — On August 7 and 8, Christian missionaries from California visited Hemlock Park in East Dearborn. In the span of two days, workers face-painted with children, handed out prizes and shared their faith. A number of the parents who were in the park allowed their children to venture into the event unaware of the religious preaching. Some of the parents didn’t know what their kids were engaged in due to the language barrier.

“According to our corporation counsel, it appears to be legal to engage in the noted activities under the First Amendment in the park, ” Police Chief Ron Haddad told The AANews.

On video obtained by The AANews, which was filmed by Heather Faye and Christy Lynn on Aug. 8, a preacher appears to be proselytizing Christianity to the Dearborn youths. The missionary workers came from all different places, but most were from California, according to one of the missionary workers, Jessica Cserhalmi.

The worrisome thing, Lynn told the Detroit Free Press, is that the missionaries weren’t really approaching the parents.

“They were approaching the children,” she said.

…the missionary workers enticed the youth with a henna party, candy and other treats, then preached to the children about Jesus.

“[Hemlock] is a public park and so parents need to be aware of what is happening around them, watch their kids and be present for such moments as this,” said Stephen Coats, who wrote that he has lived in Dearborn since 2001.

“Don’t be the victim, get smart, keep to your own and don’t wait around for Allah to make a decision,” Ayad Succar wrote. “Make it yourself, know what the person with a loudspeaker is saying to your child, know your environment.”

Appears to be legal? Has the notorious sharia-enforcing police chief forgotten he and his city have been found guilty of violating the Constitution (enforcing sharia law) on multiple occasions already?

See  City of Dearborn Agrees to Apologize for Arresting Christians at Arab Fest:

In September 2010, Robert Muise, AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel, represented the Christians during a five-day criminal trial.  At the end of the trial, the Christians were acquitted by a unanimous jury verdict.  Following the acquittals, fellow AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi and Muise filed a 100-page, civil rights lawsuit against the City, its mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its chief of police, Ronald Haddad, 17 City police officers, and two executives from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce…

the City agreed to enter into a settlement, which includes a public apology that will be posted on the City’s website for three years; the removal from the City’s website of a press release and letter from the mayor that contained derogatory comments about the Christians; and a payment to the Christians, the amount of which is confidential.

Muise commented, “For too long our clients have been vilified for simply exercising their constitutional right to evangelize on a public street during the Arab Festival.  And despite their acquittal, they continued to be treated as if they had committed a crime.  With this settlement and apology, our clients have been vindicated and this dispute with the City will finally be put to rest.”

Haddad and the city fought hard for sharia, see Fed Judge Denies Dearborn’s Request to Dismiss Civil Rights Claims:

Muise commented, “The judge’s ruling today is a huge victory for these Christians.  It allows the civil rights claims for the most egregious constitutional violations to proceed against the City and its officials.  AFLC is committed to ensuring that our Constitution and not sharia law, which makes it a crime to preach the Gospel to Muslims, is the supreme law in this country.”

Not the first case of Haddad violating the Constitution either. See Taxpayers lose $100,000 for Dearborn’s illegal enforcement of sharia law:

The city of Dearborn has paid $100,000 in legal fees to attorneys for a Christian evangelist whose free-speech rights were violated at a popular Arab-American street festival.

Dearborn has a large Muslim population and one of the nation’s biggest concentrations of people with roots in the Arab world. 

City police in 2010 barred George Saieg and his allies from freely walking sidewalks with literature to convert Muslims to Christianity. Chief Ron Haddad says he was just controlling foot traffic, but a federal appeals court says the city violated the First Amendment.

It appears Dearborn’s police chief still hasn’t learned his lesson and would have arrested the most recent missionaries if his lawyers hadn’t reminded him they’d likely face, and lose, yet another lawsuit.

And exactly why was the police chief involved anyway? Did Muslims call the police to report Constitutionally-protected activities taking place in public? Do they have a direct line to the chief? Or did the Muslim newspaper get involved?

The AFLC lawyer answered that in response to the prior case involving Haddad:

Yerushalmi concluded, “This case is a stunning example of the pernicious influence of stealth jihad and sharia law in America.  The City of Dearborn is now a serial violator of Christians’ constitutional rights and has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs defending its insidious conduct.  Apparently, in Dearborn, where sharia and jihad are advocated openly, it is a crime to preach the Christian Gospel.  AFLC is committed to stopping this attack on our Constitution.  And the ruling today allows us to do just that.

24 thoughts on “Dearborn Police Chief: Talking to people about Jesus “appears to be legal” under 1st Amendment

  1. David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi also had a lawsuit AGAINST the city of Dearborn and won, but they never got their cameras back.

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  3. The fact that the Dearborn police chief makes such a incredulous statement, “talking about Jesus appears to be legal (under the First Amendment)” shows how alarming Islam & Muslims have infiltrated into our country.

    Look for some legal action to be taken to restrict the First Amendment freedoms; even with the judicial ruling. Muslims “LOVE” law suits.
    Look also for violent action by Muslims against Christians.

    • The quote from the Arab American News above is:

      “According to our corporation counsel, it appears to be legal to engage in the noted activities under the First Amendment in the park, ” Police Chief Ron Haddad told The AANews.

    • The reason for teaching American kids Islam in our schools so we can all get along but it seems that this practice is only meant for our kids and not for Muslim kids. The same rules do not apply. Muslims feel like they must protect themselves from other beliefs that Mohammad didn’t teach. If Muslims don’t want to be held to the same rules as everyone else in the country then they can’t be considered good citizens. They initiate special rules and demand all others censor themselves for their benefit. I think that they should practice what they preach. If they think a hate crime is a comment or question they don’t like, and want it banned or criminally prosecuted, then they too must be held to the same laws. If course that would mean banning the Koran and the call the prayers she be abolished. Equality is for all.

  4. The hypocrisy is simply malouderous! It reminds me that the Left embrace freedom for themselves and their patrons yet would deny those liberties to conservatives. Thank God that hell has room for all Atheists, Muslims and all who deny Yeshua.

  5. It is a well-documented FACT that there is nothing more intimidating and terrifying to an anti-American, sharia-loving MUZZCREEP INBREED than the UNAPOLOGETIC, UNASHAMED BOLD PREACHING of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!! THAT, IN ITSELF, PROVES THAT THEY ARE A DIABOLICAL DEMONIC SATANIC CULT OF DEATH!!!!! JESUS SAID, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the LIFE, NO MAN comes unto the FATHER, except through ME”!!!!!

  6. moslems don’t like it when non-moslems approach their children, but they don’t bat an eye when they go after our children.

    • The only thing we can do is employ deadly force when the law authorizes it. That means there are two imperatives: first know the laws of your jurisdiction. When is it legal to carry a weapon? When, or may one one at all use deadly force? How do the police react? How should the shooter prepare for their arrival? Secondly, but the right weapon and practice. Carry it everywhere you can. Try different concealment methods. Get as much tactical training as you can afford. Work out failure drills, immediate action drills, fire and maneuver, use cover and concealment. Learn your weapon to the point that field stripping, maintenance and jam clearance are second nature. Learn and practice weapon retention, hand cuffing and prisoner control. I’ll be damned if I will allow some subhuman thug kidnap a child, molest a child or go ona shooting spree. Remember that these creatures are fundamentally cowards and that we have right on our side. Our cause is righteous and we are confident in the outvome of our struggle. Study our enemies. Employ psyops and all of the other dirty tricks of black ops. Never surrender! Sivispace, parabellum!

  7. Don’t care who hates what I say or if it gets removed or if the sharia police come and try to arrest me or whatever,….. I quote, “The ONLY good muzzie is a DEAD muzzie”………………

  8. I live approx. 20 miles from Dearbornistan. It’s as much the Muslim enclave as is reported. These “people”, and I used that TERM loosely, have no intent of assimilating, only overtaking! This police chief is clearly of middle eastern descent (Haddad!?) And has no sympathy for Christians. I’m afraid Dearborn is a lost cause. Now we have to keep this scourge from spreading to outlying areas.

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  10. I was at this out reach and a part of it, the narrative here is incorrect as we walked the park every day distributing literature such as the Gospel of John, all materials were in both Arabic and English. We also had many Arabic speakers amongst our English-speaking team members this was the exact purpose for why we were there to share the Lord with everyone we met.

    • I’ve been involved with this out reach for more than 10 years and as the people become more receptive to our message the leaders in the community become more upset, it’s as if they are attempting to control what the citizens of the community are hearing, this would be consistent with government tyranny. It is not what America is about, and we need to be aware that this is happening in Islam all over the world.

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