Twitter becomes a Shariah ‘safe space’, bans ex-Muslim anti-FGM campaigner

Source: Twitter becomes a Shariah ‘safe space’ and bans ex-Muslim anti FGM campaigner – Fahrenheit211

The microblogging platform used to be a useful tool for debate and information but not any more. Twitter can no longer be seen or described as an environment that respects or facilitates a free exchange of ideas. This is especially so since the management of the Twitter platform took vast amounts of money from the Saudi royal family (a Saudi Prince is now the second biggest investor in Twitter) and also since they started to listen and take note of various grubby and dishonest Islamic grievance mongers such as Tell Mama in the UK. Twitter has really gone down the pan in an astonishingly short amount of time.

The Twitter management are having a clear out of anybody who is critical of Islam no matter how well informed or educated they may be and even those who are well versed in Islamic scripture. The author Peter McLoughlin who wrote in my mind the definitive book on the Islamic Rape Gang phenomenon in the UK ‘Easy Meat’ has been chucked off the platform for criticising Islam. The centrist-leftist commentator Sargon of Akkad has also been suspended from Twitter for arguing with neo-Nazis and trying to convince them that the Holocaust really did happen. I’ve also been suspended mostly it seems for using my accounts for criticism of the above mentioned grubby and dishonest Islamic grievance mongers of Tell Mama.

It is notable that Twitter seems to be reluctant to suspend various gobby and violence inciting left wingers and the 57 varieties of Islamic hate monger that are still allowed to peddle their wares on the Twitter platform.

Now Twitter have really shown which side they are on and as can be expected it is not on the side of free speech, freedom of conscience, women’s or children’s rights by permabanning the author Shazia Hobbs from the Twitter platform. Ms Hobbs, the author of the novel ‘The Goris Daughter’ about the life of a girl from a mixed Muslim / non Muslim marriage, has been a doughty and principled fighter against forced marriage, female genital mutilation, familial sex abuse and other problems associated with Islamic misogyny. This blog has also had the great honour of hosting a number of guest posts of her compelling writing.

Ms Hobbs’ tweets have often been reasonable, well researched and difficult for Islamic apologists and the Islamic dawa merchants who infest Twitter to refute, which is presumably a large part of why her Twitter account was silenced. There is a brilliant and really informative article that has been published in Brietbart London which contains all the relevant details of this latest shocking capitulation by Twitter to the hurt feelings of agenda driven Islamic groups and individuals.

Here’s part of the article from Breitbart London about Ms Hobbs’ suspension from Twitter. As is the usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Breitbart said:

A Muslim apostate and high profile campaigner against both female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage has been suspended from micro-blogging platform Twitter, amidst a wider crackdown on right wing voices on the website, and other online platforms like Facebook.

It should be said at this point that it’s not just conservative voices that Twitter is silencing but anybody whether they be from the Left or the Right who criticises Islam, Islamic groups or certain high profile Muslims (or even non practising Muslims) especially those with alleged connections with various government departments and agencies.

Twitter users noticed the prolific writer and campaigner had vanished from the platform Friday. Hobbs had previously spoken at the Unite Against Hate ‘Gays Against Sharia’ march in Manchester, where she spoke out against Muslim rape gangs preying on young white girls.

It certainly seems that Twitter has attempted to silence Ms Hobbs for speaking out against things that neither the far Left or the Muslim community or their appeasers in government wish to be spoken about in public.

Hobbs turned away from Islam after escaping an arranged marriage with a physically abusive husband she had been forced into aged 18.

As Ms Hobbs has first hand experience of an abusive forced marriage it’s even more disgusting that Twitter wishes to silence her voice.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Ms. Hobbs confirmed she has been suspended indefinitely.

It’s absolutely disgusting,” she told the website. “There was no reason given. Twitter would not tell me what tweets were in violation of their rules. They said it was because of ‘harassment’.

‘Harassment’ has become a bit of a vague ‘catch-all’ accusation that is often aimed not at people who are genuinely harassing others but at those who have opinions that Muslims and Islamic groups don’t like.

All I tweet about is the rape of Pakistani children by Pakistani men,” she said.

The problem of sex abuse in Pakistani Muslim families is one that has not been spoken about enough and it appears that Pakistani Muslims don’t want details about this appalling and apparently widespread phenomenon to be aired.

She appealed directly to Twitter which has so far rejected her petition, and condemned the platform for shutting down a voice raising awareness of child sexual abuse in Pakistani British communities.

More: Twitter Moves to Silence All Criticism of Islam As Sharia continues to descend over the Internet.

7 thoughts on “Twitter becomes a Shariah ‘safe space’, bans ex-Muslim anti-FGM campaigner

  1. Iam done twitter if that is the case! Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself –

  2. I haven’t been on twitter for a long time. They bow down to muslims & sharia law. Facebook has already put me in Facebook timeout because I post things about islam & muslims…….

  3. Sharia is very sick evil thing we know who is working behind this sharia law, the devil made this fake ass law because the people going along with this sick shit your father the devil is taking you to hell so you better get right with god and repent, the truth will set you free amen

  4. And so it starts! The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States is now more important than ever. When rich islamists and leftists such as George Soros start buying up newspapers, tv stations, and other media outlets, the voices of the people will be lost. If we are to stop this, Islam must be banned in the U.S. We must deport all non-citizen Muslims and close every mosque, Islamic school and center. This is a terrorist organization, not a religion. It is full of barbarians stuck in 7th century thinking, pedophiles, women haters, and illiterate killers.

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