Philadelphia: Muslim caught urinating on a synagogue, arrested

Philly, aka Muslim Town. Source: Bail set at $50,000 for suspect who urinated on Northeast Philly synagogue’s front door

The man suspected of urinating on the front door of a Northeast Philadelphia synagogue and giving the finger to a security camera recording the act was arraigned on a host of charges Wednesday, including ethnic intimidation and indecent exposure.

Police said bail for Sheidali Dzhalilov was set at $50,000, but it was unclear Wednesday night whether he was still in custody.

On Tuesday night,  Dzhalilov, 23,  of  the 2100 block of Hoffnagle Street in the Rhawnhurst section of the city, turned himself in to Northeast Detectives and announced that he was the man seen on the surveillance recordings desecrating the synagogue. The footage, released by investigators Monday, shows a  man dressed in a white shirt and dark jeans walk up to Congregation Beth Solomon at 198 Tomlinson Rd. about 12:30 a.m. Sunday and urinate on the front door and the sidewalk. After emptying his bladder, he leaves in a white sedan, but not before making an obscene gesture toward the surveillance camera. The man’s face was clearly visible.

Police on Wednesday also charged Dzhalilov with institutional vandalism, desecration objects, open lewdness, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

In an interview Wednesday night, Rabbi Solomon Isaacson, founder of Beth Solomon,  said he was relieved that a suspect was in custody. Beth Solomon has been vandalized two other times within the last 12 months.

“This was definitely a hate crime,” Isaacson said. “I hope they prosecute this as a hate crime and not as some misdemeanor.”

It was unclear whether Dzhalilov was facing misdemeanor or felony counts.

“We need to thank the police. They did a terrific job,” Isaacson said.

Asked how he would counsel his congregation in light of the vandalism, Isaacson said, “We have to understand that this man was influenced by his surroundings, his family, his friends.”

Was the rabbi was afraid to state it more plainly?

Despite the media’s nonstop barrage of fake news regarding Muslim victimhood, Jews are significantly more often the victims of so-called hate crimes in the U.S. – often at that hands of Muslims – according to FBI statistics. Rarely, if ever, do these stories go national or worldwide.

More Islamophobia:

12 thoughts on “Philadelphia: Muslim caught urinating on a synagogue, arrested

  1. Don’t excuse his behavior by stating that he was “influenced” by others. If the SOB is too dumb too think for himself, he should be confined (or deported) to a mental program until he can. A mental program consisting a liberal application of a black snake whip would be a good (and cheap) way to start.

  2. What? No hate crime charge. We see often when a slice of bacon is put on the door handle of a Mosque, the savages immediately want the culprit to be charged with a hate crime. I hope they throw the book at this guy. He’s a definite threat to cause more harm in the future then just weeing on a synagogue.

  3. Just another of a thousand reasons to keep muslims out of America. The muslim ‘palestinian’ occupiers do the same thing in Israel. They also pee (and shit) on churches and over the walls in Old Jerusalem while tourists are walking by. You can always smell them behind you.

  4. If this were a Christian or Jew doing this to a Mosque, The Terrorist Organization CAIR and every other Liberal group would be pushing for Hate Crime charges and maximum punishment. Why is this not the same for Muslims who commit crimes against others ?

  5. I was assaulted by 2 Jewish men neither were arrested. 1 was fired 2nd lawyered up. Why are crimes against Jews a double standard. Why does the media ignore hate crimes committed by Jews ???

  6. A year or two ago, the mayor of Philadelphia claimed that when a cop who’d been shot 10 times by a man yelling Allahu Akhbar, it had “nothing to do with Islam.” Here, too, let’s not whitewash what was done. This was an anti-Semitic hate crime perpetrated by a Muslim. He should be punished for committing this crime to the fullest extent of the law. End of story.

  7. The Jews have suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Spanish Inquisition, the Russians (pogroms), the Nazis, and longer than any of these groups, Muslims. Every atrocity against the Jewish people by Muslims should be treated as a HATE CRIME. Even if it’s spitting on the sidewalk across the street from a synagogue, it’s a HATE CRIME. Islam had always made it known their hatred of Jews and their will is to completely eradicate each and every Jewish person. I think the only way to stop this, is to ban Islam in the U.S. in all its forms. Close all mosques and Islamic schools, deport all non citizen Muslims. At least that’s a start.

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