Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Univ Course Giving Credits to Meet Muslims, Go to Mosque

Source: Meet Muslims For Credit At Ball State | The Daily Caller

By Eric Owens

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana will offer a course which gives actual academic credit to students for meeting Muslims, hanging out at a Muncie mosque, and making a documentary film about Muslims who reside in the local area.

The taxpayer-funded course at Ball State is a seminar titled “Muslims In Muncie,” according to an informational email obtained by The Daily Caller.

The course is scheduled for the spring semester.

A flyer promoting the “Muslims In Muncie” course explains that enrolled students will “learn about the history and diversity of Muslims in America” by participating “in the social and ritual life of the Muncie Islamic Center.” Students will also meet Muslim leaders and collect oral histories from Muslims for a documentary film.

At the end of the course, students will “host a public showcase in May 2018” — presumably in relation to the film.

The for-credit seminar will help students become “empowered as critically engaged, globally aware citizens.”

Students who sign up for Ball State’s for-credit Muslim meet-and-greet course will receive credit through the honors college or for graduation requirements related to humanities, social science, fine arts or religious studies.

The course is billed as “a spring 2018 Virginia Ball seminar.”

Ball State’s Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry “provides distinctive, rigorous, and transformative immersive learning experiences,” according to the Ball State website.

Ball State philosophy and religious studies professor Elizabeth Agnew is organizing the course.

Agnew’s faculty webpage shows that her teaching and research focuses on “topics related to religious diversity in American culture, religion and social ethics, and gender and religion.”

“From 2012-2015, Professor Agnew participated with a team of Ball State faculty in a U.S. State Department-funded partnership with Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan to advance the American Studies graduate program at QAU’s Area Study Center.”

As Creeping Sharia noted here and here, Ball State students won’t have a chance to meet Khalid Sulaiman Bilal. He’s the Saudi Muslim who was “forcibly” trying to convert shoppers to Islam inside a Muncie Goodwill store .

Bilal was charged with 15 crimes after he threatened shoppers, resisted arrest, attacked police, and choked a store clerk.

He struck and strangled an employee and told her he would kill her if she didn’t convert to Islam. He attacked responding officers, breaking one of the officer’s hands and repeatedly kicking the other. During the scuffle, Bilal yelled “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase meaning “God is greater” and commonly used by Islamic radicals before a violent attack, according to an affidavit filed by Homeland Security.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security quickly deported Bilal back to his native country of Saudi Arabia.

How many more Bilal’s are in Muncie?

Khalid Sulaiman Bilal

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7 thoughts on “Indiana: Taxpayer-funded Univ Course Giving Credits to Meet Muslims, Go to Mosque

  1. Ok Lizzy Agnew, you wanna teach everyone about “…the history and diversity of Muslims in America” …. Hmmm??? So, like a, not for nuthin’ Lizzy baby, but–like a–does that “history of musliims in America” include 9/11????? Oh, ahh, that would be spelled out “NINE/ ELEVEN”!!! Ya know Lizzy baby, that little minuscule thingy that happened on 9/11/2001 where MUZZSCUMZ SCREAMING “allahu akbar” just ACCIDENTALLY MURDERED some 3000 INNOCENT AMERICAN PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD????? Oh geez, how could I forget… they just screamed allahu-akbar cuz they wanted to BLAME it all on the “peace-loving, humble and friendly” MUZZLUMZ…RIGHT???? Yeah, that’s right, for sure, everybody knows without a doubt, that they weren’t ACTUAL MUZZLUMZ….RIGHT????? Hey Lizzy, baby, take your g-damnd FREAK SHOW and FLUSH IT down the sewer pipe with the rest of the STINKIN’ FILTHY ZHIT PILE that you’re sellin’!!!!! Oh ahhh, and while you’re at it, Lizzy–please check yourself in at HELL’S FRONT DOOR!!!!! I know you’ll find LOADS of your BEST BUDS down there, not to mention your BEST BUD, OSAMA BIN LADEN!!!! Ya know, that DIRT BAG that hid out in PAK–EE–STAHHN behind his HAREM of “wives” and babies!! Ya know, that “IVY LEAGUE”-EDUCATED-IN-AMERICA PIECE OF STINKIN’ DIRT who CAUSED 9/11!!!!!

  2. These ridiculous ideologue liberals both in education and in some churches! They cannot see the forest for the trees. It will be the end of “religious diversity” if this cancerous infestation of Islam takes hold in this country.

  3. How can you include the cult of Islam in a religious studies course? Islam is an ideology that includes political, economic and religious aspects. It is barbaric in nature, relegated women to a slave class, calls for the death of all infidels(any one not Muslim) and calls for world domination by any means necessary, even if explicitly forbidden by the Koran. Mohammed was a pedophile, who lusted for blood violence. These are FACTS! Demand this class, which is nothing more than indoctrination of our youth, be taken off the curriculum!

  4. Keep your kids away from Ball University. They R obviously assisting Muslims to get a foothold in America. They haven’t a clue how dangerous this is.
    A political ideology they R forcing on the west
    And if these idiots don’t wake up we will no longer be a free country.

  5. will the students learn the proper placements of ied’s? do you have to buy your own vest or does the school supply one for you

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