New Hampshire: Questions to Ask at “Ask A Muslim – Anything” Events

Source: Hugh Fitzgerald: What to Ask at Robert Azzi’s “Town Hall”

Robert Azzi has been touring towns in New Hampshire, offering these  “Ask A Muslim-Anything” events to benighted Infidels. If you have a chance, go to one of these shindigs, but go prepared. Even better would be to go with a small group of the like-minded (two or three others), who will ask similar difficult questions so that you will not appear to be a lone and hostile crank, easily dismissed, but instead one of an inquiring group of genuinely interested Infidels, seeking enlightenment. If you have assembled two or three others, you could meet in advance, writing out questions on notecards, and preparing responses to Azzi’s likely answers, along with textual support — from the Qur’an and Hadith — for your position.

Here are some of those not-impossible questions:

1. “What are the duties of non-Muslims in a traditional Muslim society? In other words, what do dhimmis have to do to be allowed to both stay alive and to practice their religion?”

This will upset Robert Azzi, for he now knows he is dealing with someone who understands the dhimmi condition, and if he doesn’t answer more or less truthfully, he will be taken, rightly, to task.

He is likely to reply that dhimmis had mainly to pay the jizyah, which was only fair because they did not have to pay, as Muslims did, the zakat, and besides, they did receive protection from the Muslim government. Paying the jizyah, he may add,  was a much better outcome for the Jews, who in medieval Christendom were often killed.

“Protection against whom?” you will ask. Robert Azzi, can only respond: “Against anyone, Christians, Muslims, other Jews.”

“Isn’t it really meant as protection against attacks by Muslims themselves?”

Azzi: “Some people say that. I think the picture is a bit more complicated.”

You will then ask Azzi what, besides payment of the Jizyah, were the other onerous conditions placed on non-Muslims. He will be forced — but only because he suspects, rightly, that you already know — to detail them: the requirement that dhimmis ride donkeys but not horses; that they move out of the way of Muslims on roads and pathways, that they not be allowed to testify against Muslims in court, and so on. You will thus have gotten him to acknowledge that there was more to being a dhimmi than the payment of Jizyah.

Most of his audience of unwary Infidels will  until now not have have heard anything about the dhimmi condition in Muslim societies, or about the payment of the Jizyah. This new information will disturb their equanimity.

2. “Mr. Azzi, I found in reading the Qur’an, one verse — 98:6 — that describes Unbelievers as ‘the most vile of creatures.’ And another — 3:110 — about how Muslims are ‘the best of peoples.’ Can you tell me if Muslims really believe that, and if so, what can or should be done about it?”

3. “It says in the Qur’an that a man can beat his wife if she is disobedient. Could you comment on that?”

4. “Could you comment on Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha when she was nine years old?”

5. “I’d like to ask you about the Verse of the Sword. It reads as follows: ‘When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.’ Of course, if they “repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy” means that they have become Muslims, saying the Five Daily Prayers and paying the Zakat. But what happens if they don’t?”

Read it all including the expected evasive answers from the Muslim speaker in your town. Read the comments too.

Also check out this excellent approach: Questions to Ask Every Muslim

These questions establish the Islam of the believer. Every Muslim believes that the Koran is perfect, and Mohammed is the ideal human.

The practical way to understand Islam and what Muslims believe and think is to know about Mohammed. This is very good news. Anyone can understand Mohammed’s life.However, once you get to know Mohammed, the perfect Muslim, Islam becomes problematic. From the first days of being a prophet Mohammed not only preached a better way of life, but he attacked all those who did not believe him. He created a new type of human being called the kafir, usually called unbeliever, but this is not an accurate translation. A kafir is the worst person in the world; an unbeliever is just someone who does not believe. A kafir can be mocked, deceived, tortured, enslaved, murdered, robbed, raped, and plotted against. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

Now we are ready to ask a Muslim another question. “Am I a kafir?”

Again, click the link, read it all. Print out the questions and how to counter the expected response. Share it with your friends, colleagues, and elected officials. Then start asking questions.

12 thoughts on “New Hampshire: Questions to Ask at “Ask A Muslim – Anything” Events

    • The complete opposite. As ISIS follows the dictate to carry out jihad against the unbeliever, Muslims who cannot partake in military jihad must follow the dictate to provide logistical support to the military jihad, in the form of funding, war materials, hiding the same and communications and intelligence. Islam is a monster.

  1. After the first question person asking would be removed for being offensive go to plan B, have more than one person asking these questions.

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  3. Here’s one…. Jesus said that HE would forgive all kinds of blasphemy against Himself and against God the Father, but with MUZZLUMZ it is an instantaneous DEATH SENTENCE to blaspheme mohammed–NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Hmmmm…. So Azzi, are you gonna kill me RIGHT HERE AND NOW if I tell you that mohammed is a FALSE, LYING IMPOSTOR????? P.S. DON’T DO THIS WHEN SURROUNDED BY A BUNCH OF THESE INBREED SAVAGES–CUZ THEY JUST MIGHT TRY TO KILL YOU ON THE SPOT!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!

  4. Here’s one: Would you please explain the concept of the Muslim Jesus who, according to Islam, will return to earth at the Second Coming as a jihad warrior to kill all infidels, that is, Christians and Jews.

    • Not for nuthin’, Billy, but the false NON-EXISTENT muzzlum ‘Issa’ supposedly actually confesses to the world when he returns, that HE LIED when he was here 2000 yrs ago, and that he was NOT THE CHRIST as he had said, but simply a “prophet” submissive to the will of mohammed! The muzzlum Issa is a FAKE, LYING IMPOSTOR just like everything else that ISSLIME has to offer!!!!! Apparently in ISSLIME it’s perfectly OK when God decides to tell a pack of LIES!!!!! Geez, who knew?????

  5. Another:
    I understand that in islam, mohammed is considered “the perfect man” and all muslims are to emulate him, correct?
    In which this guy would answer “yes”.
    Then you ask: If that is so, please explain why you would want to be like a murderering, beheading, raping, pillaging, warmongering, sex slaver, and do you aspire to achieve these also?

  6. LIGHT OF CHRISTIANITY VERSUS THE DARKNESS OF ISLAM – Islam allows wife beating, rape whiling punishing the victim of rape, sex slavery, and female genital mutilation while in Christianity, it is a criminal felony, assault, and battery. In Islam, a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s in the court of law. In Christianity, a woman’s testimony is equal to a man’s. In Islam, a female rape victim requires four witnesses for a conviction. This is nearly impossible. In Islam, pedophilia is allowed even certain sex acts with infants while in Christianity, it would be a punishable crime. In Islam, narcotics is a commodity, while in Christianity, it is considered a plague. In Islam, a Muslim can violate a contract with a non-Muslim, which destroys social construction, while in Christianity, a contract must be upheld. In Islam, you go to heaven for Jihad against infidels, Christians, and Jews, while the religion of the God of the Bible there is justice, equality under the law, for the alien as well the native. In Islam, sex with animals is permissible, while in Christianity, it is a capital offense. To leave Islam is a death sentence, while to leave Christianity is to lose Christian duties. In Islam, critical speech about Islam and Mohammad means death while in Christianity critical debate is required. Under Sharia law, Muslims can kill Christian, Jews, and unbelievers without punishment. Under Christ, murder is a capital offense. REPENT AND BE SAVED – here is how –

  7. My question, I continue to hear the muslims are peaceful, never wanting to harm anyone. So why then if I refuse to become a muslim why do you want to murder me for that?????

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