Chicago: Muslim Uber driver locks 19-year old female in car, demands sex as payment

Source: Uber driver accused of locking female rider inside car, demanding sex – Chicago Tribune  h/t

A West Rogers Park Uber driver was ordered held on $100,000 bail Saturday for allegedly locking a ride-share customer inside his vehicle and demanding sex from her, authorities said.

Muhammad Fahim, 44, of the 6100 block of North Washtenaw Avenue, faces three counts of unlawful restraint for the July 4 incident that began with him allegedly picking up the 19-year-old victim through the ride-share phone app.

Chicago police stopped Fahim’s vehicle late Thursday for a traffic violation in the 500 block of North Dearborn Street. But when the officers checked his name, they were alerted to the July 4 incident involving the young woman, and Fahim was later charged.

In that incident, the 19-year-old victim requested an Uber, but her logged request was somehow deleted, prosecutors said. When the woman volunteered to pay cash, Fahim instead demanded sex from her, Assistant State’s Attorney Mikah Soliunas told the court.

When she refused, Fahim repeatedly locked the car’s doors and refused to let her out unless she gave in to his demands, Soliunas said. When Fahim’s car finally slowed in traffic, the woman jumped from the moving vehicle, authorities said. There was no indication that the woman was injured.

A spokesman with the ride-share app called the rider’s story “troubling” and said Fahim has been removed as a driver while Uber officials look into the matter.

Fahim, dressed in a green striped shirt and wearing eyeglasses, said nothing during the brief hearing.

Uber’s Muslim rape problems continue, including the Brooklyn: Uber-driving Muslim Immigrant Plotted Times Square Truck Rampage.

What is Uber doing about it? Hiring an Iranian from a Muslim family to be their next CEO:  Uber chooses Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to be new chief.

8 thoughts on “Chicago: Muslim Uber driver locks 19-year old female in car, demands sex as payment

  1. Not to worry. CAIR lawyers will get him off. They’ll claim the poor driver is suffering form his cultural differences and that this is the norm where he came from. He’ll get a mild slap on the wrist and be back at driving in no time.

  2. But, but, but, the ‘worst’ that could happen to the “kaffir” woman is that he might rip off all of her clothes and strangle her TO DEATH in the back seat of his taxi (and then throw her dead corpse in the trunk) while he takes time off to go “pray” (PREY) at the local mosque (MORGUE)!!! Yeah–that’s NUTTIN–she was only a infidel kaffir anyhow….. Don’t all kaffirs deserve to be RAPED and MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD?????

  3. These Muslim men treat their wives and daughters as chattel, so why are we surprised when they treat all women like this. These men are animals- not to insult animals! This man and any other Muslim scum bag man who commits this type of crime, should be castrated and then deported! F**K ‘EM!

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