Congress Seeks to Cut U.S. Taxpayer Funded “Aid” to Terror-linked Islamic Charity

Source: Congress Seeks to Cut U.S. Aid to Islamic Charity Tied to Terror

A new congressional measure seeks to cut all U.S. funding for an Islamic charity that has been banned in some countries for providing assistance to Hamas and other terror-tied organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The new measure, which was proposed as an amendment to Congress’s yearly appropriations bill, which sets U.S. expenditures, would ban any taxpayer funds from being provided to Islamic Relief Worldwide, or IRW, a global charitable organization that has been linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

IRW is banned in some Middle Eastern countries for its alleged support of terror organizations, though the United States has continued to provide taxpayer funds to the organization under the Obama administration, sparking outrage among some lawmakers and regional experts.

The move to ban U.S. funding to IRW was authored by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who told the Free Beacon that the U.S. taxpayers should not be giving to any organization tied to terror movements, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, which continues to support extremist activities.

“U.S. tax dollars cannot go to groups involved in funding terrorism,” DeSantis told the Free Beacon. “Any group tied to Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood should be ineligible for funding.  It is a slap in the face of the American taxpayer to allow such groups to receive federal funding.”

IRW has been a source of tension for some time. Congressional leaders and terrorism experts expressed shock at the Obama administration in 2015, when the Free Beacon disclosed the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, a taxpayer funded group, had awarded IRW $100,000 in grants.

The Obama administration awarded IRW another $270,000 in 2016 via a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services.

If the Swamp can’t designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group, does anyone think they will prevent wasting American taxpayer’s money on jihad?

5 thoughts on “Congress Seeks to Cut U.S. Taxpayer Funded “Aid” to Terror-linked Islamic Charity

  1. The obamanation giving money to Muslims affiliated with Terrorist Ideology, WOW, Shocked. Not really, just another day from The Democrats. Sedition and Treason against The United States has become their standard way of operating. DWS’s IT support team a clue for anybody ? How about giving Iran Billions with planeloads being in Cash ? Everything clinton did while she was SoS was self serving and not in The United States best interest. Email, Uranium, Haiti, etc, etc. Their Pay to play was just to get them richer.
    Can anybody name anything that obama did for the good of The United States and to support The Constitution ? Having a hard time thinking of things over all of the scandals.

  2. I suspect a serious examination of obama-mama authorized an aggregate cash flow much in excess of millions a year. Thin spread shit still smells. Are so many congressmembers involved they are fearful of repercussions should they look like wasserman/schultz? Will they run to rhamemanuel’s Chicago for refuge?

  3. The Congress needs to look at all money Obama authorized to ANY group. This anti American has done everything to tear the U.S. apart from the inside, and continues to do so! All of these people are on Soros’s payroll in furtherance of his socialist globalization efforts. Islam is the deadly tool he’s using!

  4. Obama has STOCKed them

    “STOCKING” Like when a
    farmer stocks a pond with bass or he stocks a field with quail. Obama has
    “STOCKed” this country with Muslims and other undesirables knowing
    full well that they will multiply like rats and wild hogs AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE
    and cause mayhem forever into the future of this country.
    Could there be any more proof that Obama hates this country.

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