Canada: Muslim hospital worker sexually assaulted 90-year-old woman, gets probation

Source: Ontario family calls for justice after allegations of elder abuse – Toronto |  h/t Geller Report

A Richmond Hill family is sharing their story and say they hope it will lead to a public outcry and justice for their loved one.

They allege the family’s 90-year-old matriarch was sexually assaulted inside a Richmond Hill hospital and claimed it was covered up.

Sonja Shirdan was admitted to Mackenzie Health for pneumonia in September 2015. Her family, who said she was frail and struggling to survive, would visit her daily and said her health was slowly improving; until one day when they noticed something wasn’t right.

“She was holding her fists over her chest part of the time, over her crotch part of the time, clenching her teeth and just having a very frightened, angry look on her face. Her bottom lip was bruised, all shades of blue. Her arms were battered and bruised.”

The Shirdan family said they immediately had her discharged from the hospital and they took her back to the nursing home. Two months later, they got a call from the hospital asking them to meet with management at Mackenzie Health.

“One of the nurses walked in and opened the drape around the bed and saw him — him being a hospital PSW who is responsible for bathing and changing patients — doing ungodly things to my grandmother,” Ran said, recalling what officials said.

“They said it was horrifying and horrible, we won’t tell you more… I was sitting there and I said, ‘What did police do?’ and they said, ‘We didn’t call the police, we fired him,’” Eva Shirdan, Sonja’s daughter, said.

York Regional Police told Global News the hospital did not report the alleged assault to officers and that the complaint came from the family of another victim.

Police said the investigation revealed the alleged perpetrator, 53-year-old Soja Zadeh, who is also known under the name Shojaadin Mohammad-Zadeh, went to work at a nursing home in Aurora where he allegedly assaulted two other seniors. He was accused of sexually assaulting several others and faced more than a dozen charges.

Zadeh walked away with a plea deal. He received three-years probation after pleading guilty to just one assault charge. The family said they were told by prosecutors there was little chance of conviction. He now lives in Newmarket with his wife and children.

In a statement to Global News, Mackenzie Health officials said the previous policy was to report allegations to police only with the consent of the patient involved.

“We have revised this policy, requiring all allegations of criminal behaviour to be immediately reported to police,” the statement said.

Ran said hospital officials told his mother the matter was kept “within closed doors to not jeopardize the hospital’s reputation.”

“We’ve been on this for two years fighting and the legal system is not doing much of anything. The legal system clearly is not,” he said.

Ran said he’s sharing his grandmother’s story on social media, which has gone viral, to call for #JusticeForSonja. The family said it has also launched a civil suit against the hospital.

6 thoughts on “Canada: Muslim hospital worker sexually assaulted 90-year-old woman, gets probation

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    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
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  2. This is sickening! Someone need to castrate this vile animal! Then dump his ass in the deepest hole and let him starve to death!

  3. Technically, I’d say the hospital shouldn’t have to suffer repercussions b/c this deviant scumbag committed unspeakable acts against the hospital patients. I’m sure no one at the hospital approved of his filthy actions. Sadly, however, without a court conviction against the pervert, it’s the hospital that will ultimately be accused here! The moral of this story is, as always, DON’T HIRE FILTHY MUZZLUMZ–P.S. that would translate to “DON’T HIRE ANY MUZZLUMZ–NEVER EVER b/c they’re ALL FILTHY-MINDED SCUMBAGS!!!!!

  4. This man deserves death. But what kind of person hides and protects these actions? What kind of judge renders up this kind of justice? Any civilization that has renounced honor, dignity, and justice deserves to die. And Western civilization is dying. Who can doubt it if we accept such behavior and do nothing.

    Just burn down the whole thing and start again. And burn these kinds of cancer.

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