North Dakota: Muslims slaughter sheep in apt complex parking lot, no charges filed

*Muslim kids help slaughter sheep…coming to a neighborhood near you

The new norm? Source: No violations in killing of sheep | Bismarck Tribune – Sep 5, 2017 | h/t Chris

A religious slaughter of a sheep in town Friday morning led Bismarck Police to request an opinion for future, similar matters.

Lt. Steven Scheuer said officers, including animal control, responded to a report of a sheep being killed in a common parking area for apartments on the 2500 block of North Eighth Street. Police spoke with the man and woman there who were performing a ceremony in accordance with their Muslim faith, according to Scheuer.

The couple will not face charges, but police sent the report to the Bismarck city attorney’s office for guidance, Scheuer said.

“We want to be respectful of people’s religious beliefs, but we also want to consider the environment that this is in,” Scheuer said.

Assistant city attorney Jason Hammes said no specific ordinance or health code provision appeared to be violated.

“I didn’t see anything on this that jumped out as over-the-top disorderly,” said Hammes, adding that a bigger issue would be if the live sheep had been kept in town as livestock, including poultry, beef and sheep, are not allowed in city limits. Awareness of related ordinances and health codes would also benefit similar situations as this, Hammes said.

Muslims celebrated Eid al-Adha on Friday, a holy time of sacrifice. Worshippers observe Eid al-Adha with prayer and the sacrifice of animals, such as goats and sheep.

So, slaughtering sheep in the parking lot is permitted in North Dakota? No zoning  or health violations of any sort?

Muslim immigration is bringing third world behaviors and health risks directly into the communities where Muslims are resettled. Americans are witnessing the same in Fresno, California where Muslim refugees slaughter animals in their backyards.

*For those on Twitter too lazy to read the article sourced from the Bismark Tribune, the image above is obviously NOT in North Dakota.

But here’s how Muslim refugees do it in the Netherlands Britain:


52 thoughts on “North Dakota: Muslims slaughter sheep in apt complex parking lot, no charges filed

  1. Eid al-Adha on Friday, a holy time of sacrifice. Used many times in the past to prep for 9-11 Terrorist events. But we keep hearing Islam is a Religion of Peace. Reality of the followers of Islam shows something different.

  2. Bet they dumped the offal in the dumpster. Beyond the smell after a couple of days, the trash company may not be allowed to dispose of it at the residential(city,county) landfill.Need to check ordinances.

  3. Thank you and please keep up the great work, saving it to share!
    This is a great video from Anni Cyrus on vile scum Linda Sarsour – enemy of the state

  4. January 18: Two men were indicted for cruelty to animals, after they had slaughtered sheep according to halal slaughter [permitted Islamic method of animal slaughter] at a pizzeria in Falkenberg. Halal slaughter does not allow for stunning the animal, and is illegal in Sweden, so the men tried to sneak the two sheep into the restaurant. They were, however, observed by a witness. When the police arrived, the sheep were already dead and lying on the concrete floor in a pool of blood.
    The muslim method of slaughter is to impose as much pain on the animal as possible, such as skinning it alive.. Recent story of muslim men slitting open the bellies of kittens so their intestines fell out and it amused them to watch them running in pain till they died. I would approve the Khazouk for them.

  5. They need to take this couple andnslaughter them in public view, since when can anyone abuse an animal like this in our country and get away with it, female circumsision is also a religious custom but they don’t allow that, why not, it is also brutal, these people are slowly working their way into the country and will overtake it as the government and police are too scared to upset these individuals

    • *For those on Twitter too lazy to read the article sourced from the Bismark Tribune, the image above is obviously NOT in North Dakota.

      Learn to read dumb ass!

    • The comment at the bottom of the article explains that this is not an actual pic of the incident in the article. Question: Would you consider this act humane and neighborly if you lived there?

  6. Freedom of Speech is GONE, Already, Here in Canada!! As long as That IMBECILE Trudeau remains, Sharia Law Is ALL That He STANDS FOR And Can Do NO WRONG!! Go AGAINST IT, You’re Called RACIST!!! Unless, Something ISN’T DONE Soon, WE’RE In BIG Trouble!!! WHY So Many, Can’t See What’s GOING ON, Is Really, Beyond my COMPREHENSION???

  7. Are hunters aloud to bring there wounded deer into town and finish killing and dressing it out in the street or alley at home? Bet not. And what happens when Muslims start killing the unclean animals in the neighborhood, as in dogs, will the police and animal control scratch their heads over that to wanting to be respectful of peoples religious beliefs. This is the double standard of sharia (Islamic law) in action.


  9. In North Dakota, where hunting is a large tourism business, we can process deer, moose, elk, etc., in our homes. So, obviously, a sheep being slaughtered and processed in a public place would not be in violation of those same codes that allows us to do wild game in public places. That’s why the city won’t do anything about it.

    • Bismarck, North Dakota, is also where Obama put a lot of Muslims, as it is a ‘sanctuary city’, but to the chagrin of the state’s residents. Bismarck is also our state capital. Believe me, the residents of the state who are not in the cities of Bismarck, Fargo, or Grand Forks, are not happy about this development.

  10. Reli-gion, suspi-gion, supersti-gion. Just some fractured terms to illustrate the total ignorance of calling this BLOOD CULT a viable “religion”! A “RELIGION” IT IS NOT!!!!! AMERICA–STOP DEFENDING THIS NEANDERTHAL HEATHEN BLOOD CULT!!! ISLAM IS THOROUGHLY ROTTEN TO THE CORE FROM IT’S VERY OUTSET–1400 YEARS AGO!!!!

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  12. This is a barbaric act against animals, uncalled for in an urban setting, and is a public health risk!! Public officials need to grow some balls against these vultures as allowing this act of violence is empowering them!

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  14. That’s complete baloney! Would an American be able to slaughter a cow, a dog, cat, whatever and claim it’s for a religious reason, Absolutely Not! Have them go to their mosques to do this crap not in a community apartment complex!
    Besides being disturbing to a whole lot more people and children, this IS unsanitary and can cause health issues and not to mention the stain from the blood.
    This pandering to third world ignorance needs to stop and has no place in a modern society!

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